Mr. Ed Stevens

Mr. Ed  Stevens

Ed Stevens, B.A. is the President of the International Preterist Association. He holds degrees from Sunset International Bible Institute and a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies from Adelphi University. Ed is currently working on his Masters degree (M.B.S.) from Sunset International Bible Institute.

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Preterism and Church Membership 10/22/2007
Descended Into Hell 8/27/2007
11.08.28No Partial Rapture  
11.08.07Eternal Begottenness  
11.07.31Deity of Christ  
11.07.24Times of Gentiles Fulf  
11.07.17Did John Live After 70 pt 3  
11.07.10Did John Live After 70 pt 2  
11.06.26Did John Live After 70 pt 1  
11.06.19Resur and Change  
11.05.29Parable of Tares2  
11.05.22Parable of Tares1  
11.05.15Jn 14 and Palingenesia  
11.05.08Jn 14 and Dwelling Places2  
11.05.01Jn 14 and Dwelling Places1  
11.04.17Role of Satan After 70  
11.04.10Cosmology in Life of Christ  
11.04.03Supernatural Life of Christ  
11.03.27Miracles of Jesus  
11.03.20John the Baptist  
11.03.13Events AD 627  
11.03.06Events 4 BCAD 7  
11.02.27Birth of Jesus 4 BC  
11.02.27Birth of Jesus 4 BC  
11.02.20Herod 225 BC  
10.08.15From Jewish to Universal  
10.08.15From Jewish to Universal  
10.08.01Value of Hist Study  
10.07.25Why Study History  
11.02.20Herod 225 BC  
11.02.13Herod 3022 BC  
11.01.30Herod 3730 BC  
11.01.16RomanHerodian Hist 2  
11.01.09 Roman Herodian History 1  
10.12.19Maccabean Hist 3  
10.12.12Maccabean Hist 2  
10.12.05Maccabean Hist 1  
10.11.28Greek Period 2  
10.11.21Greek Period 1  
10.11.14MedoPersian Period  
10.11.07Babylonian Period  
10.10.31Dan 1112 Survey 3  
10.10.24Dan 1112 Survey 2  
10.10.03Dan 1112 Survey 1  
The New Testament Canon Formed by AD 70  
02 New Testament Canon Formed by 70 AD