2023 ETS Eastern Region Meeting (20 mp3s)

2023 ETS Eastern Region Meeting (20 mp3s)
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The annual meeting eastern regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on April 21-22, 2023.  The conference was held at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.  The theme was, "The Bible in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context," with Scott Stripling as the plenary speaker.  

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Scott Stripling A speaker for the 2022 National meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society
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- Plenary Session I Scott Stripling A Seminal I...ursed by the God YHW Scott Stripling
- Plenary Session II Scott Stripling Ritual Pur...Second Temple Period Scott Stripling
Carrie Wood Reading the Gospels Spatially: Situ...of the First Century Carrie Wood
Corné J. Bekker Cursus Honorum or Cursus Pudoru...e Carmen Christi (Ph Corne Bekker
Daniel McConaughy An Odor at Pentecost and Old Syriac Texts of Acts 2:2 Daniel L. McConaughy
Daniel Sloan Shechem A Marker of Israel’s Spirituality Daniel Sloan
David Alan Black A Sturzian Solution to the Pro...5:22; and John 3:13 David Alan Black
Gloria Hague Consequences of Theological Positi...Gresham Machen, All Gloria Hague
Henry Smith Jr. On the Migration of Abram: An O...Scholar’s Initiative Henry B Smith Jr
Jack Davis Is the One God of the Old Testament...nd Christian Creeds? Jack Davis
John Ronning Bait and Switch: Biblical Archaeol...Biblical Narratives John Ronning
Jordan Jones The Gift of Gab Shutting Up: The H...nd Ancient Near East Jordan Jones
Kevin Koslowsky The Whole Counsel of God: A Pau...ulpit Room: Demo Lab Kevin Koslowsky
Kevin Washington Confronting the Evangelical as Story and Song Kevin Washington
Lucas Moncada III The Meaning of in Classical A...for LXX Isaiah 7:14 Lucas Moncada III
Mac McIntyre Forward Pointing in the Gospel of...Citation in Matt. 26 Mac McIntyre
Melissa Davis The Love Command as Worship Melissa Davis
Robert W. Herron Jr. Simultaneity in Mark’s Sto...enial: Mark 14:53–72 Robert W Herron Jr.
Stephen Fix Interpreting Philippians 3:3 in Lig...y of the Holy Spirit Stephen Fix
Stephen Hague The Signs and Seals of the Two Co...know that I AM YHWH”