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ETSe 2020 Regular Registration for the Evangelical Theological... Brandon J. O'Brien $40.00 $35.00
ETSe 2020 Student Registration for the Evangelical Theological... Brandon J. O'Brien $30.00
ETSe 2020 Vendor Registration for the Evangelical Theological... $125.00
ETSe 2017 Vendor Registration for the Evangelical Theological... $100.00
02 Plenary Gerald McDermott The Emerging Divide in Evangelical... Gerald McDermott $4.00
The Pistis Christou Debate and Pauline Theology Kevin McFadden $4.00
Quarles vs Pennington - Is the Sermon on the Mount Torah... Charles Quarles FREE
The Sermon on the Mount as the New Covenant Torah Charles Quarles $4.00
Gary Yates The Call for Faithful Services Leadershi pn... Gary E. Yates $4.00
David Baggett The History of the Moral Argument David Baggett FREE
Michael E. Erickson The New Evangelical Ecclesiology: Evolving... Michael E. Erickson $3.00
Michael Erickson Lving Your Neighbor Run Amuck Luthers... Michael E. Erickson $4.00
Michael Erickson The Apologetic Triple Constraint Human... Michael E. Erickson $4.00
Jillian L. Ross and Gary E. Yates Type-Casting Samson and... Jillian L. Ross FREE
Type-Casting Samson and His Family: The Rhetorical Aims... Jillian L. Ross $4.00
A. Chadwick Thornhill The Spirit Moves Where It Will: A... A. Chadwick Thornhill FREE
03b Plenary Apologetics at the Cross Josh Chatraw $4.00
02b Plenary Making Sense of the Different Apologetic M... Josh Chatraw $4.00
01 Plenary Exposing Evangelism as an Empty Politic: Where... David Fitch FREE
02 Plenary The Other Missional Conversation David Fitch FREE
01 Plenary Respondents and Discussion to David Fitch Exposing... Greg Carey FREE
Jeffrey Robinson Poor Apologetics Poverty and Apologetics... Jeffrey Robinson $4.00
Kevin King Reigious Freedom the Cornerstone of Life and... Kevin King $4.00
Ronnie Campbell The Time Lord and the LORD of Time: Popculture... Ronnie Campbell $4.00
John Johnson Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary... John E. Johnson $4.00
The Exalted King of Power and the Communion of Saints in... Justin McLendon $4.00
Mark Hassler Evaluating Hermeneutical Principles Concerning... Mark A. Hassler $4.00
Andy Thrasher Substantial Persons in Trinitarian Relat... $4.00
Brian Crawford Who Presided Over the Sanhedrin Rabbinic... $4.00
Christopher Date - Dismissive of Hell Fearful of Death:... $4.00
Doug Taylor A Twentieth Century Dying and Rising God? $4.00
Fred Smith The FactValues Dichotomy in Recent Apologetics... $4.00
Greg Lamb Living in Christ and Dying is Gain Pauls Reimagining... $4.00
Jeong Joen The Biblical Theology of the Five Solae $4.00
Joshua Brownfield Theodosia Alleine as Wife Teacher and... $4.00
Kevin Koslowsky One True Religion Exclusivity in Timothy... $4.00
Lewis Waha Natural Marriage as a Rawlsian Public Good $4.00
Martin Sheldon Fundamental Aspects of the Christian Worldview... $4.00
Matthew Joss Relation and Trinity: The Apologetic Implications... $4.00
Merrill Cohen and John Doane Spinozas Ghost in the Evangelical... $4.00
Ryan Boys The Discourse Use of the Imperfect in Ezekiels... $4.00
Timothy Bertolet When Does Christs Priesthood Begin $4.00
Victor Jacobs - Paul's Heavenly Language: An Exploratio... $4.00
Walter Davis Mans Capacity to Apprehend Aesthetics as Theistic... $4.00
Robert Talley The Importance of Historical Perspective... $4.00
Robert D. Anderson - Is “the prophet like Moses” (a narrative... $4.00
Daniel McConaughy Aphrahat on the Role of Holy Spirit in... FREE
Daniel Sloan The Signal of the LORD: Judgment and Restoration... FREE
Matisha Dentu The Sustaining Power of a Theology of Suffering:... FREE
Nathan Ridlehoover Making Sense of Matthew 6:197:12: Bringing... FREE
A Trinitarian Theology of Hell FREE
Taehyun Lee Reading Pauls Gospel Received through Apocalypse... FREE
