R. Todd Mangum Pluralism Falsehoods and the Lordship of Christor How Univocal is the New Testaments Teaching on the Lordship of Christ

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A talk from the conference: Evangelical in a Pluralist Society: Evangelical Engagement, Interfaith, and Ecumenical - The 2014 Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Region meeting (held at St. Mary's Seminary & University, Baltimore, MD, March 22-23, 2014) - Key note speaker: Gerald McDermott. Dr. McDermott is the Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion and Distinguished Senior Fellow, Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion at Roanoke College. This conference featured lively discussion and respondents to Dr. McDermott from Adam Gregerman (Jewisth - St. Joseph’s University), Terryl Givens (Mormon - University of Richmond), and Jacques Berlinerblau (Securlarist - Georgetown University), as well as Peter Enns (Eastern University) and John Franke (Yellowstone Theological Institute). These discussions were moderated by David Neff (retired editor and chief of Christianity Today).

R. Todd Mangum R. Todd Mangum served as a presenter at the Evangelical Theological Society Meeting in Denver, CO (2018), addressing the theme, Christianity and Culture - Invited: A Conversation with Philip Yancey - and is affiliated with Biblical Theological Seminary.