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02 Plenary Gerald McDermott The Emerging Divide in Evangelical... Gerald McDermott $4.00
The Pistis Christou Debate and Pauline Theology Kevin McFadden $4.00
Quarles vs Pennington - Is the Sermon on the Mount Torah... Charles Quarles FREE
The Sermon on the Mount as the New Covenant Torah Charles Quarles $4.00
Gary Yates The Call for Faithful Services Leadershi pn... Gary E. Yates $4.00
David Baggett The History of the Moral Argument David Baggett FREE
Michael E. Erickson The New Evangelical Ecclesiology: Evolving... Michael E. Erickson $3.00
Michael Erickson Lving Your Neighbor Run Amuck Luthers... Michael E. Erickson $4.00
Michael Erickson The Apologetic Triple Constraint Human... Michael E. Erickson $4.00
Type-Casting Samson and His Family: The Rhetorical Aims... Jillian L. Ross $4.00
Jillian L. Ross and Gary E. Yates Type-Casting Samson and... Jillian L. Ross FREE
A. Chadwick Thornhill The Spirit Moves Where It Will: A... A. Chadwick Thornhill FREE
03b Plenary Apologetics at the Cross Josh Chatraw $4.00
02b Plenary Making Sense of the Different Apologetic M... Josh Chatraw $4.00
01 Plenary Exposing Evangelism as an Empty Politic: Where... David Fitch FREE
02 Plenary The Other Missional Conversation David Fitch FREE
01 Plenary Respondents and Discussion to David Fitch Exposing... Greg Carey FREE
Jeffrey Robinson Poor Apologetics Poverty and Apologetics... Jeffrey Robinson $4.00
Kevin King Reigious Freedom the Cornerstone of Life and... Kevin King $4.00
Ronnie Campbell The Time Lord and the LORD of Time: Popculture... Ronnie Campbell $4.00
John Johnson Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary... John E. Johnson $4.00
The Exalted King of Power and the Communion of Saints in... Justin McLendon $4.00
Mark Hassler Evaluating Hermeneutical Principles Concerning... Mark A. Hassler $4.00
Craig Biehl - The Myth of Neutral Science: Why Good Scientists... Craig Biehl FREE
Jasmine of Damascus - Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Jasmine of Damascus $4.00
The Psychology and Implications of Atheism Psalm 10 in Living... Mark Farnham $4.00
Mark Farnham How Far Will We Go to Save Lives? The Medical... Mark Farnham $4.00
Alan Kurschner The Theological WordConcept Fallacy: James... Alan E. Kurschner $4.00
Christopher Bolt The Forgotten Spirit of Christological... Christopher Bolt FREE
Dickson Ngama Psalm 88: How is a Lament Inspired by the... Dickson Ngama FREE
A Call to Piety: A New Interpretation of The Judgment of... Neal Martin $4.00
Current Roman Catholic Perspectives on the Metaethics of... Kyle Smith $4.00
Dazzling Discoveries in Cell Biology Demolish Darwinism Merrill Cohen $4.00
Doug McCready Resistance and Rebellion in the Reformed... Doug McCready $4.00
God Is...: A Reformed Position and Response on the Simplicity... Austin Hess $4.00
Is the prophet like Moses a narrative theme within the gospel... Robert D. Anderson $4.00
Joshua Brownfield Dissenting Dissenters: Richard Baxter... Joshua Brownfield $4.00
Kevin Koslowsky Exclusivity and Ecumenicity: A Theological... Kevin Koslowsky $4.00
Reforming the Secular: Ecclesial Counterformations and Ordinary... Andrew Thrasher $4.00
Secular Man and the Revelation of God: Advancing the Line... Isaac Seo $4.00
Toby Hills-Credle - The Attributes of God in African-American... Toby Hills-Credle $4.00
The God Who Reveals: A Response to Schellenbergs Hiddenness... Dan Wiley $4.00
The Moral Obligation to Reflect Gods Beauty Christian Smith $4.00
The Relationship Between the Justification and Sanctification... Michael Christ $4.00
Walter Foster Land Tenure and Oppression in the Old Testament:... Walter Foster FREE
