We are pleased to announce the release of recordings from the 2022 Evangelical Theological Society's Eastern Region conference, held on April 22-23, 2002.  The theme of the conference (and our featured talks this week) was "Biblical Chronology and Interpretive Worldview."  You can grab the entire 2022 ETS Eastern set on sale, or check out the plenary session featuring Michael Grisanti for free! 

ETSe 2022 Eastern Region Meeting (21 mp3s)

$40.00 $30.00 Michael A. Grisanti
- Plenary Session I: Interpretive Worldview and the Chronology of the Patriarchs
In preparation for a new volume on the history of ancient Israel (Zondervan), Dr. Michael Grisanti has been researching the topic of biblical chronology, especially the chronology of the patriarchs...
$4.00 FREE Michael A. Grisanti
James B. Jordan
A Document from the Collection: "James B. Jordan - Articles, Essays, and Books" - includes over 70 publications! These books and articles are a priceless collection of resources with tremendous...
$5.00 FREE James B. Jordan
Kevin Kanoff
The Biblical Chronology class is an Old Testament Survey, examining the 5 major categories of Old Testament Books; Pentateuch, History, Poetry & Wisdom, Major Prophets,...
FREE Kevin Kanoff
Rodger C. Young
This item is an mp3 audio recording from the conference set: Christianity in the Early Centuries Complete recordings from the 57th Annual Meeting of The Evangelical Theological Society in Philadelphia,...
$4.00 FREE Rodger C. Young
Peter J. Leithart
Created to Sing (1 Chr. 6:31-48) I. We neglect genealogies, but they are worthy of study. Genealogy is chronology made flesh. A. Adam, Noah, Abram. ...
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Gregg Strawbridge
From the Akron, OH Conference on Covenant Theology held at Westminster Community Presbyterian Church: A Covenantal View of the Christian Faith Outlines: Unfolding...
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