Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D. - Director of

What is A new way to hear the old truth.

OUR PURPOSE is to provide resources for growth in a full-orbed Christian world and life view. We think the mp3 audio compression format audio is the most accessible and effective (for now). It provides for listening from your smart phones/PC/Mac/iPod or other portable audio players.

OUR HISTORY is that we were the first online audio library of mp3 Christian world and life view audio instruction available (when we opened in June of 2000). We currently list over 50 gigabytes of mostly 16 (kpbs) and 32 (kbps) audio talks, sermons, lectures and courses which equals over 5000 hours of excellent, world-shaping teachings. And we are adding more!


Apologetics / Art / Biblical Studies / Classical Language Studies / Culture / Education / History / Literature / Philosophy / Politics / Reformation & Renaissance / Theological Studies


OUR SERVICES to Pastors, Teachers, Speakers, Ministries, and Organizations:

  • Promoting and distributing your instructional audio through the online site (At no cost to the speaker/organization!).
  • Providing additional financial support by paying royalties per sale.
  • Digitizing spoken word recordings for distribution and archiving previously recorded material.
  • Serving through providing expertise in audio technologies and internet delivery systems.
  • Promoting your other products and services by linking to your web sites.

OUR ARRANGEMENTS for content providers are detailed in a simple agreement with individual speakers, ministries, or content providing organizations provides for royalties based on sales.

OUR FAITH guiding the development of the library is the catholic faith of the Holy Scriptures, summarized in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds, as well the full flowering of the Biblical system of doctrine recovered in the Protestant movement at the time of Reformation. It should be noted that the nature of a library is a collection of resources. Of course, each speaker will not share identical convictions, but each will share the common commitment of providing resources for growth and study. For more information contact: wgs at