This week's front page features an updated collection of James B. Jordan with the Theopolis Institute collection - on a USB! There are several interviews of Jordan, Leithart, and others featured, too.

The Evangelical Theological Society's Eastern Region has an exciting announcement: this year's selected conference presentations may be published into a book on the subject of the conference, Reading Scripture through Western Eyes. Read the details here!

Bill Smith
Sessions from the All Saints Winter...
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Complete James B. Jordan and Theopolis Collection
UPDATED USB! Over 2000 files! with Theopolis Courses included ! (Theopolis courses/series include...
$700.00 $199.97 James B. Jordan
Alastair Roberts
Alastair Roberts (PhD, Durham) provides a rich biblical theology of sexuality, before addressing a variety of philosophical, political, and ethical issues. Roberts stressed that our questions about...
$49.97 $4.97 Alastair Roberts
James B. Jordan
This is a story about how I came to understand the harder parts of biblical literature. I started studying Scripture in the context of "expository Bible teaching" churches, but I really...
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Brandon J. O'Brien
Date: Friday, April 9, 2021, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Details of the conference and a call for papers are posted here: (Note...
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Alastair Roberts
An interview with Dr. Alastair Roberts (Ph.D. University of Durham) on his introduction to the the work of Theopolis.
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Jeffrey J. Meyers
The Theopolis Course on Christian Liturgy - This class is an intensive study of the purpose and form of Christian liturgy. In this course, Jeff Meyers explores the biblical foundations for liturgical...
$25.00 $4.97 Jeffrey J. Meyers
Peter J. Leithart
Course Description - Revelation is a difficult and complicated book, and has long been controversial in the church. Topics of discussion will include the book’s dating, its liturgical implications,...
$40.00 $9.97 Peter J. Leithart
Gregg Strawbridge
Mark 1:12–13 The Spirit cast Him without delay into the wilderness. 13 So He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by Satan; and He was with the beasts, and the angels were serving...
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James B. Jordan
Interview conducted by Gregg Strawbridge with James B. Jordan on his typological reading of the Bible, includes his sources of study, background and references to the Reconstructionist movement....
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Peter J. Leithart
An interview with Peter J. Leithart on his book, The Baptized Body . We discussed Federal Vision,...
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