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- Plenary Session A and Welcome Chuck Lawless FREE
- Plenary Session B Chuck Lawless $4.00
- Plenary Session C Panel Discussion Q+A with John Paul... Chuck Lawless $4.00
- Plenary Session I Scott Stripling A Seminal Inscription... Scott Stripling $4.00
- Plenary Session II Scott Stripling Ritual Purity in the... Scott Stripling $4.00
-Plenary - A Thoropter for Faith: A Decade of Diagnosing... Brandon J. O'Brien $4.00
-Plenary - Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes Panel... Brandon J. O'Brien $4.00
-Plenary 01 - God's Simplicity: God Without Parts James Dolezal FREE
01 A Serious Call to Devout and Holy Dialogue Gerald McDermott FREE
01 Canonical Semantics (Plenary) Stephen Chapman $4.00
01 Plenary Exposing Evangelism as an Empty Politic: Where... David Fitch FREE
01 Plenary Respondents and Discussion to David Fitch Exposing... Greg Carey FREE
01 What Paul Shows Us about Cultural Engagement with Re... Darrell L Bock FREE
01b Plenary Respondents Adam Gregerman St. Josephs University... FREE
02 New Testament Canon Formed by 70 AD Ed Stevens $4.00
02 Other Key Texts on Cultural Engagement with Response... Darrell L Bock $4.00
02 Plenary Respondents and Discussion to David Fitch Other... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
02 Plenary The Other Missional Conversation David Fitch FREE
02b Plenary John Franke Respondent John R. Franke $3.00
03 Critical and Intertextual Study of Ps 32 David Stark $4.00
03 How Would Jesus Vote - Do Your Political Positions Align... Darrell L Bock FREE
04 Discovery and Discussion Ketef hinnom Amulets 1 and 2... Gordon Franz $4.00
05 Scripture and the Work of the Holy Spirit Inspiration... George Coon $4.00
06 Interpreting Song of Solomon and Matryoshka Doll Joshua Arp $4.00
07 YHWH is a Farmer - Metaphor of Biblical Theology Fred Putnam $4.00
08 Critique of Speech-Act Theory...Putative Theory 1 Vern S. Poythress $4.00
09 Taming then Unleashing then Unleashing the Old-Time Testimony... Gary E. Schnittjer $4.00
10 Canon Epistemology and Theological Construction Geoffrey Sackett $4.00
12 Inerrancy and Kuhns Philosophy of Science Carlos Bovell $4.00
13 Plenary Session 2 - Working with a Core Canon Stephen Chapman $4.00
14-15 Respondents Michael Kelly and Stephen Taylor and... Stephen S. Taylor $4.00
A Brief Primer for an Evangelical Theological Method Scott Hyland $4.00
A Call to Piety: A New Interpretation of The Judgment of... Neal Martin $4.00
A Social-Scientific Reading of the Prodigal Son in the Context... Michael Blythe FREE
A Social-Scientific Reading of Zechariah's Status Reversal... Michael Blythe $4.00
Abidan Paul Shah Bats in the Belfry How the CBGM Destroys... Abidan Paul Shah $4.00
About Western Christians’ Cultural Misreading of “Forgiveness... Kyunga Song FREE
After Modernist Epistemology: Retaining and Recasting Inerrancy... George Coon $3.00
AI Integration in the Church and its Impact on the Christian... Jacob Byrd $4.00
Alan Fuhr Determined Time Appropriate Time or Appointed... $4.00
Alan Kurschner The Theological WordConcept Fallacy: James... Alan E. Kurschner $4.00
An Ancient Witness: Ecclesiology in the Greco-Roman World... John-Paul Lotz $4.00
An Eschatological Look at the Theology of Albert Barnes Mark Draper $3.00
Approaching an Egalitarian Doctrine of Scripture: Applying... Julie Walsh $4.00
Are We Syncretizing the Gospel?: A Reflection Upon Lesslie... Steve Hu $3.00
Benjamin Charles Shaw Historiography and the Historical... Benjamin Shaw $4.00
Biblical Evidence for a Correspondence Theory of Truth David Huttar $3.00
Biblical Worship Environments which Recapitulate Edenic... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
Black Lives Matter Black America and the Evangelical Ch... Kelvin Washington $4.00
