This week, we're showcasing a rich collection of lectures about counseling - from unity to history to practical application.   

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How Can Two Who Disagree Walk Together (unity and catholicity)
A message by John Frame, professor of theology and apologetics at Reformed Seminary in Orlando. From the 1999 National F.I.R.E. Conference.
$2.00 FREE John M. Frame
Jay E. Adams
About this series: This series is made available freely by request from the speaker. It is a classic series by Dr. Jay Adams, the founder of the Nouthetic Biblical Counseling movement ("noutheteo" is the...
FREE Jay E. Adams
Uri T. Brito
If you are interested in Counselling at all, this talk is the Rosetta Stone of understanding the movement of Christian Counseling. Pastor Brito provides a compelling overview of the Christian Counseling...
$5.00 FREE Uri T. Brito
Debbie Steele
A recording from the ETS 2016 national meeting from the section, Theology for Counseling and Pastoral Care: Technology and Relationality. About this conference - The 68th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical...
$4.00 FREE Debbie Steele
Kevin D. Kennedy
A talk from ETS 2007 - This important conference addressed the Great Commission and many other related missions themes, as well as issues such as biblical worship, epistemology, and much more. This...
$4.00 FREE Kevin D. Kennedy
Greg Salazar
A talk from the complete recordings of the 71st Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), Nov. 20-22, 2019, held in San Diego, CA, with the theme: "Christ in all Scripture."...
$4.00 FREE Greg Salazar
David Powlison
From the 2008 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, the 60th Annual Meeting, held in Providence, Rhode Island. The theme was Text and Canon. Plenary Speakers: Peter J. Gentry (Southern...
$4.00 FREE David Powlison
Gregg Strawbridge
Download the PDF in the Outline: A Critical Appraisal of Mindsight: The New Science of Transformation, Daniel J. Siegel Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D. *** ...
FREE Gregg Strawbridge