Kirk R. MacGregor

Kirk R. MacGregor served as a presenter at the Evangelical Theological Society Meeting, 'Christ in All Scripture' (San Diego, 11/20-22/2019), addressing the Section, Evangelical Philosophical Society C1 - and is affiliated with McPherson College.

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Molinism, Apologetics, and Music  
Why Did the Resurrected Jesus Upbraid Thomas?  
The Holy Spirit as God the Evangelist in Latin American Pneumatology  
In Defense of Molina's Doctrine of Supercomprehension  
Obedience in the Ancient Church and NonViolence  
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The Theology of Joan Bocher, The First Native-Born Anabaptist Martyr in England  
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Kirk R. MacGregor - Luis de Molina's Doctrine of Predestination  
John 14:6 in its ReligioHistorical Context  
Pilgram Marpecks Doctrine of Justification  
1 Corinthians 11:116 A Prohibition of Homosexuality  
Kirk R. MacGregor Inerrancy, Church Discipline, and the Mennonite-Amish Split  
The Word-Faith Threat to the Substance and Popular Perception of Evangelicalism