ETS Eastern Regional Recordings

Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Regional Conference Recordings

ETSe 2018 - The Attributes of God with James Dolezal

ETSe 2017 - Apologetics in a Pluralistic Culture with Scott Oliphint and Joshua Chatraw

ETSe 2016 - How Would Jesus Vote? with Darrell Bock

ETSe 2015 - Evangelical Ecclesiology with David Fitch

ETSe 2014 - Evangelical Engagement in Interfaith Dialogue with Gerald McDermott

ETSe 2013 - New Testament Manuscripts with Dan Wallace

ETSe 2012 - Defending Constantine with Peter Leithart

ETSe 2011 - What's So Truthful about Christianity with Dinesh D'Souza

ETSe 2009 - Social Justice and American Politics with James Skillen

ETSe 2008 - The Canon and Evangelicalism with Stephen Chapman

ETSe 2007 - Postmodernism and the Emerging Church with Alan Roxburgh