The ETS 2021 Collection is now available for download, as well as some fun freebies from James Jordan and Greg Bahnsen.

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Anne Bradley
Now Available! This set of recordings is the Evangelical Theological Society's conference (Nov 15-19, 2021, Ft. Worth, TX). The ETS 2021 theme is "Wealth...
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20 One-Click Credits (20 mp3s) - Any mp3 on the site!
Get 20 downloads for $1 each! Most talks are $4 each, so get one-click credits and get 4x as many talks for the...
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-Complete Digital Library of ETS (2004-2021) (1000+ mp3s downloads)
This downloadable library includes ETS 2021 (Wealth and Poverty), ETS 2020 (Christianity and Islam) and ETS Eastern 2021 (Scripture through Westen Eyes). Over 100...
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James B. Jordan
James B. Jordan - Christian Worship and the Church Calendar (4 mp3s) is a collection of talks addressing the Christian Worship Service, Feasts, Fasts, and the Christian Calendar.
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Greg Bahnsen - Exposition of Luke (100 mp3s)
Greg Bahnsen’s Exposition of Luke (100 mp3s). The Gospel of Luke is a kind of “Gospel from a Greek” at a time when the Roman Empire was about to undergo cataclysmic change (fall...
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