ETS 2014 Parallel Session D

Evangelical Theological Society 2014 - The 66th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held Wednesday through Friday, November 19-21, 2014 at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA. The Program Theme: "Ecclesiology"

ETS 2014 Parallel Session D (Thursday, Nov. 20, 2pm)

Fred Sanders - Introducing the TECC Project, Theology and California, and the California Body

Beth M. Stovell - C. H. Dodd

Alan S. Bandy - How the History of Interpretation Promotes Responsible Reading of The Book of Revelation

Richard E. Averbeck - Temple and Community in the Ancient Near East

Evan Howard - Spiritual Formation and Elitism: Reflections on Early Councils and Contemporary Practice

Kevin J. Vanhoozer - Role-playing, Personal Identity, and “Putting On” Christ: The Drama of Discipleship

Charity Anderson - Divine Hiddenness: Are Glimpses Enough?

James M. Hamilton Jr. - Reflections on What Is Biblical Theology? A Guide to the Bible's Story, Symbolism, and Patterns

Craig Blaising - Overview of the Book + Theological-Hermeneutical Response

Mark Gignilliat - The Old Testament and Eternal Generation

Charles Aling  - Archaeological Evidence of Two house Churches: ca. 250 and 350 A.D.

Amos Yong - To the Ends of the Earth: On (Not) Knowing Where the Spirit Blows

Myk Habets - On Starting with the Spirit: The Methodology of Third Article Theology 

James A. Meek - The Ecclesiology of Acts: Some Distinctive Contributions

Max Rogland - The Shema as Christian Prayer

Harry Hahne - Paul’s Methods of Interpreting Scripture in Romans 10-11 to Explain Israel’s Unbelief in Jesus

Wendy L. Widder - The "Peti" and the Power of Speech in Proverbs 1–9

Darryl G. Hart - Membership Has Its Privileges

John W. Auxier - The Ethics of Transhumanism and Human Enhancement

Michael Kibbe - Can You Get There From Here? Hermeneutical Trajectories and the Use of the OT in Hebrews

William Lane Craig - Reflections on Molinism and Theology

Paul Helm - Philosophy, Theology and the Kingdom

Dennis R. Magary - Is Job Theologically Correct?

Denis Lamoureux - No Historical Adam, Evolutionary Creation View

John H. Walton - A Historical Adam, Archetypal Creation View

C. John Collins - A Historical Adam, Old-Earth Creation View

William Barrick - A Historical Adam, Young-Earth Creation View

Michael A G Haykin - Writing the Life of Samuel Pearce: Andrew Fuller’s Edwardsean Biography

Andrew Carter Marquez - From Seed of Abraham to Children of Faith

Chris Stevens - Markedness, Prominence, and the Pauline Imperfect Tense-Form: Testing the Binary and Tripartite Planes of Discourse Models

Mark F. Rooker - Are There Signs of Late Biblical Hebrew in Isaiah 40-66?

Kevin E. Lawson - Cave Lector:  What Theologians and Biblical Scholars Need to Know to be Wise Consumers of Empirical Research 

Paige Patterson - Church Discipline: Why Baptism and the Supper Are Essential To an Effective Program of Pastoral Oversight

Jason G. Duesing - A Roman Catholic Cousin: An Evaluation of Anglican Episcopal Ecclesiology

Phillip R. Bethancourt - Long Live the King: The Kingdom of God and the Ethics of the Church

David Casas - "It Seemed Good to the Holy Spirit and to Us" Congregational Church Polity:  Egalitarianism or Consensus?

Steele Brand - Israelite Political Thought and What It Means for Church Polity

Jason S. Sexton - Punishing and Healing the California Body: The California Dept. of Corrections, Anthropology, and the Church

David T. Ngong - Who is the Holy Spirit in Contemporary African Christianity?

