Hardware Recommendations

Play your mp3 messages from your computer or load them up on one of the many portable Mp3 players that are available. Mp3 audio format lets you play talks on Portable Mp3 CD players or iPods - taking up a fraction of the space (megabytes) of a regular audio CD. So, you can get about 48 hours of radio-quality speaking (16kbps) on only one compact disk (CD). Compare that with only 80 minutes on a standard CD. An average message at is about 7 megabytes to download which only takes a minute or less to download on a broadband internet connection.

The vision of was that one day all kinds of portable Mp3 players would reign from heaven, thus ridding the world of all of the godless cassettes lying in the squalor of Chevrolet floorboards. And then like modernist visions of stainless steel ecstasy, sleek and tiny Mp3 players would punctuate the aisles of all consumer warehouses. At last. . . .

 If you are buying a player, be sure it will play audio at 16 and 32 kbps files, since most of's messages are encoded at this rate.