20 One Click Credits for $20

Get 20 downloads for $1 each! Most talks are $4 each, so get one-click credits and get 4x as many talks for the same cost! Click the icon below to purchase.



How does this work?

Click the circle above to purchase 20 one-click credits.  If you don't already have an account on WordMp3, you'll have to create one when you check out.  Once you complete checkout, we will provide the 20 listening credits in your account. 

When you're ready to listen, use the search bar to look for any speaker or topic you'd like, or click through some of our collections on the right hand side of the page.  Any talk that has a price associated with it will now give you the option to "buy with one-click." When you choose to use one credit, you will be able to immediately Download or Stream this item. This item (redeemed by a credit) will be permanently placed in your account, and always available to Download or to Stream.

After we assign these one-click credits to your account, they have no expiration date - use them at your leisure!