ETSe 2006 - Prophetic Literature with Robert Chisholm (23 mp3s)

Organization: ETS Eastern
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The Evangelical Theological Society's Eastern Regional Meeting on "The Hermeneutics of Prophetic Literature" (3/24/2006) held at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

Robert B Chisholm A speaker from the Evangelical Theological Society Meeting, Dr. Chisholm (B.A., Syracuse University, 1973; M.Div., Grace Theological Seminary, 1976; Th.M., 1978; Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1983), is the Dept. Chair and Professor Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary. He enjoys teaching the full breadth of Old Testament Studies, he takes special delight in the major and minor prophets.... read more
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Items Included

14-15 Respondents Michael Kelly and Stephen Taylor and QA Stephen S. Taylor
A Gift for 'All': Are Gentiles Included in Joel...MT and Acts 2:16-21? Jim Meek
Agrarian vs Technological Worldviews Brian Toews
An exegetical study on the identity of those wh...ay' in Hebrews 6:4-6 William G. Womack
Congruent Visions: The Nature of Community in C...sdom, & the Prophets Fred Putnam
Dieter Roth - The Prophet and the Priests: An I...utic of Hag. 2:10-14 Deter Roth
Dr. Mark Karlberg - Paul Elliott's Christianity...Presbyterian Church Mark Karlberg
Earl Brown - Sensus Plenior and Common Sense: D...e or Double Trouble? Earl Brown
Exploring the Crossroads of Poetry, Theology, and Usage in the Psalms Bill Arp
Failed Prophecy in Obadiah?: The Importance of Poetry in Prophecy Robert Marineau
Gordon Franz - Unexpected visit: Paul and Luke on the Island of Malta Gordon Franz
Impact of Mistranslation on NT Prophecy Gordon Olson
Making Sense of Prophecy: Ambiguity and Essenti...conditional Prophecy Robert B Chisholm
Making Sense of Prophecy: Contingency and Contextualization Q-A session Robert B Chisholm
My Jesus and Me: Forays into American Evangelical Christology Stephen J. Nichols
Piper's Baptism and Membership Proposal: A Neo-Landmark Response Jeff Riddle
Putting 'Women' In Its Place: Treating the Gend...Third-Order Question Jason Poling
Reconsidering Origen's Hermeneutic in a Contemporary Context Brian Weber
Sea Monsters: A Harbinger of Things to Come John Master
The Land Promise: Discovering a New Testament Hermeneutic Gregg Strawbridge
They Saw Jesus. . . Centuries in Advance Robert Newman
Thomas R. Edgar - The Translation of 1 Cor 7:36: The meaning of Parthenos Thomas R. Edgar
Word of Exhortation in Acts and Hebrews: Prophecy, not Sermon Carl Mosser