Covenant Bible Church (AK)

Covenant Bible Church - A reformed and evangelical church believing and teaching the historic Christian faith as applicable to all of life located in south central Alaska, including families from Wasilla, Palmer, Glennallen, Anchorage, and surrounding areas. We are a congregation in fellowship with the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. 


Current Broadcast: Brought Near By Christ's Blood Eph 2:8-14

Jack  Phelps
Date: 6/23/2024
Type: Sunday Sermon

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Future Glory for Gods People (I John 3:13) Jack Phelps Sermon12/29/2019
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Unquenchable Light (John 1:1-5) Jack Phelps Sermon12/8/2019
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Excel in Thanksgiving (Colossians 2:6-7) Jerry Allsup Sermon11/24/2019
Discord in the Church (Acts 6:1-7) Jack Phelps Sermon11/17/2019
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Expanding Horizons (Acts 5:12-16) Jack Phelps Sermon10/13/2019
Honesty Before the Lord (Acts 5:1-11) Jack Phelps Sermon10/6/2019
Preparing for Calamity (Acts 4:32-37) Jack Phelps Sermon9/29/2019
Why Did the Heathen Rage? (Acts 4:23-33) Jack Phelps Sermon9/22/2019
Standing Firm for Jesus (Acts 4:5-22) Jack Phelps Sermon9/15/2019
The Power of Jesus Name (Acts 3:11-26) Jack Phelps Sermon9/8/2019
The Lame Shall Leap (Acts 3:1-10) Jack Phelps Sermon9/1/2019
Aligning with Jesus (Acts 2:37-40) Jack Phelps Sermon8/11/2019
The Evangelistic Sermon (Acts 2:14-36) Jack Phelps Sermon8/4/2019
The Power of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:1-4) Jack Phelps Sermon7/21/2019
Genuine Unity (Acts 1:11-14) Jack Phelps Sermon7/7/2019
The Guidance of the Holy Ghost (Acts 13:13-15) Jack Phelps Sermon6/30/2019
Saul called Paul (Acts 13:1-12) Jack Phelps Sermon6/23/2019
The Apostolic Mission (Acts 1:6-11) Jack Phelps Sermon6/16/2019
Acts of the Holy Ghost (Acts 1:1-5) Jack Phelps Sermon6/9/2019
Salvation Secured (Luke 24:13-53) Jack Phelps Sermon4/21/2019
The Fellowship of His Suffering (Philippians 3:1-15) Jack Phelps Sermon4/14/2019
Faithful Servants of God (Philippians 2:19-30) Jack Phelps Sermon4/7/2019
Poured Out as a Drink Offering (Philippians 2:12-17) Jack Phelps Sermon3/31/2019
The Sufferings of Christ (Colossians 1:21-25) Jack Phelps Sermon3/24/2019
Laboring in Prayer (Colossians 4:12-13) Jack Phelps Sermon3/17/2019
Replacement Living (Ephesians 4:17-24) Jack Phelps Sermon3/10/2019
The Case Laws Jack Phelps  10/21/2018
Ratifying the Covenant Jack Phelps Sermon10/14/2018
Chosen, Loved, Consoled, Hopeful Jack Phelps Sermon5/13/2018
Testing and Protest Jack Phelps Sermon5/8/2018