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Over 370 talks from the 2008 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, the 60th Annual Meeting, held in Providence, Rhode Island. The theme was Text and Canon. Plenary Speakers: Peter J. Gentry (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), Daniel B. Wallace (Dallas Theological Seminary), Charles E. Hill (Reformed Theological Seminary), and Stephen Dempster (Atlantic Baptist Theological Seminary).

Daniel Wallace Dan is Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (has taught there for more than 32 years) and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts. He earned a B.A. at Biola University (1975) with a major in biblical studies and minor in Greek; graduated magna cum laude from Dallas Seminary with a ThM degree (1979), with the equivalent... read more
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1 Corinthians 11:116 A Prohibition of Homosexuality Kirk R. MacGregor
1 Timothy 3:16 and the Descent and Ascent of Christ
A Biblical Critique: Philip Pullmans The Golden...ns Primer In Atheism
A Biblical Panorama of Christs Saving Work Robert A. Peterson
A Biblical Theology for Christian Counseling
A Blow to the Root: Wesleys Doctrine of Scriptu...odern Interpretation
A Canonical Approach to Just War Theory John McMath
A Christology of Mediation: John Chrysostoms Vi...y Ministry of Christ Ashish J. Naidu
A Common Word: Is It Adequate for MuslimChristian Cooperation?
A Critique of the Framework Interpretation of the Creation Week
A Deconstructive Reading on the Theology of the...ltmann and J. Caputo
A Fountain for the Forgiveness of Sins: The Fun...Testament in John 19
A History of Deponency in Koine Greek
A Long Obedience in Some Strange Directions: On...ns Year with Ezekiel Jason Poling
A Ministry Context Based Approach to Exegesis
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Exegesis Stanley E. Porter
A New Blueprint for Christian Political Involvement Wayne Grudem
A New Perspective on James 2:1426
A Pentecostal Perspective on InerrancyChurch of...eveland: A Test Case
A Reassessment of the Use of VariantUnits in Ne...tions and Boundaries Andrew W. Pitts
A Response to David Baggetts Moral Critique of Unconditional Election
A Study on Covenant Theology and the Westminste...or the Korean Church
A Survey of TextCritical Issues in the Book of Acts Douglas S. Huffman
A Theology of Sexual Abuse: Embodiment Community and Healing Andrew J. Schmutzer
A Trinitarian Crucifixion: The Holy Spirit and Substitutionary Atonement Rustin J. Umstattd
Acts 2 and the Old Testament: The Pentecost Eve...the Table of Nations Carl Judson Davis
Aesthetic Developments in Psalms 22-24: A New A...n of Selected Psalms
After InerrancyWhat? The Wesleyan Theological Journal 1978 2005 Gareth Lee Cockerill
Agent Causation Reasons and Empirical Data
An Articulation Validation and Application of M...Approach to Exegesis
An Evangelical Assessment of and Response to th...erican Protestantism
An Old Look at the New Heavens and New Earth
An Overview and Assessment of Adrian van Kaams Formative Spirituality
Analytic Theology: A Critical Appraisal
Anchored in Jehovah: Trinitarian Soteriology as the Ground of Assurance Fred Sanders
Ancient Near Eastern Physicians: The Embalming of Patriarchs
Ancient Near Eastern Prophetism: Were Israels Prophets Unique?
Archaeology and Pop Culture: TV Documentaries Films and Animated Series
Assumptions Interpretive Systems and Conclusion...easoning in Circles?
Augustines Trinitarian Reading of John 5: A Mod...tation of Scripture? Keith E. Johnson
Authenticity of the Distinctively Byzantine Shorter Reading
Background on the Composition of Psalm 144 in L...trategic Arrangement Jinkyu Kim
Baptists Calvinists Ecumenists Timothy George
Believers Relation to the Law: Not Obligation but Fulfillment
Biblical Worship Environments Which Recapitulate Edenic Symbols Gregg Strawbridge
Building Up the Faith: Galatians 2:1718 in Context John W. Taylor
C. S. Lewis's Critique of Humes Of Miracles Robert Larmer
C. S. Lewis's PseudoManichean Dualist Phase Adam Barkman
Calvinism Missions: The Contested Relationship Revisited
Calvins Use of the Rhetoric of Gods Accommodat...mmentary on Psalm 78
Can a Good Creation Be Bad and Good at the Same Time?