The Eschatology of the Sermon on the Mount: When Shall the... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
The Eschatology of the Sermon on the Mount: When Shall... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
God's Aseity: Is your god worthy of worship? Gregg Strawbridge FREE
The Trinity and Apologetics: The Undeniability of Presuppositionalism... Gregg Strawbridge $4.00
The First Century Family - What Can We Validly Infer from... Gregg Strawbridge $4.00
Old Testament Visions of Ecclesiology: Are the Dispensationalists... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
Union with Christ Language in Paul from the Levitical S... Gregg Strawbridge $4.00
02 Plenary Respondents and Discussion to David Fitch Other... Gregg Strawbridge FREE
02b Plenary John Franke Respondent John R. Franke $3.00
02a Plenary Pete Enns Respondent Peter E. Enns $3.00
Gordon Olson Evangelical Engagement with Genesis and Ev... Gordon Olson FREE
C. Gordon Olson - How Mistranslation Undermines Christian... Gordon Olson $4.00
C. Gordon Olson - The Extreme Importance of Periphrastic... Gordon Olson $4.00
Is It Time to Stop Talking about Evangelicalism and Start... Mark Draper $4.00
The Apologetics of Joseph Butler and Albert Barnes Mark Draper $4.00
Freestyle Education Rethinking Theological Education in... Carl Sanders $4.00
David Huttar Justin Apologists Reading He Reigned From... David Huttar $4.00
Todd Mangum Protestants and Old Testament Theology Improving... Todd Mangum $4.00
Eric Redmond The Very Right of God The Meaning of Lukie... Eric C. Redmond $4.00
Ralph K. Hawkins The Spirit in the Reign of Saul Ralph K. Hawkins FREE
Benjamin Charles Shaw Historiography and the Historical... Benjamin Shaw $4.00
C. Donald Smedley Objective Pluralism A Response to the... C. Donald Smedley $4.00
Maurice Robinson Its All About the Variants Unless No... Maurice A. Robinson $4.00
George HancockStefan Learning from an Old Pluralistic ParadigmChristianMarxist... George HancockStefan $4.00
01 What Paul Shows Us about Cultural Engagement with Re... Darrell L Bock FREE
02 Other Key Texts on Cultural Engagement with Response... Darrell L Bock $4.00
03 How Would Jesus Vote - Do Your Political Positions Align... Darrell L Bock FREE
Logic and Apologetics (a presuppositional view) Jon Kaus $4.00
Stephen Fowl Theological Interpretation Historical Criticism... Stephen Fowl $4.00
Abidan Paul Shah Bats in the Belfry How the CBGM Destroys... Abidan Paul Shah $4.00
Benjamin Laird Marcion and the Early Canonical History... Benjamin Laird FREE
ETS 2018 - (USB) The Holy Spirit (over 700 mp3s) Craig Keener $550.00
The Pentecost and Redemptive History Jeong Koo Jeon $4.00
Jeong Koo Jeon Paul and the New Perspective on Paul Jeong Koo Jeon $4.00
John Ronning Seven Keys to the Interpretation of Genesis... John Ronning $4.00
John Ronning Understanding the Paraclete Title: Any Help... John Ronning FREE
The Sermon on the Mount as Wisdom Literature Jonathan T. Pennington $4.00
01 Plenary Protestant or Papist: The Necessity of Scriptures... K. Scott Oliphint $4.00
02a Plenary - The Anatomy of Unbelief (Rom. 1:18-32) K. Scott Oliphint $4.00
03a Plenary Apologetics in Action Paul at the Areopag... K. Scott Oliphint $4.00
Lamont Conyers Early Alphabet Northwest Semitic Inscriptions... Lamont T. Conyers $4.00
Mark Giacobbe They Wagged their Heads at Him The Embodiment... Mark S. Giacobbe $3.00
R. Todd Mangum Pluralism Falsehoods and the Lordship of... R. Todd Mangum $4.00
01 A Serious Call to Devout and Holy Dialogue Gerald McDermott FREE
Craig Biehl - The Myth of Neutral Science: Why Good Scientists... Craig Biehl FREE
Jasmine of Damascus - Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Jasmine of Damascus $4.00
The Psychology and Implications of Atheism Psalm 10 in Living... Mark Farnham $4.00
Mark Farnham How Far Will We Go to Save Lives? The Medical... Mark Farnham $4.00