ETSe 2014 - Evangelical Engagement in Interfaith Dialogue with Gerald McDermott (42 mp3s)

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Evangelical in a Pluralist Society: Evangelical Engagement, Interfaith, and Ecumenical - The 2014 Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Region meeting (held at St. Mary's Seminary & University, Baltimore, MD, March 22-23, 2014) - Key note speaker: Gerald McDermott. Dr. McDermott is the Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion and Distinguished Senior Fellow, Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion at Roanoke College. This conference featured lively discussion and respondents to Dr. McDermott from Adam Gregerman (Jewisth - St. Joseph’s University), Terryl Givens (Mormon - University of Richmond), and Jacques Berlinerblau (Securlarist - Georgetown University), as well as Peter Enns (Eastern University) and John Franke (Yellowstone Theological Institute). These discussions were moderated by David Neff (retired editor and chief of Christianity Today).

Gerald McDermott Gerald R. McDermott is the Anglican Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School and teaches in the areas of history and doctrine. He is the author, co-author or editor of eighteen books, including A Trinitarian Theology of Religions (with Harold Netland), Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods, The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land, Israel Matters: Why Christians Must... read more
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01 A Serious Call to Devout and Holy Dialogue Gerald McDermott
01b Plenary Respondents Adam Gregerman St. Jose...eorgetown University
02 Plenary Gerald McDermott The Emerging Divide in Evangelical Theology Gerald McDermott
02a Plenary Pete Enns Respondent Peter E. Enns
02b Plenary John Franke Respondent John R. Franke
Angela Ney Evangelical Responses to the Shoah
Benjamin Davis The Theological Blueprint of God...tion of Genesis 1123
Brian Wagner Differentiating the Gospel Sound D...vangelical Ecumenism
C. Donald Smedley Objective Pluralism A Respon...Religious Pluralism C. Donald Smedley
C. Fred Smith The Gospel and Our the 1980s and 90s
David Rathel Baptists and the Emerging Church M...aptistic Perspective
DonahueMartins John Wesleys approach to Social Ethics...End Trafficking
Eric Redmond The Very Right of God The Meaning...le of God in Tragedy Eric C. Redmond
Eric Silverman How the Practical Effects of Aga...mprove Pascals Wager
Gaylen Leverett Sola ScripturaSome Musings of a Chastened Baptist
George HancockStefan Learning from an Old Plura...tianMarxist Dialogue George HancockStefan
Gordon Olson Evangelical Engagement with Genesis and Evolution Gordon Olson
Jacob Cerone The Use of grapho and its Compounds in Eusebius
Jennifer Bryson IntraFaith EngagementLessons fr...ntering AntiSemitism
Jeong Koo Jeon Paul and the New Perspective on Paul Jeong Koo Jeon
John Worgul Drifting Across the TiberA Theologi...icals ReTurn to Rome
Jonathan Kaus Answering Gettier with Justified...inition of Knowledge
Jonathan Watson Gender Role Reversal in Judges...sions for the Church
Lamont Conyers Early Alphabet Northwest Semitic...y of the Hebrew Text Lamont T. Conyers
Mark Farnham Can a Postmodern Theology Claim An...hristian Exclusivity
Michael Erickson In the Age of SameSex Marriage...Pluralism Syncretism
Michael Gorman Paul the Evangelical Ecumenical Interfaith Prophet
Michael Metzger Coming To Terms With Exile
Michael Stell The Ecumenism of the Marian Dogma...hatever He Tells You
Nate Shannon The Epistemology of Divine Conceptualism
Nikolaus Breiner A Fork In The Road An Argumen...MultiSubject Trinity
Paul Wright The Pauline Vocabulary of New Testa...of 1 Timothy 3 and 5
R. Todd Mangum Pluralism Falsehoods and the Lor...e Lordship of Christ R. Todd Mangum
Randy Newman Reports from the FrontConversion N...vangelism Strategies
Scott Brill An Evangelical Perspective on Franc...e New Evangelization
Stephen Fowl Theological Interpretation Histori...f the Christian Life Stephen Fowl
Sung Cho The Image of God in the Fallen Man and Evangelical Dialogue
Todd Scacewater Augustines Hermeneutical Method in City of God
Troy Skora The Growth of Early Israel through A...s Biblical Evidence
Union with Christ Language in Paul from the Levitical Sacrifices Gregg Strawbridge
Victor Jacobs The Doctrine of Perichoresis and...Theoretical Physics
Wesley Davey The Place of the LionCritical Enga...of Johns Apocalypse