2024 ETS Eastern Region Meeting (22 mp3s)

2024 ETS Eastern Region Meeting (22 mp3s)
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2024 Annual Meeting of the ETS Eastern Region. The theme of the meeting was Ecclesiology: Theology of the Church in a Secular Age. The conference was held at Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia, on April 12-13, 2024.  View the conference booklet here.

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- Plenary Session A and Welcome Chuck Lawless
- Plenary Session B Chuck Lawless
- Plenary Session C Panel Discussion Q+A with J...less, Daniel Gilbert Chuck Lawless
A Brief Primer for an Evangelical Theological Method Scott Hyland
AI Integration in the Church and its Impact on the Christian Community Jacob Byrd
An Ancient Witness: Ecclesiology in the Greco-R...he Apostolic Fathers John-Paul Lotz
Business Meeting Daniel Gilbert
Callous Hearts, Deaf Ears, and Blind Eyes – Thr...urch (Matthew 13:15) Boniface Odong
Divine Reciprocity' – Philippians 4:26 David R. Wallace
II Cheers for Vatican II: Presbyterorum Ordinis...Political Landscape Jason Poling
Imitating the Judean Churches' Suffering by Imi...ssalonians 2:14- 16) Ruth Barasa
On the Christological Interpretation of the Old...e Triple Perspective John L. Ronning
Orderly Public Worship and Miraculous Speech: P...Corinthians 14:26–40 Paul Palma
Our "Secular" Vocation: Affirming a Theology of...ation for the Church J. Daryl Charles
Restore Such a One: Holistic Restoration for Mi...Sexual Moral Failure Lance Bacon
The Gospel in a Secular Age – Learning from Paul in Athens Carrie Wood
The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man in the Book of Daniel Daniel Sloan
The Role of Parallelism in Luke-Acts: An Assess...Recent Advancements Zachary K. Dawson
Theology of the Church in a Secular Age: A Modest Reminder Robert W Herron Jr.
Translating the Energema and Dunamis in 1 Corinthians 12 Russell Scott
Was Iznik's "Underwater Basilica" the Site of the Council of Nicaea? Bryan Litfin
You have one Teacher, and you are all brothers...of Matthew's Gospel Corné J. Bekker