Walter Foster God the Farmer: The Role of Agriculture in... Walter Foster $4.00
Why Moses? ReEvaluating the Reference to Moses in Heb.... Timothy Bertolet $4.00
Exodus 32:10-14: The Day God Changed His Mind Or Did He?... Peter Ndaita $4.00
God Wills It: A Reading of the Pactum Salutis Toward a Deliberative... Nathan Sundt $4.00
Jeffrey Dickson The Spirit of the Apocalypse: Understanding... Jeffrey R. Dickson FREE
Jesus on Anger Revisited Again: The Text of Matt. 5:22 in... David Alan Black $4.00
-Plenary 01 - God's Simplicity: God Without Parts James Dolezal FREE
Does God Feel? God's Impassibility: Does God Have Passi... James Dolezal $4.00
Black Lives Matter Black America and the Evangelical Ch... Kelvin Washington $4.00
01b Plenary Respondents Adam Gregerman St. Josephs University... FREE
Angela Ney Evangelical Responses to the Shoah $4.00
Benjamin Davis The Theological Blueprint of Gods Creational... $4.00
Brian Wagner Differentiating the Gospel Sound Doctrine and... $4.00
C. Fred Smith The Gospel and Our CultureLeslie Newbigin... FREE
David Rathel Baptists and the Emerging Church Movement... FREE
DonahueMartins John Wesleys approach to Social Ethics...End... FREE
Eric Silverman How the Practical Effects of Agapic Love... FREE
Gaylen Leverett Sola ScripturaSome Musings of a Chastened... FREE
Mark Farnham Can a Postmodern Theology Claim Any More than... FREE
Michael Erickson In the Age of SameSex Marriage Evangelicalism... FREE
Michael Gorman Paul the Evangelical Ecumenical Interfaith... $4.00
Michael Metzger Coming To Terms With Exile FREE
Michael Stell The Ecumenism of the Marian DogmasA Consideration... FREE
Nate Shannon The Epistemology of Divine Conceptualism FREE
Nikolaus Breiner A Fork In The Road An Argument from Orthodox... FREE
Paul Wright The Pauline Vocabulary of New Testament Leadership... FREE
John Worgul Drifting Across the TiberA Theological Reflection... FREE
Jonathan Kaus Answering Gettier with Justified True Belief... FREE
Jonathan Watson Gender Role Reversal in Judges Authorial... FREE
Jacob Cerone The Use of grapho and its Compounds in Eus... FREE
Jennifer Bryson IntraFaith EngagementLessons from Muslims... FREE
Randy Newman Reports from the FrontConversion Narratives... FREE
Scott Brill An Evangelical Perspective on Francis and the... FREE
Sung Cho The Image of God in the Fallen Man and Evangelical... FREE
Todd Scacewater Augustines Hermeneutical Method in City... FREE
Troy Skora The Growth of Early Israel through Assimilation... FREE
Victor Jacobs The Doctrine of Perichoresis and the Frontiers... $4.00
Wesley Davey The Place of the LionCritical Engagement with... FREE
David Pak Missiological Perspective of Divine Administration... $3.00
Doug Taylor From Patristics to Postmodernity: Does a Message... $3.00
Eric J. Silverman Why We should Expect Paradise to be Progressive... $3.00
Joshua Brownfield John DeWitt: New School Presbyterian... $3.00
Ken Boer Tell the Coming Generation: Hymns in Family Wo... $3.00
Merrill A. Cohen and John L. Doane Pantheism in Science... $3.00
Victor Jacobs The Audience of 1 Peter A Reconsideratio... $3.00
Robert Talley The Ecclesiology of the Uneasy Fundamenta... $3.00
Ronnnie Campbell Confronting Evil The Church in the Power... $3.00
Alan Fuhr Determined Time Appropriate Time or Appointed... $4.00
Branson Woodard A Rhetoric of Paradoxes in Romans Occasions... $4.00
C. Gordon Olson How Mistranslation has Undermined Theology... $4.00
Chris Date The Hermeneutics of Conditionalism A Defense... $4.00
Dan Sloan Theme of Divine Preservation in Genesis $4.00
Doug Taylor A Cursory Examination of the Resurrection from... $4.00
Doug Taylor A Positive Case for the Primacy of an Evidential... $4.00
Greg Lamb Family as Mission A Biblical Theology of the... $4.00