Mark Wilson

A speaker for the 2022 National meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society

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Paul's Arrival in Italy: Why Puteoli and not Ostia? 11/15/2022
Philip and the Nubian Eunuch: Dimensions of Text, Geography, and Material Culture...  
Luke for Landlubbers: The Translation and Interpretation of HUPOPLEO in Acts 27  
John and the Government: Did He Advocate Political Subversion?  
Paul's Mission to the Latin West: How the Vicarello Cups Might Illuminate his Jo...  
Early Church and Islam  
And So We Came to Rome: From Malta to Sinuessa  
The Spirit in Revelation: Explorations in Imagery and Metaphor  
Why Derbe? An Unlikely City for Paul's Ministry  
A Spring of Living Water: Metaphors for Spirit in the Fourth Gospel and Revelati...  
Paul Ephesus and the Corinthians: Portrait of a TransAegean  
Mark Wilson - The Churches in Revelation  
Whom Does John's Audience Love: Jesus or Caesar?  
Mark Wilson - Paul's Missionary Journeys in 3D - Recalculating his Travels in Asia...  
Mark Wilson - Hilasterion and Imperial Rhetoric - A Possible New Reading of Romans...  
Mark Wilson - The Destination of Paul's First Journey - Asia Minor or Africa?  
John of Ephesus: A Case of Multiple Persons Identification Disorder?  
Cities of God in Northern Asia Minor: Can Rodney Starks Social Theories Aid in the...  
Mark Wilson - The Route of Paul's Second Journey: Can Localizing his Itinerary in...  
The Archaeology and Sociology of the Fora Agorai of Smyrna, Ephesus, and Miletus