Rajkumar Boaz Johnson - An Appraisal of India’s Engagement with the Holy Spirit: Pandita Ramabai and Sufi Kabir

Greg Beale - Response to James M. Hamilton Jr.'s What Is Biblical Theology? A Guide to the Bible's Story, Symbolism, and Patterns

Armin Baum - Rudolf Bultmann

Rob Dalrymple - Reading Revelation Responsibly: The People of God and Christian Zionism

Daniel A. Warner - Amplification of Canaanite Cult Based Upon Refined Archaeological Methodologies

John Coe - Why Spiritual Formation is the Slowest Motion on Earth: The Weakness the Will

Robert L. Saucy - The Biblical Heart and the Way of it's Transformation: Growing into Christ

Michael Rea - Transcendence and Divine Hiddenness

Michael A. Grisanti - 

Darrell Bock - 

Christina Larsen - Jonathan Edwards and Eternal Generation

Scott Stripling - The Rise and Fall of the Maqatir Monastery

Scott Harrower - The Eternal Analogue of God the Son’s Economic Return to God the Father by God the Spirit: Its Methodological and Ecumenical Significance

Amy F. Davis Abdallah - Invented Liturgies for Life Passages

Andrew Wilson - “They Were All Baptised Into Moses In The Cloud”: A Fresh Look at 1 Corinthians 10:2

Brian P. Luther - Reading the Song of Songs as Scripture: The Necessity of Intertexts

William B. Evans - American Christianity (invited): American Evangelical Ecclesiology and Soteriology

John Mark Yeats - American Christianity (invited): American Evangelical Ecclesiology and Soteriology

Willie Honeycutt - Bioethics in the Local Church: Option or Obligation?

Benjamin Ribbens - Does Christ Atone for Sins in Heb 2:17?

John D. Laing - On Parsing the Knowledge & Will of God, or Calvinism & Middle Knowledge in Conversation

Brian Gault - Job's Hope: Resurrection or Retribution?

Jonathan S. Marko - John Locke’s Freedom of the Will

Mitch Chase - Literary Design in Hebrews 11: Possible Inclusios and the Theme of Death and Deliverance

Robert L. Plummer - “Normal” Greek Word Order: Caveats and Nuances

T. Dale Johnson - Hubmaier and Conversion Therapy: A Case for Religious Liberty in Counseling

Rodrick Durst - Practicing Church Discipline: Why Deconstructive Criticism Works Better than Constructive Criticism 

Kenneth J. Stewart - The Papacy as a Unitive Power? Some Historical Considerations  

Eddie N. Colanter - Surrogacy, Artificial Reproductive Technologies, Family, and the Church: What Can We Learn from Dr. Megan Best’s Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the beginning of human life

Michael J. Svigel - Can an Ecclesiology Be Biblical if It’s Not Apostolic? Historical Problems in Evangelical Ecclesiological Method

Lee Beach - The Church, Exile and Post-Christendom

Jillian L. Ross - Parchments and Palimpsests: A Taxonomy of Literary Devices in the First and Second Degree as It Relates to Inner-Biblical Allusion

Lars Kierspel - Agabus was not a false prophet! Patterns of Recurrence in Preview (Acts 21:11) and Review (Acts 28:17-18)

Craig Detweiler - Extreme Makeover: Human Edition: How Nor Cal and So Cal Problematize the Body (in remarkably different ways)

Oscar García-Johnson - Spirit Outside the Gate: The Marks of the Spirit Across the Americas

Edward W. Klink III - Reflections on Understanding Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice

Darian R. Lockett - Reflections on Understanding Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice

Stanley E. Porter - J. A. T. Robinson

Michael J. Gorman - Reading Revelation Responsibly

Mark J. Boda - Relaying the Foundation, Relaying the Tradition: Temple Construction Texts in Persian Period Biblical Books

Tom Schwanda - Susanna Anthony and Sarah Osborn:  Spiritual Friendship in Early American Evangelicalism

Stephen P. Greggo - Theodramtic Anthropology & the ‘Significant’ Self: Implications for Therapeutic Relating

Adam Green - Hiddenness and the Epistemology of Attachment

Peter J. Gentry - Dispensational Study Group: A Review of Kingdom Through Covenant: A Biblical Understanding of the Covenants by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum

Stephen Wellum - Dispensational Study Group: A Review of Kingdom Through Covenant: A Biblical Understanding of the Covenants by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum

Michael Allen - Eternal Generation after Barth

Robert W. Smith - The Abila Area E Basilica Complex in Palaestina Secunda

Marc Cortez - Idols, Images, and a Spirited Anthropology: Connecting Christology, pneumatology and the imago Dei

Frank Lyons - Critiquing Cranmer: Ordo and Ecclesial Identity

David I. Starling - Justifying Allegory: Scripture, Rhetoric and Reason in Gal. 4:21—5:1

Byron G. Curtis - Wit in the Witness?—Cures for Translators’ Aphasia in the Prophets’ Paronomasia

Samuel Tyson - Dependent Independence: Connectivity Among Churches in Early American Baptist Life

Stephen M. Vantassel - The Food Morality Movement: A Biblical and Theological Evaluation

Elaine Bernius - Dialect Representation as a Marker of Job’s Compositional Unity

Liz Myers - Who Used Whom? The Likely Direction of Borrowing between Hebrews and 1 Peter in Light of Probable Literary Dependence

Kirk R. MacGregor - Molina's Pastoral Theology

Ian J Maddock - "The Whole World is Now My Parish": a Comparison of the Ecclesiological Conversions of John Wesley and George Whitefield

Carl Mosser - The Implausibility of a Roman Destination for Hebrews 

Shawn J. Wilhite - Revisiting the Historical Present: John 13 as a Test Case for the Prominence of Discourse Features

Sung Jin Park - The Prosodic Characteristics of the Divisions by the Tiberian Accentuation System

Michael Wittmer - What Is God Doing in Baptism? A Sacramental View for Baptists

Donald Tinder - Denominationalism: The Mostly Missing Topic within Ecclesiology

David S. Kotter - Remember the Poor: New Testament Insights for the Church on the Problems of Poverty, Riches, and Redistribution

Patrick Willis - Acts 9:31 and Multi-site Ecclesiology: Marriage or Mismatch?

Chase R. Kuhn - Abstract vs. Concrete Realities – Distinguishing Ekklesia and the "People of God"

Thomas J. Sappington - The Ministry of Deliverance in the Acts of the Apostles: Reassessing the Evidence

Jeremy R. Treat - Created To Play: A Theology of Sports

Paul R. House - Response to Edward W. Klink III and Darian R. Lockett's Understanding Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice

Richard J. Mouw - People of our Common Clay': Thinking Theologically about Humanness in California

Robert W. Yarbrough - Adolf Schlatter

Michael J. Gorman - The Book of Revelation: Reading Revelation Responsibly

Alan S. Bandy - The Book of Revelation: Reading Revelation Responsibly

Rob Dalrymple - The Book of Revelation: Reading Revelation Responsibly

Richard E. Averbeck - Old Testament Backgrounds / Ancient Near East (Invited): Temple, Tabernacle, and Community in the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East

Daniel A. Warner - Old Testament Backgrounds / Ancient Near East (Invited): Temple, Tabernacle, and Community in the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East

Mark J. Boda - Old Testament Backgrounds / Ancient Near East (Invited): Temple, Tabernacle, and Community in the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East

Joanne Jung - Character Formation in Online Education

Robert Kellemen - Theo-Drama and Gospel-Centered Counseling: God’s Redemptive Drama and Our Ultimate Life Questions

Trent G. Dougherty - Visible Faith in a Hidden God

R. Kendall Soulen - “Your name that you have given me”: The Tetragrammaton and the Eternal Procession of the Son

David Vila - The Churches of Abila in the Early Islamic Period

Joseph McGarry - Formed by the Spirit: A TAT Accounting of Spiritual Formation in Christ

Rustin J. Umstattd - The Lord’s Supper: A Case for Reclaiming the Symbolic Meal from a Symbol of a Meal

