Breaking the Da Vinci Code (with reference to the Gospel of Judas)

Breaking the Da Vinci Code (with reference to the Gospel of Judas)
Topic: DaVinci Code
Organization: Bill Wilder
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A more recent lecture of similar content of item #8332 [Breaking the Da Vinci Code] with reference to the Gospel of Judas and the coming Da Vinci Code film - In this lecture Bill Wilder discusses such "Da Vinci codes" as Leonardo's Vitruvian Man, Mona Lisa, and Last Supper. Evidence for the Priory of Sion is also considered, with special attention to the role of Les Dossiers Secrets and the historical Knights Templar. Finally, the relationship of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is evaluated on the basis of such documents as the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and the Synoptic Gospels, with a concluding assessment of the very different understandings of the significance of Jesus in Dan Brown and the canonical Gospels.
Bill Wilder Bill Wilder received an undergraduate degree in English and German from Guilford College and an M.Div. degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He completed his Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. He is the author of Echoes of the Exodus Narrative in the Context and Background of Galatians 5:18 (Peter Lang, 2001).... read more

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