Christ Church, Spokane

Christ Church, Spokane

A Reformed and Evangelical Church meeting in central Spokane.


Current Broadcast: Habakkuk: A Q&A Session with God

Date: 10/17/2021
Type: Sunday Sermon

Recent Broadcasts

Habakkuk: A Q&A Session with God Andre Fowlkes Sermon10/17/2021
Genesis (56): Dinahmite Kenton Spratt Sermon10/3/2021
Genesis (55): Prevailing with God Kenton Spratt Sermon9/26/2021
Genesis (54): These Twenty Years Kenton Spratt Sermon9/19/2021
Genesis (53): Stairway to Heaven Kenton Spratt Sermon9/12/2021
Genesis (52): A Heart for the Promise Kenton Spratt Sermon9/5/2021
Family Camp 2021: Session 3 Toby Sumpter Sermon8/29/2021
Family Camp 2021: Session 2 Toby Sumpter Lecture8/28/2021
Family Camp 2021: Session 1 Toby Sumpter Lecture8/27/2021
The Kingdom Comes (13): The Warning Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/22/2021
Psalm 119: A Psalmist's Response to Suffering Mike Lawyer Sermon8/15/2021
The Kingdom Comes (12): The Victory Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/8/2021
The Kingdom Comes (11): The Unveiling Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/1/2021
The Kingdom Comes (10): The Anointing Andre Fowlkes Sermon7/25/2021
The Kingdom Comes (09): The Request Andre Fowlkes Sermon7/18/2021
Freedom and Submission in the Early Church Chase Fluhart Sermon7/11/2021
The Kingdom Comes (08): The Deliverance Andre Fowlkes Sermon7/4/2021
The Party Is Just Beginning Mike Lawyer Sermon6/27/2021
The Kingdom Comes (07): The Ark Encounters, Pt.2 Andre Fowlkes Sermon6/20/2021
The Kingdom Comes (06): The Ark Encounters Andre Fowlkes Sermon6/13/2021
The Kingdom Comes (05): The Word Andre Fowlkes Sermon6/6/2021
Psalm 27: Your Face, O Lord, I Will Seek Aaron Ventura Sermon5/30/2021
The Kingdom Comes (04): The Cleansing Andre Fowlkes Sermon5/23/2021
The Kingdom Comes (03): The Soundtrack Andre Fowlkes Sermon5/16/2021
The Kingdom Comes (02): The Forerunner Andre Fowlkes Sermon5/9/2021
Genesis (51): Godly Deception Kenton Spratt Sermon5/2/2021
Genesis (50): From Famine to Blessing Kenton Spratt Sermon4/25/2021
The Kingdom Comes (01): The Backdrop Andre Fowlkes Sermon4/18/2021
Psalm 95: How to Worship Kenton Spratt Sermon4/11/2021
The End of Tyranny Kenton Spratt Sermon4/4/2021
Genesis (49): Not For Sale Kenton Spratt Sermon3/28/2021
Genesis (48): 4D Ultrasound + Kenton Spratt Sermon3/21/2021
Genesis (47): White Privilege Kenton Spratt Sermon3/14/2021
Genesis (46): The LORD Led Me Kenton Spratt Sermon3/7/2021
Genesis (45): Dying in Faith Kenton Spratt Sermon2/28/2021
Genesis (44): Clear-Sighted Faith Kenton Spratt Sermon2/21/2021
Genesis (43): Peaceful Neighbors Kenton Spratt Sermon2/14/2021
Genesis (42): Laughing at the Son Kenton Spratt Sermon2/7/2021
Genesis (41): You Are a Dead Man Kenton Spratt Sermon1/31/2021
Genesis (40): Sodom Too Kenton Spratt Sermon1/24/2021
Psalm 11: When the Foundations are Destroyed Andre Fowlkes Sermon1/17/2021
Genesis (39): Sodom Kenton Spratt Sermon1/10/2021
Genesis (38): Sarah's Laugh Kenton Spratt Sermon1/3/2021
Genesis (37): Christmas Is For Kids Kenton Spratt Sermon12/27/2020
Supernatural Christmas Kenton Spratt Sermon12/20/2020
Genesis (36): Faith's Laughter Kenton Spratt Sermon12/13/2020
The Grace of God: Its Modes of Operation Andre Fowlkes Sermon12/6/2020