Greg Beale - Biblical Theology (invited): Defining Biblical Theology

James M. Hamilton Jr. - Biblical Theology (invited): Defining Biblical Theology

Paul R. House - Biblical Theology (invited): Defining Biblical Theology

Edward W. Klink III - Biblical Theology (invited): Defining Biblical Theology

Darian R. Lockett - Biblical Theology (invited): Defining Biblical Theology

A. Chadwick Thornhill - Why All the Hate? Jacob and Esau Traditions in Early Judaism and in Paul’s Letter to the Romans

William A. Ross - There is No Spoon: Text-Critical Question Begging in the ‘Acrostic’ of Nahum 1

Michael J. Lynch - “In Mediis Tutissime Ibis”: An Examination of Robert Lewis Dabney’s View of the Extent of Christ’s Satisfaction

John H. Evans - The Public View of Theological Anthropology

Daniel Estes - Communicating the Book of Job in the 21st Century

Dongshin D. Chang - The Combined Concept of Priesthood and Covenant in Hebrews

Guillaume Bignon - "Lord Willing and God Forbid": Divine Permission, Asymmetry, and Counterfactuals

Matthew Lyon - Fundamentalism and Gender: John R. Rice on the Role of Women in the Church

Chiaen Liu - Sprinkling the Blood–A Study of Intertextuality in Heb 9.1–22

Isaac Blois - For the Glory of God and the Praise of Man:

Textual Variants in Phil. 1:11 as Early Christian Commentary

Jonathan Kiel - Verbal Valency: What It Is and Why It Matters

Gerry Breshears - Is Baptism Necessary to Receive Forgiveness of Sins? Acts 2:38 and Evangelism

Charles Raith II - Shifts in Evangelical Ecumenism and A Vision for Its Future

Christopher Vena - Green Church: On the Possibility of an Ecological Ecclesiology

Shawn D. Wright - Baptists and a Plurality of Elders: an Historical, Biblical, and Practical Apology

Thomas P. Johnston - Multiform Itinerant Ministry for a Healthy Local Church

Chip M. Anderson - Not by the Numbers (Eph 2:11-22): The Significance of the “One New Humanity” on the Power of Sacred Space and Church Growth

Jonathan Hoglund - Theodramatic Rescription: Pastoral Implications of a Dialogical Effectual Call

Nate Collins - Jewish Virgins and Widows: A Contextual Analysis of Unmarried, Female Sexuality in the Religious Background of the New Testament

Hubert James Keener - David’s Swan Song: Psalm 144 and Its Place in the Shaping of the Psalter

S. Donald Fortson III - Old New Calvinism: The New School Presbyterian Spirit

John Warwick Montgomery - A "Plastic" Biblical Text?  The Recent Controversy among the Lutherans on the Philosophy of Textual Criticism

Teri Merrick - Redefining Methodist Marriage: Neo-Kantian Prescriptions for Retaining Semantic Continuity

Angus Menuge - Creativity and the Information Problem

Paul R. House - Friendship as Long Conversation: Interactions with Wendell Berry

C. Ben Mitchell - Friendship as Long Conversation: Interactions with Wendell Berry

Richard A. Bailey - Friendship as Long Conversation: Interactions with Wendell Berry

Carlos E. Mora - The Remnant in Daniel 11:40-45

Charles Martin - What has Social History to do with Hebrews? Familial Language within an Interpretive Framework

Daniel B. Wallace - The Ignorance of the Son in Matthew 24.36: A Study in Textual and Redaction Criticism

John Shouse - A Typology for Evangelical Engagement with Islam: A Theological Analysis and Assessment

Leo Percer - Paul's Vision of the Church: Embodied or Electronic? 

Jerry Root - C. S. Lewis: Death and Hope in the Writings of C. S. Lewis

R. Douglas Geivett - C. S. Lewis: Death and Hope in the Writings of C. S. Lewis

Dennis Fisher - C. S. Lewis: Death and Hope in the Writings of C. S. Lewis

Jeff Baxter - C. S. Lewis: Death and Hope in the Writings of C. S. Lewis