Blood Covenants in the Hebrew Bible Daniel Gilbert $4.00
Branson Woodard A Rhetoric of Paradoxes in Romans Occasions... $4.00
Brian McLaren: Gone Native or Crazy Like a Fox? Jason Poling $3.00
Business Meeting Daniel Gilbert $4.00
C. Donald Smedley Objective Pluralism A Response to the... C. Donald Smedley $4.00
C. Gordon Olson How Mistranslation has Undermined Theology... $4.00
Callous Hearts, Deaf Ears, and Blind Eyes – Three Strikes... Boniface Odong $4.00
Calvin's Interpretive Approach in light of Paul's Chronological... David R. Wallace $4.00
Carrie Wood Reading the Gospels Spatially: Situating the... Carrie Wood FREE
Changing semantic domains and potential challenges to Bible... Rodney Pearce $4.00
Chris Date The Hermeneutics of Conditionalism A Defense... $4.00
Corné J. Bekker Cursus Honorum or Cursus Pudorum: The Mimetic... Corne Bekker FREE
Current Roman Catholic Perspectives on the Metaethics of... Kyle Smith $4.00
Dan Sloan Theme of Divine Preservation in Genesis $4.00
Daniel McConaughy An Odor at Pentecost and Old Syriac Texts... Daniel L. McConaughy $4.00
Daniel Sloan Shechem A Marker of Israel’s Spirituality Daniel Sloan $4.00
David Alan Black A Sturzian Solution to the Problem of “Original... David Alan Black $4.00
David Pak Missiological Perspective of Divine Administration... $3.00
Dazzling Discoveries in Cell Biology Demolish Darwinism Merrill Cohen $4.00
Defending Constantine (1): An Overview Peter J. Leithart $3.00
Defending Constantine (2): Kings Shall Come from You Peter J. Leithart $3.00
Defending Constantine (3): The Legacy of AntiConstantin... Peter J. Leithart $4.00
Discussing a Grammar of Meaning in the Postmodern Context:... Bill Arp $3.00
Divine Reciprocity' – Philippians 4:26 David R. Wallace $4.00
Does God Feel? God's Impassibility: Does God Have Passi... James Dolezal $4.00
Domesticating the Gospel? A Response to Criticisms of Postmodern... John R. Franke $3.00
Doug McCready Resistance and Rebellion in the Reformed... Doug McCready $4.00
Doug Taylor A Cursory Examination of the Resurrection from... $4.00
Doug Taylor A Positive Case for the Primacy of an Evidential... $4.00
Doug Taylor From Patristics to Postmodernity: Does a Message... $3.00
Dual Citizens: Politics and American Evangelicalism (Best... Timothy D. Padgett $4.00
Earl Brown - Allan Alexander MacRae, Ph.D. (1902-1997) and... Earl Brown $3.00
Epistemic Humility and its Implications for the Church in... Jana Harmon $3.00
Epistemic Structure, Sola Scriptura and the Grenz-Franke... James Woodburn $3.00
Eric J. Silverman Why We should Expect Paradise to be Progressive... $3.00
ETS 2008 Eastern Regional Meeting - The Canon and Evang... $45.00
ETS Eastern Region 2007 Business Meeting R. Todd Mangum $3.00
ETS Eastern Region Meeting 2007 schedule (Word doc) FREE
Exodus 32:10-14: The Day God Changed His Mind Or Did He?... Peter Ndaita $4.00
Ezekiels Vision of Cherubim and Worship Structures Old and... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
Faith and the Logos: Reality Therapy for Postmodern Eva... Ken Burcham $3.00
For a Real, Not a Sham Christianity: Francis Grimke, the... Robert F Schwarzwalder Jr $4.00
Freestyle Education Rethinking Theological Education in... Carl Sanders $4.00
Gary Yates The Call for Faithful Services Leadershi pn... Gary E. Yates $4.00
Gloria Hague Consequences of Theological Positioning in... Gloria Hague $4.00
God Is...: A Reformed Position and Response on the Simplicity... Austin Hess $4.00
God Wills It: A Reading of the Pactum Salutis Toward a Deliberative... Nathan Sundt $4.00
God's Aseity: Is your god worthy of worship? Gregg Strawbridge FREE
Greg Lamb Family as Mission A Biblical Theology of the... $4.00
he Messenger of the Lord: A Diachronic Analysis John Oliff $3.00
Henry Smith Jr. On the Migration of Abram: An Overview of... Henry B Smith Jr $4.00