- Plenary Session I: Interpretive Worldview and the Chronology of the Patriarchs

Type: Lecture
Topic: Patriarchs
Price: $4.00

In preparation for a new volume on the history of ancient Israel (Zondervan), Dr. Michael Grisanti has been researching the topic of biblical chronology, especially the chronology of the patriarchs and the exodus. Grisanti embraces a late third-millennium date for the patriarchs and a fifteenth-century date for the exodus. In his presentations he will seek to irenically and even-handedly approach these issues and the arguments raised by the main evangelical sides, giving less attention to the non-evangelical views. The point of both sessions would not serve primarily as support for Grisanti’s views. He will give attention to larger interpretive worldview issues that play a significant role in how scholars reach their own conclusions. Besides providing an update on recent scholarly conversations, Grisanti desires to emphasize that some of the arguments for each side of the conversation do not have the same interpretive value apart from the larger interpretive worldview. This factor should motivate scholars to carefully consider their own interpretive worldview but also to engage their conversation partners on a given view with greater awareness of the broader issues.

Michael A. Grisanti Michael Grisanti (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is Distinguished Research Professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary, Old Testament department chair, and director of TMS Israel studies. His numerous publications include Deuteronomy in the The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (revised edition, Zondervan 2012) and The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament (Broadman... read more