The Gospel of Judas

The Gospel of Judas
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National Geographic's recent publication of the "Lost Gospel of Judas" made sensational headlines as a challenge to the Biblical Jesus story. Like Dan Brown’s, pulp fiction, The Da Vinci Code, this ancient text is used to paint a counter-Church view of Christianity. “This is big. A lot of people are going to be upset,” says UNC professor and author of Lost Sciptures, Dr. Bart Ehrman. Dr. Elaine Pagels of Princeton University, and Gnostic fame, writes, "For nearly 2,000 years, most people assumed that the only sources of tradition about Jesus and his disciples were the four gospels in the New Testament. But the unexpected discovery at Nag Hammadi in 1945 of more than 50 ancient Christian texts proved what church fathers said long ago: that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are only a small selection of gospels from among the dozens that circulated among early Christian groups. But now the Gospel of Judas — like the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and many others — opens up new perspectives on familiar gospel stories." Nicholas Perrin provides a top shelf talk on the Gospel of Judas, which is both expository and apologetic against the current climate of conspirators against orthodoxy. Dr. Perrin is a professor of New Testament at Wheaton College and has served for several years as a research fellow for Dr. N.T. Wright.
Nicholas Perrin Dr. Perrin is the Franklin S. Dyrness Professor of Biblical Studiest Wheaton College (Ph.D., Marquette University, M.Div., Covenant Theological Seminary, B.A., The Johns Hopkins University , 1986). His publications include: Publications and Presentations Lost in Transmission: What We Can Know and Not Know about the Words of Jesus (Nashville: Thomas Nelson: [Forthcoming December] 2007) Thomas:... read more

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