ETSe 2022 Eastern Region Meeting (21 mp3s)

ETSe 2022 Eastern Region Meeting (21 mp3s)
Organization: ETS Eastern
Price: $40.00

A collection of lectures from the 2022 ETS Eastern Region Meeting: Biblical Chronology and Interpretive Worldview.


The Meeting was held at Regent University in Norfolk, VA on April 22-23, 2022.


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Michael A. Grisanti Michael Grisanti (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is Distinguished Research Professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary, Old Testament department chair, and director of TMS Israel studies. His numerous publications include Deuteronomy in the The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (revised edition, Zondervan 2012) and The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament (Broadman... read more
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Items Included

- Plenary Session I: Interpretive Worldview of the Patriarchs Michael A. Grisanti
- Plenary Session II: Interpretive Worldview and the Date of the Exodus Michael A. Grisanti
A Social-Scientific Reading of Zechariah's Status Reversal in Luke 1:5–25 Michael Blythe
Blood Covenants in the Hebrew Bible Daniel Gilbert
Calvin's Interpretive Approach in light of Paul...l Midrash (Romans 9) David R. Wallace
For a Real, Not a Sham Christianity: Francis Gr...Gospel, and Justice Robert F Schwarzwalder Jr
Isaiah's Incomparability: Appeal for Yahweh's Superiority Dan Sloan
King of Land and Time: Temporal and Spatial Deixis in Matthew 2 Corne Bekker and Carrie Wood
Paul's Masterful Construction of Poetry in Rom....istian Comprehension Timothy Decker
Paul's Use of the Interpretive Method in Develo...ristian Sexual Ethic Lance Bacon
Primeval Chronology Revisited: A Closer Look at Genesis 5 and 11 Henry B Smith Jr
Reconstructing the Corinthian Correspondence: P...ommunity in Disarray Paul Palma
Salt and Light: Reading Matthew 5:13–16 within...nity (student paper) Frans Pienaar
The Anthropology of the Imagination in Thomas Aquinas Kyle Smith
The Copernican Revolution, New England Puritans, and Early Harvard Jim Melnick
The Law as God's Second Choice: A Close Reading of Exodus 19 Thomas A. Keiser
The Mystery in Biblical Interpretation: Why Do...e Bible Differently? Greg Kame
The Panorama of Biblical History: An Approach t...tudent Presentations Robert W. Smith
The Syriac and Greek Texts of Luke 1:78 and the...estament and the LXX Daniel L. McConaughy
Towards a Granular Reading of Yaakov's Letter: Some Initial Proposals Victor Jacobs
Wirkungsgeschichte in the Economy of Grace: Tow...the Letter of James Rodrigo Sanchez