ETS 2014 Parallel Session A

Evangelical Theological Society 2014 - The 66th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held Wednesday through Friday, November 19-21, 2014 at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA. The Program Theme: "Ecclesiology"

ETS 2014 Parallel Session A (Wednesday, Nov. 19, 8:30-11:40 am)

Allan Coppedge - Discipleship and the Class Meeting as a Means of Fulfilling the Great Commission

Amy Schifrin - Marriage Rites: Mirror of God's Sacred Design

Andrew Loke - The Incarnation and Jesus’ Apparent Limitation of Knowledge

Anthony R. Petterson - The Identity of the “Messenger of the Covenant” in Mal. 3:1: A Rhetorical Approach

Ardel B. Caneday - Lavishly Forgive Sins in order to Be Forgiven: Jesus’ Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Benjamin Shaw - De Jure Divino Presbyterianism and the Old Testament

Berthold Schwarz - Communio sanctorum. Church as an Event of God´s Grace according to Luther´s Perspective

Bonnie Pattison - Splendor and Beauty in Calvin’s Ecclesiology: The Aesthetic and Ethical Implications of Calvin’s Christology for the Worship of the Church

Brandon C. Jones - Believer Baptism: Sacrament of the New Covenant

Brandon C. Jones - Perspectives on Believer Baptism Today

Brian J. Arnold - Justification in the Odes of Solomon

Brian Janeway - Cultural Transition as Reflected in the Aegean Pottery at Tel Tayinat

C. Donald Smedley - Loving Your Neighbor: Who is My Neighbor in a Globalized World, and What Do I Owe Her?

Calvin Pincombe - Christian Monergism and the Apologetic Project

Candi Finch - Patriarchy, Design of God or Tool for Oppression? Examining Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza’s Critique of Patriarchy/Kyriarchy and Traditional Ecclesiology

Chang Hoon Kim - The Transfiguration as an Intratextual Allusion to the Crucifixion in Matthew’s Gospel

Charles Quarles - Matthew 27:52-53 as a Scribal Interpolation

ChoongJae Lee - The Sermon on the Mount: The Repentance Message of Jesus Christ

Chris Morgan - Baptists and the Unity of the Church

Christa L. McKirland - Are We Really Sexual Beings? Implications for Human Personhood

Christopher R. Bruno - Biblical Theology according to the Earliest Christians: Israel's Story in the Parable of the Tenants

Craig Blaising - Typology and the Nature of the Church

Dana M. Harris - Justice, Ethics, and Worship in Revelation: Bowing Down before the Lamb

Daniel Lanz - Remembering Abraham in Deuteronomy 11:30: A Geographical Note Reconsidered in the Light of Genesis 12–13

Daniel Strange - Rooted and Grounded? The Legitimacy of Abraham’s Kuyper’s Distinction between Church as Institute and Church as Organism, and its Usefulness in Constructing an Evangelical Public Theology

Darrell Bock - Challenge or Invitation? The Church's Dilemma and Why Sexuality Discussions Are So Hard for the Church

David Baggett - Assessing Christian Hedonism

David K. Bryan - Re-Gathering the Kingdom of God in the Parable of the Weeds (Matt 13:24-30, 36-43)

David L. Turner - The Church as a Rejected Prophetic Community in Matthew

David W. Hall - Calvin’s Ecclesiology of Liberty: Origin, Sources, and Influences on its Formation

Dennis M. Swanson - Inerrancy and the Local Church: What Does the Debate Mean to People in the Pew

Douglas Holm - Ecclesiological Implications of Gospel Language and Shorthand in 1 Peter

Douglas Petrovich - Archaeological and Epigraphical Evidence of Israelites in Egypt during the Days of Joseph

Eva Dittmann - "A Fool's Mouth Is His Ruin:" The Power of the Tongue in the Book of Proverbs

Francis J. Beckwith - Does J. J. Thomson Really Grant the Prolife View of Fetal Personhood in Her Defense of Abortion?: A Rawlsian Assessment

G.M. Grena - Judean Tithes vs. Assyrian Taxes

Garth M. Rosell - Renewing Congregational Life: Park Street Church's Revival Heritage

Gary E. Schnittjer - The Bad Ending of Ezra-Nehemiah

Gary E. Yates - "The 'Weeping Prophet' and the 'Pouting Prophet" in Dialogue: Intertexual Connections Between Jeremiah and Jonah

Gary Manning - Gog and Magog: A New Look at Johns Appropriation of Ezekiel (Rev 20.7-9 Ezek 38-39)

Gene Guest - "Broken for You": A Phrase that Undermines John's Prophecy of Jesus as the Lamb of God

Gordon Hugenberger - Response and Reflections

Greg Cochran - The Priority of Ministry to the Persecuted Church: A Reorientation of the Paradigm for Biblical Justice

Gregory S. MaGee - The Jerusalem Council, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8, and the Priority of Brotherly Love

Guenther (Gene) Haas - Come, Let Us Read Together: The Role of the Church in Reading Scripture for Christian Ethics

Guillaume Bignon - Does Compatibilism Entail Determinism? – A Pragmatic Argument From Purpose in Evil

Hughson T. Ong - 

Hughson T. Ong - Text, Context, and Register: Analyzing Acts 21:27-40 (Paul's Arrest in the Temple)

Hwagu Kang - The Wife/Sister Accounts as a Type-Scene

I. Leon Harris - 1 Peter 2:9 and the Priesthood of the Believers: A Theological and Exegetical Approach to an Ecclesiology of Koinonia

Irving Hexham - The SS Project: Replacing Christianity with Islam as the Source of European Culture

James E. Bruce - What God Can and Cannot Do: A Moral Assessment

James Patterson - Baptists and the Apostolicity of the Church

Jared Compton - Biblical Theology according to the Earliest Christians: How Hebrews Told Israel’s Story

Jeffery L. Hamm - Descendit:  Delete or Declare?  A Defense Against the Neo-Deletionists

Jeffrey A. Stivason - Benjamin B. Warfield and True Church Unity

Jinsung Seok - A Canonical Function of Psalm 33: “Trust in the Universal King, the Lord!”

