ETSe 2021 - Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes (23 talks)

ETSe 2021 - Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes (23 talks)
Organization: ETS Eastern
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A collection of talks and discussions from the 2021 Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Region: Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes on April 9, 2021. See the Plenary session for the PDF of the full program.

Brandon J. O'Brien Brandon J. O'Brien (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is director of content and distribution for Redeemer City to City in Manhattan. He is coauthor, with E. Randolph Richards, of Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes and Paul Behaving Badly, as well as the author of The Strategically Small Church.
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-Plenary - A Thoropter for Faith: A Decade of D...a’s Christian Vision Brandon J. O'Brien
-Plenary - Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes Panel Discussion Brandon J. O'Brien
A Social-Scientific Reading of the Prodigal Son...e’s Travel Narrative Michael Blythe
About Western Christians’ Cultural Misreading o...ness from the Heart” Kyunga Song
Approaching an Egalitarian Doctrine of Scriptur...sus and Illumination Julie Walsh
Changing semantic domains and potential challen...strated by 'gossip’" Rodney Pearce
Dual Citizens: Politics and American Evangelica...Christianity Today) Timothy D. Padgett
I, Tertius Who Write This: Reading Scripture without Modernity’s Eyes Gregg Strawbridge
Identifying Thematic and Quotation Clusters in...Testament in the New James Roh
Interpreting Biblical Prophecy: The ‘New Covena...Jeremiah and Ezekiel Daniel Carver
John Calvin on the Spirit and Word- His Thoughts and Influence Daniel Gilbert
Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: American Christianity Discussion Mark Draper
Reading and Misreading Scripture through Wester...he Bible and Slavery Mark Draper
Reading the Bible with Timothy Dwight at Yale Daniel J. Spanjer
Reading the Old Testament Through Jewish TNK Order Matters Van Campbell
Seeing Discipleship, Mission, and Church and Th...ew Testament Authors Christopher J Jones
The Biblical Quiver From Which Athanasius Drew...Aimed At The Arians Timothy Decker
The Birth of Pentecostalism and the Western Tra...of Reading Scripture Joseph L. Thomas
The Persuasive Power of Paul's Preaching Kevin Koslowsky
The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Sexual Revolution Carl Trueman
Two Kinds of Days in Scripture: Practical and Ceremonial Bruce Terry
Unmade Disciples Stephen McCormack
When God Speaks by His Son (Hebrews 1:2) Mark A. Hassler