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Steve Turley
An interview with Steve Turley (PhD University of Durham) on his book,
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Douglas Wilson
Pastor Douglas Wilson talks about principles and practices of getting to weekly communion.
FREE Douglas Wilson
Jeannine K. Brown
NOW AVAILABLE! The complete recordings of ETS 2019 (downloadable).The complete 71st Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, San Diego, CA, "Christ...
$500.00 $149.97 Jeannine K. Brown
John Warwick Montgomery
A collection of presentations on the relationship between Islam and Christianity, featuring the content from sessions such as: Engaging...
$20.00 $3.97 John Warwick Montgomery
Gregg Strawbridge
Gregg Strawbridge's presentation from - An "Evening of Eschatology" with Dr. John Master (Dispensational), Dr. Todd Mangum (Historic Premillennial), Dr. Vern Poythress (Amillennial),...
FREE Gregg Strawbridge
A collection of talks relating to an optimistic view of the kingdom in the present era of Christian history.
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He Must Reign: Why Jesus Wins
From the St Peter Presbyterian Reformation Festival (10/24-27/2019). See the PDF Outline for slides.
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