John A. Adair - Christ as Image, Film as Image: Exploring Corollaries and Contrasts

John Gill - Alexander Carson and the Church: An Ecclesiology shaped by Evangelical Concerns?

John Hammett - Believer Baptism: Human Act of Obedience and Divine Means of Grace

John Hammett - Perspectives on Believer Baptism Today

John McClean - We know Him Together: Church and the Doctrine of Revelation

Jonathan Loose - Getting to Grips with Emergence: Physicalism, Individuals, Selves, and Resurrection

Jonathan Watt - 

Joseph Fantin - 

Joseph Fantin - Society and Culture: Aspects of the First-Century World for a More Contextually Driven Exegesis

Karla Poewe - The SS Project: Replacing Christianity with Islam as the Source of European Culture

Kevin Storer - Letter or Spirit: Evangelical and Nouvelle Catholics on Scripture’s Role in the Development of Doctrine

Kit Barker - "I forgive you"- Mandate or Misfire?

Kristina Lacelle-Peterson - Women, the Word and the Wesleyan Tradition

Lamont T. Conyers  - A Paleographical Analysis of the Ordekburnu Inscription

Lindsay Wilson - Reading Proverbs Theologically

M. Sydney Park - The Forgotten Core of the Gospel: Discipleship, Gender and Christology in Mark 14:3-9

Mark Bowald - On (Still) Taking St. Paul Seriously: The Hermeneutical Function of Sin and Vice in Scriptural Interpretation; A Rejoinder to Virtue Hermeneutics

Mark Coppenger - Spiritual Skepticism Over Art in the Local Church

Mark Stephen Giacobbe - The Recapitulation of Israel's Exile in the Passion of Christ: Exegetical Evidence from the Gospel of Matthew

Mary L. Conway - The Narrative of Judges: Insights Gained from Discourse Analysis

Max L. E. Andrews - A New and Abductive Thomistic Cosmological Argument

Michael Austin - Who’s Afraid of Theosis?

Michael D. O'Neil - Christian Life as a “Daring Venture”: Karl Barth’s Sermons on 2 Corinthians

Michael Laffin - A Politics of Remaining: Cain’s Wandering and Luther’s Three Estates

Michael Rea - Gender as a Divine Attribute

Myron C. Kauk - The Ecclesiology of Jesus

Oren R. Martin - The Land Promise in New Testament Theology: Absent, Postponed, or Fulfilled?

Owen Strachan - The City on a Hill: Park Street Church and its Influence on New England Christianity

Patrick Eby - Early British Methodism and Community Formation: Learning What it Means to Love our Neighbor

Paul R. Thorsell - Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Reformulation of the Reformed Doctrine of Predestination: Ecclesiological Implications

Ray Van Neste - Baptists and the Holiness of the Church

Richard G. Howe - A Critique of Young Earth Presuppositionalism

Richard K. Min - Biblical Paradoxes and Circular Rhetoric in Matthew 22:15-46

Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. - Characterization in 1-2 Samuel: The Narrator's Use of Quotations and Intertextual Links to Evaluate the Story's Characters

Robert C. Kurka - Perspectives on Believer Baptism Today

Robert Covolo - The Church and Visual Art: Did Calvin Overreact?

Robert E. Coleman - Learning to Fulfill the Great Commission in the Garden of Eden

Robert M. Bowman Jr. - Paul and Joseph: Comparing Paul’s Witness to the Resurrection to Joseph Smith’s Visions

Ross Inman - On the Moral Perils of Intellectual Vanity and Pride

Shaun Price - Christian Ethics and the Fair Trade Movement

Stanley E. Porter - 

Stephen Parrish - Coming into Existence, the Universe, and God

Steve Sherman - Mapping Pneumatic Hermeneutical Waters: The Holy Spirit Hovering Over Theological Interpretation

Steven H. Sanchez - Misrepresentation at Meribah: Numbers 20:1-13 in Light of the Rebellion Narratives

Steven J. Duby - Impassibility, Atonement, and Reduplication

Susanne Calhoun - John Henry Newman’s Vision of a God-ward Church

Tamra J. Hernandez - Implications of Believers' Church Ecclesiology for Practicing Theological Interpretation of Scripture

Tim Basselin - Unlimited Beauty: Disability and Vulnerability for the Church

Tim Foster - Johannine Ecclesiology and John 3:5

W. David Beck - A New and Abductive Thomistic Cosmological Argument

William A. Heth - "Do not treat Prophecies with Contempt" (1 Thess 5:20)

YunGab Choi - To Comfort All Who Mourn: The Theological and Hermeneutical Function of Isaiah 61-62 in the Book of Isaiah