Dr. Nicholas Perrin

Dr. Nicholas  Perrin

Dr. Perrin is the Franklin S. Dyrness Professor of Biblical Studiest Wheaton College (Ph.D., Marquette University, M.Div., Covenant Theological Seminary, B.A., The Johns Hopkins University , 1986). His publications include:
Publications and Presentations

Lost in Transmission: What We Can Know and Not Know about the Words of Jesus (Nashville: Thomas Nelson: [Forthcoming December] 2007)

Thomas: The Other Gospel (London, SPCK; Louisville, KY: Westminister John Knox: 2007).

The Judas Gospel (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2006)

Questioning Q (Mark Goodacre and Nicholas Perrin, eds.; Downers Grove , Ill. : InterVarsity; London : SPCK, 2004).

Thomas and Tatian: The Relationship between the Gospel of Thomas and the Diatessaron (Academia Biblica 5; Atlanta : Society of Biblical Literature; Leiden : Brill, 2002).

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ETS 2005 - Christianity in the Early Centuries (over 480 mp3s) 535 $300.00 $49.97

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