In addition to the featured free audio below, check out the collection of mp3s from the Biblical Horizons Conference 2012 (at 75% off) - one of this week's featured talks is from this series.  Also, all books are 20% off!

Peter J. Leithart
A talk from the - Biblical Horizons 2012 Conference - 2012, 16-20 July, Monday evening to Friday noon. Topic: Back to Basics. Speakers: Peter Leithart: Gratitude and Thanksgiving.
$3.00 FREE Peter J. Leithart
Steve Turley
Welcome to EucharistiX, a podcast which...
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Ken Boa
Dr. Boa reminds listeners about the importance of gratitude.
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Steve Hemmeke
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Herbert L. Suereth IV
Herb Suereth preaches from Numbers 11. Full service video available.
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Gregg Strawbridge
Philippians (15): Dealing with Contentment Phil 4:9–13 (NASB) - “The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God...
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Jerry Allsup
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Rob Hadding
The remedy for ingratitude is repentance.
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