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Christianity in the Early Centuries Complete recordings from the 57th Annual Meeting of The Evangelical Theological Society in Philadelphia, PA, featuring plenary speakers: Christopher Hall – What Evangelicals and Liberals Can Learn from the Church Fathers Nicholas Perrin – Thomas, the Fifth Gospel? D. Jeffrey Bingham – Development and Diversity in Early Christianity Craig Blaising - Presidential Address – Faithfulness: A Prescription for Theology Paul Trebilco – Gnostics in Asia Minor in the Early Second Century CE, Ignatius, and Others, as Witnesses against Bauer. This conference was held in November of 2005.

Nicholas Perrin Dr. Perrin is the Franklin S. Dyrness Professor of Biblical Studiest Wheaton College (Ph.D., Marquette University, M.Div., Covenant Theological Seminary, B.A., The Johns Hopkins University , 1986). His publications include: Publications and Presentations Lost in Transmission: What We Can Know and Not Know about the Words of Jesus (Nashville: Thomas Nelson: [Forthcoming December] 2007) Thomas:... read more
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-Plenary 01 What Evangelicals and Liberals Can...m the Church Fathers Christopher A. Hall
-Plenary 02 Thomas - the Fifth Gospel? Nicholas Perrin
-Plenary 03 Development and Diversity in Early Christianity D. Jeffrey Bingham
-Plenary 04 Faithfulness A Prescription for The...Presidential Address Craig Blaising
-Plenary 05 Gnostics in Asia Minor in the Early...nesses against Bauer Paul Trebilco
01 DUPLICATE The Question of Jesus Dissimilarit...ondent James DG Dunn James D.G. Dunn
01 The Question of Jesus Dissimilarity from Sec...ondent James DG Dunn James D.G. Dunn
02 DUPLICATE The Question of Jesus DG Dunn and panel James D.G. Dunn
02 The Question of Jesus Dissimilarity from DG Dunn and panel James D.G. Dunn
1 and 2 Kings and the Early Church Fathers Walter A. Maier
2 Corinthians 4:4: A Case for Yahweh as the God of This Age Donald E. Hartley
A Brief History of the Interpretation of the Bi...Bible Interpretation Larry W. Caldwell
A Comparison of a Paradigm Approach to Biblical...Principled Approach Walter C Kaiser Jr
A conflict over covenant or how sermons explain...tinomian Controversy Ronald N. Frost
A Consuming Fire: The Image of Fire in Cyril of Alexandrias Christiology Steven McKinion
A Defense of Paul the Prisoner: Internal Eviden...Early Date of Acts? Michael A. Salmeier
A Fire Unfolding Itself: Jonathan Edwardss Trin...Theology and Ethics William J. Danaher
A Goundhog Day Argument for the Compatibility o...d Creaturely Freedom Russell DiSilvestro
A Kingdom Perspective on Holy Spirit Baptism John Studebaker
A Lakatosian Philosophy of Science as Theological Method Doug Kennard
A Linguistic Reassessment of Some Areas of Greek Morphology B. Ward Powers
A OneSided Trinity in Early Western Theology: I...g Impact on Theology Norman R. Gulley
A Postconservative Evangelical Response to the Early Church Fathers Roger E. Olson
A Search for the Most Basic Meaning of the Biblical Law J. William Dorman
A Short and Easie method: Charles Leslie and th...Christian Orthodoxy John Mark Yeats
A Tedious Brief Scene of Humor Comedy and The Christian Faith Brian Larsen
A Test Case for an Inner and InterBiblical Inte...k Texts in the Bible Alan KamYau Chan
A Theology of the Lords Supper John Mark Hicks
A Theology of the Lords Supper Response by I Howard Marshall I. Howard Marshall
A Trinitarian Excursis of Theosis in Chrysostom and Wesley K. Steve McCormick
A Universal Flood 3000 BC David Livingston
A Whore and Her Scarlet Seven Trumpets Sounded...e Book of Revelation Warren Gage
Abiding in Christ yet Struggling with Sin: Purs...Spiritual Formation Peter K. Nelson
Abila of the Decapolis: An Exemplar of Byzantine Christianity Timothy C. Snow
Abrahams Heirs: The New Covenant as Theological...n Early Christianity Mark Saucy
Abuse and Male Leadership: Challenging Common Misconceptions Steve Tracy
Acts 1:5 Baptism of the Spirit as the Initiati...anding of the Phrase Kevin D. Zuber
Adam what are you? The Primeval History against...sopotamian Mythology Jens Bruun Kofoed
African Contribution to Early Christianity AD 1...orary Evangelicalism David Musa
After DNA: Native Americans Lamanites and New World Anthropology Joel Kramer
After Patriarchy What? Why Egalitarians are Win...elical Gender Debate Russell Moore
Against PraxeasHow far did Tertullian take the Doctrine of the Trinity? Harold Carl
