This week we are featuring lectures and sermons from our friends who are part of the Augustine Presbytery of the CREC.  

C.R. Wiley
A sermon in the worship service for the fall 2020 CREC Augustine Presbytery meeting in Shippensburg, PA.
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Duane Garner
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Toby Sumpter
From the 2015 Spring Augustine Presbytery Retreat: The Lure & Necessity of Mercy Ministry: Restoring the Image of God While everyone knows the famous line about "true...
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C.R. Wiley
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Steve Hemmeke
II Samuel 16
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Gregg Strawbridge
Introduction: The Secret Cause of the Health of Rosetto, Pennsylvania ""I remember going to Roseto for the first time, and you'd see three generational family meals, all the bakeries,...
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Brian L Penney
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Laurence Windham
Rocking the World: What Happens When a Woman Speaks God’s Wisdom and the ‘Soccer’ Mom Words As Jewelry Ma, Grandma, and the Preacher
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Virgil Hurt
From the All Saints Marriage and Family Conference: Our Life Together - Growing in love for your spouse, children, and congregation. How to practically accomplish the simple vision of Life Toget...
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