20 One-Click Credits (20 mp3s) - Any mp3 on the site!

20 One-Click Credits (20 mp3s) - Any mp3 on the site!
Organization: Reformation Resources
Price: $80.00 $19.97
Shipping: Free Shipping

Get 20 downloads for $1 each! Most talks are $4 each, so get one-click credits and get 4x as many talks for the same cost! How does this work? Once purchased, we will provide the credits in your account after a few hours and you can use them with "one click" (e.g., "buy for one click") on any item (not free/for sale).

After we assign these credits the customer will see a new button which says "Buy for One Credit" - when you choose to do this, you will be able to immediately Download or Listen to this item. This item (redeemed by a credit) will be permanently placed in your account and always available to re-Download (or to Stream).

Why should I purchase this rather than the individual talks? A greater discount and convenience: with one-click you can Download or Stream an item! You do not have to go through the check out process and enter credit cared information, etc.


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