Biblical Evidence for a Correspondence Theory of Truth

Biblical Evidence for a Correspondence Theory of Truth
Part 14 of a 27 part series.
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Does the idea of truth lead one into being haughty and overbearing?   In the guise of humility, many postmodern views have gone too far the other direction.  There are limits to our knowledge, and we should indeed have epistemic humility; yet we do know true statements about reality.  Epistemological theories usually fall into three camps:  pragmatic, correspondence and coherence theories of truth.  David Huttar offers biblical support and analysis of the correspondence theory of truth.  He then answers some typical objections of the theory. 


This is a session from The Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Region meeting, held March 23, 2007, featuring Dr. Alan Roxburgh, Dr. Stephen Nichols, and Dr. Kent Berghuis. Theme: "Postmodernism, the emerging church and evangelicalism." Date: Friday, March 23, 2007 at Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield, PA.