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Complete Digital Library of ETS presentations (2004-2019) (8920 mp3s)
ETS COMPLETE DIGITAL LIBRARY (note: ETS has not released the 2020 virtual conference recordings). Updated with the 2021 ETS Eastern Region conference, Misreading...
$1,200.00 $149.97
Peter A Lillback
The All Saints Cultural Change Conference with Peter Lillback (President of Westminster Theological Seminary) and Douglas Wilson (Pastor of Christ Church, Moscow ID).
FREE Peter A Lillback
Association of Classical Christian Schools - Atlanta (48 mp3s)
Complete recordings from the Association of Classical Christian Schools Conference (2007) held in Atlanta, Georgia Georgia, June 21-23, 2007. This is a downloadable mp3 set including 50 sessions...
$150.00 $4.97
Basileian Lectures Complete Set 1988-1997 (100 mp3s)
To understand the Christian Reconstructionist Movement, "The Basileian Lectures" provides the best window. Any proponent, student, or librarian of this moviement must assess this content as foremost...
$50.00 $4.97
Peter J. Leithart
The Biblical Horizons 2008 Conference - held July 21-25, 2008 in Valparaiso, FL, featured Peter Leithart addressing the philosophy and thought of Christian philosopher Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Jeffrey...
$50.00 $3.97 Peter J. Leithart
James B. Jordan
The COMPLETE RECORDINGS of the joint Biblical Horizons/Theopolis Institute 2016 Bible Conference - with speakers: Jeff Meyers, John Barach, Rich Bledsoe, Uri Brito, James Jordan, and Peter...
$50.00 $3.97 James B. Jordan
Douglas Wilson
An exposition through Galatians.
FREE Douglas Wilson
Ken Boa
Essential Reading: Classic & Contemporary Books for the Christian Mind Ideas have consequences....
$100.00 $9.97 Ken Boa
Daniel Wallace
Over 370 talks from the 2008 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, the 60th Annual Meeting, held in Providence, Rhode Island. The theme was Text and Canon. Plenary Speakers: Peter...
$300.00 $9.97 Daniel Wallace
Veritas Academy Fine Arts Symposium with Ken Myers
The Complete Audio recordings of the Veritas Academy Fine Arts Symposium (March 19-20, 2010). This collection includes 14 mp3s of all the sessions. 1 Ken Myers: Sustaining a Fine...
$50.00 $3.97 Ken Myers
Ken L Gentry Jr
This college level course on Postmillennial eschatology, by noted scholar, Dr. Kenneth Gentry covers a wide range of topics, including: philosophy of history, millennial views, Psalms, OT expectations,...
$50.00 $4.98 Ken L Gentry Jr
Jeffrey J. Meyers
These talks were given at three annual conferences from the first ever Reformed Liturgy Conference, held as a conference at the PCA's General Assembly meetings. These talks include some of the...
$20.00 Jeffrey J. Meyers