Who should come to the Table of the Lord? This edition features a few talks and written materials about the Lord's Supper or Communion and the inclusion of children. See the newly available digital book including a lost chapter! The Case for Covenant Communion. Look what's ON SALE!

Gregg Strawbridge
An interview for the Awakening Reformation Podcast conducted by Grant and Ericha Van Brimmer with Gregg Strawbridge on...
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Paedocommunion Debate - Rob Rayburn v Kenneth Gentry
Should Baptized Little Children be Included at the Table? All the mp3s from a two-hour public debate before 600 people at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Spring, 2004. Dr. Gentry...
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James B. Jordan
Four messages analyzing the doctrine of children at the Table, paedocommunion.
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Paedocommunion in the Early Centuries
The full title is “Eucharist Participants in the Early Centuries: Biblical and Historical Evidence for Paedocommunion” by Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D. Full paper (PDF) in the Outline. This...
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The Case for Covenant Communion (paperback)
BACK IN PRINT! This book (230 pgs, paperback) is back in print for the first time in five years and now available - The Case for Covenant Communion (book), Gregg Strawbridge, ed. (Athanasius Press)....
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The Case for Covenant Communion (230 pgs PDF)
This item is a digital book (230 pgs, published originally as paperback) - The Case for Covenant Communion (book), Gregg Strawbridge, ed. (Athanasius Press). This digital version (PDF) includes...
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Douglas Wilson
From "Liquid Gospel, Edible Words: The Sacramental Theology of Historical Protestantism" - Christ Church Ministerial Conference 2002. Listen to Wilson, Jones, Leithart, and the evening...
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Steve Wilkins
Steve Wilkins - Unto You and Your Children (Paedocommunion) - a classic series defending a Reformational, Covenantal approach to the inclusion of children at the Table.
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Steve Turley
An interview with Steve Turley (PhD University of Durham) on his book,
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