All those going out of the gate of his city: Ha...slations Got It Yet? Andrew J. Schmutzer
An Analysis of the Words Sabbatati Sabatati and...e Historical Sources P. Gerard Damsteegt
An Analytical Overview of Chiliasm in the First Three Centuries Miche Maniquet
An Ecclesiological Assessment of the Emerging Church Movement John S. Hammett
An Ethical Evaluation of Modern Motivations and...getics in Evangelism Mark Liederbach
An Examination of Islamic Religious Pluralism f...erspective of Seyyed Page Brooks
An Open Door for the Gospel: Historical and Mis...ristian Missionaries Glen L. Thompson
And Now These Three Remain: Faith Hope and Love...1 Corinthians 13:13 Verlyn D. Verbrugge
Another Brick in the Argument of the Two Temple Cleansings Ranolph Richards
AntiSemitic or AntiJudaic? An Examination of Th...stament AntiSemitism Dennis M. Swanson
Apostolic Awareness of Authorial/Textual Intent...Citations in Romans R. D. Kunjummen
Are the spiritual disciplines of solitude and silence really biblical? Robert L Plummer
Are we Missing Augustines Rejection of War to Reduce Fear? Daniel R. Heimbach
Arius the Hero: Historical Fictions Were Ready to Believe Fred Sanders
As Free as Necessary The Pragmatics of a Translation Philosophy Douglas Moo
At Home in Our Body: The Implications of the Erik Thoennes
Athanasius Understanding of the Relationship be...eology and Scripture John Ashley Nixon
Athanasius use of Philippians 2:511 in Contra Arianos Marvin Jones
Augustine on Metaphysical Evil and Creation Ex Nihilo Edward Martin
Baptist Principles Reset: Rediscovering the Lif...Bell Jeter 18021880 Jeffrey T. Riddle
Basil the Ontological Trinity and the Physics of Light Bonnie Pattison
Beauty Goodness and Evil: When is Immorality in...nd Morally Justified James Spiegel
Benevolent Physicians in Late Antiquity: The Mu...eal of the Anargyroi Jerry Pattengale
Between Everlasting Damnation and Annihilation:...osis in Contemporary Ron Clouzet
Beyond Karma: Sin in Hinduism Winfried Corduan
Beyond the Word LevelUsing Tagged Databases in...Syntax and Discourse David Woodall
Biblical Ethics in Multicultural Societies Crea...Laws for Sojourners Gordon Wenham
Biblical Leadership Metaphors and Contemporary Management Theory Kenneth C Harper
Blessings Not Just for the Ones Who Kneel Glenn R. Kreider
Bodily Resurrection: Christian Understandings from AnteNicene Alexandria J Robert Douglass
Breaking with Cyprians Paradigm: Evangelicals E...ions of Church Unity George W. Harper
But the remnant were hardened Rom 11:7 Matthew A. Eby
Call the Sabbath a Delight: Jonathan Edwards on...n the Christian Life Robert Caldwell
Calvinism in the Hands of a NotSoAngry Jonathan Edwards Donald J. Westblade
Can John Howard Yoders Ethics Embrace the entir...tament as Scripture? Paul J. Kissling
Can Littles CreationOrder or Theodicy Be Reconc...dual Predestination? Kirk R. MacGregor
Capital Punishment in the Ancient Near East Stephen R. Miller
Charlatans Exorcists and Magicians: The Challen...FirstCentury Church William A. Simmons
Chiasm and its Christological Implication in Heb. 1:114 Victor Rhee
Chiliasm and Early Christianity: The Background...pment and Opposition Dale A. Brueggemann
Christ and Imputation in the Writings of John Calvin Kevin D. Kennedy
Christian Zionism: RoadMap to Armageddon? Stephen Sizer
Christianity in the Early Centuries and Its Glo...heophilus of Antioch Samuel M. Frost
Christianity Knowledge and Eschatology: How Chr...e Intellectual Quest Brad Green
Christianitys Shaky Foundation: Why Isaiah 28:1...a Messianic Prophecy Richard Schultz
Christlikeness: Spiritual Formation through Character Development William E. Goff
Christology as a Test of Orthodoxy: Ignatius of...ounters the Docetism Ron Provencher
Chronology as Testimony to Inerrancy Rodger C. Young
Clement of Alexandria A Model for Integrating Philosophy with Apologetics Gary Elkins
Conceptions of the Afterlife in Romans: Resurrection Life and Glory Preston Sprinkle
Coworkers with God 1 Cor. 3:9 Douglas W. Geringer
Culture Hermenutics and Theological Interpretation Elizabeth Y. Sung
David and Goliath a Story of Place: The Narrati...aping of 1 Samuel 17 John A. Beck
David Hume and a Cumulative Case Argument Doug Geivett
Death Together: Dying With Christ and Human Ren...Dietrich Bonhoeffer Joel D. Lawrence
Decent and in Order: The Pagan Stigmatization o...nst the New Prophecy Brandon Walker
Decently and in Order: Definitions and the Early Church Gary S. Shogren
Demonic Possession in the New Testament the Ear...limpses of the Devil Samuel Lamerson