Ed Stevens - Intertestamental History (15 mp3s)

Speaker: Mr. Ed Stevens
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A Series of Podcasts on Intertestamental History. Very helpful information to understand history.

This collection includes:
Studies on Daniel 11-12, the Babylonian Period, the Medo-Persian Period, the Greek Period, the Roman-Herodian Period, and Maccabean History.

A PDF of all of the notes is available at

Ed Stevens Ed Stevens, B.A. is the President of the International Preterist Association . He holds degrees from Sunset International Bible Institute and a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies from Adelphi University . Ed is currently working on his Masters degree (M.B.S.) from Sunset International Bible Institute .
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10.10.03Dan 1112 Survey 1 Ed Stevens
10.10.24Dan 1112 Survey 2 Ed Stevens
10.10.31Dan 1112 Survey 3 Ed Stevens
10.11.07Babylonian Period Ed Stevens
10.11.14MedoPersian Period Ed Stevens
10.11.21Greek Period 1 Ed Stevens
10.11.28Greek Period 2 Ed Stevens
10.12.05Maccabean Hist 1 Ed Stevens
10.12.12Maccabean Hist 2 Ed Stevens
10.12.19Maccabean Hist 3 Ed Stevens
11.01.09 Roman Herodian History 1 Ed Stevens
11.01.16RomanHerodian Hist 2 Ed Stevens
11.01.30Herod 3730 BC Ed Stevens
11.02.13Herod 3022 BC Ed Stevens
11.02.20Herod 225 BC Ed Stevens