C. S. Lewis's PseudoManichean Dualist Phase

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Topic: Canon
Organization: ETS National
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From the 2008 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, the 60th Annual Meeting, held in Providence, Rhode Island. The theme was Text and Canon. Plenary Speakers: Peter J. Gentry (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), Daniel B. Wallace (Dallas Theological Seminary), Charles E. Hill (Reformed Theological Seminary), and Stephen Dempster (Atlantic Baptist Theological Seminary).

Adam Barkman Dr. Adam Barkman is Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Redeemer University. He holds the following degrees: Ph.D. (2009), Philosophy, Free University of Amsterdam M.A. (2002), English Literature, University of Toronto Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (2002), Cambridge University Honours B.A. (2001),... read more

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