Canon as Tradition: The New Covenant and the Hermeneutical Question
Canonical Approaches to Old Testament Theology...rder of the Kethubim Paul J. Kissling
Canonicity in Islam and Evangelicalism James R. Mook
Canons Copies Communities and Conflicts: The Te...and Third Centuries
Carl Henry on Neoorthodoxy: A Mid Twentieth Century Evangelical Critique Mark B. Chapman
Characteristics of False Believers in the New Testament Joseph K. Pak
Characterization and the Historical Jesus: Herod Antipas and His Impact
Christ on Patmos: John's Pleromatic Vision of Revelation 1:9-20 Warren Gage
ChristCentered SpiritDriven MissionMinded: The Moravian Missions Strategy
Cities of God in Northern Asia Minor: Can Rodne...Peters Communities? Mark Wilson
Compatibalism Wantons and the Natural Consequences Model of Hell
Contemporary Claims on Ancient Historiography a...for Acts Is Better? Darrell L Bock
Counseling through the Lens of Scripture: Updating the Conversation David Powlison
Counseling through the Lens of Scripture: Updating the Conversation David Powlison
Covenant and Command: Works Faithfulness and the New Covenant
Cracks in the Foundation: Ominous Signs in the David Narrative
Created to Play: Thoughts on Play Sport and the Christian Life Erik Thoennes
Creation Is a Project: A Canonical View of the Garden Carl Sanders
Culture Community and the Gospel: Theological...Outreach to Muslims
Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling Part 1
Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling Part 2
Daniel 4:24 Eng. 4:27 in Context
Dead to the Law in Romans
Debate over Justification by Faith: Evangelicals Catholics Norman R. Gulley
Deep Preaching
Demarcating Biblical Justice: Can Hamartiology...a Textual Discrimen? Ondrej Hron
Designs and Designers: Increasing Objectivity i...ligent Design Theory
Determining the Date of Acts and Its Relation to the Rise of Paulinism Stanley E. Porter
Deuteronomy 24:14 in the Context of Ancient Near Eastern Law
Did the Gospel of Matthew Use an Early Form of the Didache as a Source?
Discarnate Humanity in the Age of Electronic Me...iblical Anthropology
Distinctive Epithets for God in John 17 Judith A. Diehl
Divine Deliberation or Lack Thereof
Divining the Divine: Approaches in Theological Method John W. Shouse
Does 2 Timothy 3:16 Contain a Chiasm? Leslie Robert Keylock
Does Paul Seek to Subvert Rome or Ignore Rome? Joel White
Does the Bible Teach Authority Roles in the Ont...eological Assessment Gerry Breshears
Early Antecedents for Augustines Legacy on the Biblical Canon David C. Alexander
Early Wesleyans and Their View of Scripture: Ri...tson and Adam Clarke Daryl McCarthy
Ed Martin - Kant Morality and Teleology: Can We...s to Purposefulness?
Edwardss Freedom of the Will and Aretegenic Theology
Egalitarians: A New Path to Liberalism or Integral to Evangelicals DNA? Mimi Haddad
Elders and Explosive Emotions: Lexical Studies...of Disqualifications John C. Wecks
English Devotional Poetry in Praise of Christ Donald T. Williams
ERT (1) - Evangelicals and Reformers Together (...ton, Hart, Leithart) Michael S. Horton
ERT (2) - Evangelicals and Reformers Together (...ton, Hart, Leithart) Michael S. Horton
Evangelical Methodism in Religion and Culture S...fer to Evangelicals? Robert F. Lay
Evangelicals and Empire: A European Evangelical Perspective
Evangelicals and Empire: An Overview