The Song of Moses: An Oldie, But a Goodie Andre Fowlkes Sermon11/29/2020
Servants or gods? (Response to Gov. Inslee's no sing order) Kenton Spratt Sermon11/22/2020
Genesis (35): The Answer to Impatience Kenton Spratt Sermon11/22/2020
Genesis (34): Covenant Darkness Kenton Spratt Sermon11/15/2020
Genesis (33): Fear, Victory, and Faith Kenton Spratt Sermon11/8/2020
Election 2020 (Psalm 146) Kenton Spratt Sermon11/1/2020
Genesis (32): Anatomy of a Victory Kenton Spratt Sermon10/25/2020
Sing to the Lord! Andre Fowlkes Sermon10/18/2020
Genesis (31): Openhanded Faith Kenton Spratt Sermon10/11/2020
Genesis (30): A Place to Call Home Kenton Spratt Sermon10/4/2020
Genesis (29): The Secure Promise Kenton Spratt Sermon9/27/2020
Genesis (28): Model of Faith Kenton Spratt Sermon9/20/2020
Genesis (27): The Gospel Preached To Abram Kenton Spratt Sermon9/13/2020
Genesis (26): Genealogy of Hope Kenton Spratt Sermon9/6/2020
God's People Give Thanks Ben Palpant Sermon8/30/2020
God's People Hope: Story Bootcamp Ben Palpant Lecture8/29/2020
God's People Tell Stories: An Apologetic for Storytelling Ben Palpant Lecture8/28/2020
What Should We Do Now? Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/23/2020
Jonah: A Representative Prophet Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/16/2020
What's in a Name? Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/9/2020
Psalm 49 Timothy Edwards Sermon8/2/2020
Targeting the MASKquerade (2): Love Kenton Spratt Sermon7/26/2020
Targeting the MASKquerade (1): Submission Kenton Spratt Sermon7/19/2020
Psalm 2: The King is on the Throne Andre Fowlkes Sermon7/12/2020
Genesis (25): Babel Kenton Spratt Sermon7/5/2020
Genesis (24): Lord of the Nations Kenton Spratt Sermon6/28/2020
Genesis (23): Canaan's Curse Kenton Spratt Sermon6/21/2020
Genesis (22): Covenant & Sign Kenton Spratt Sermon6/14/2020
Genesis (21): God Blessed Noah Kenton Spratt Sermon6/7/2020
Return (3): This Is The Testimony Kenton Spratt Sermon5/31/2020
Return (2): Obeying God Rather Than Men Kenton Spratt Sermon5/24/2020
Return (1): Submission For The Lord's Sake Kenton Spratt Sermon5/17/2020
Genesis (20): God Remembered Noah Kenton Spratt Sermon5/10/2020
Genesis (19): The Deluge Kenton Spratt Sermon5/3/2020
Genesis (18): Noah Did This Kenton Spratt Sermon4/26/2020
Genesis (17): Time or Grace? Kenton Spratt Sermon4/19/2020
Hosanna! Kenton Spratt Sermon4/12/2020
Hosanna! Or, Crucify? Kenton Spratt Sermon4/5/2020
The Lion Has Roared Kenton Spratt Sermon3/29/2020
The COVID19 Cure Kenton Spratt Sermon3/22/2020
Deliverance From the Pit Andre Fowlkes Sermon3/15/2020
Now There Are Eight (Deacons) Kenton Spratt  3/8/2020
Hospitality (03): The Garniture Kenton Spratt Sermon3/1/2020
Hospitality (02): The Edifice Kenton Spratt Sermon2/23/2020
Hospitality (01): The Foundations Kenton Spratt Sermon2/16/2020
The Christian & Joy Andre Fowlkes Sermon2/9/2020
Genesis (16): East of Eden Kenton Spratt Sermon2/2/2020
Genesis (15): Fratricide Kenton Spratt Sermon1/26/2020
Genesis (14): The Path to Paradise Kenton Spratt Sermon1/19/2020
Maintaining Joy & Fellowship Toby Sumpter Sermon1/12/2020
Genesis (13): Christmas Trees Kenton Spratt Sermon1/5/2020
Genesis (12): Clothes for Xmas Kenton Spratt Sermon12/29/2019
Genesis (11): Trouble in Paradise Kenton Spratt Sermon12/22/2019