Complete Digital Library of ETS presentations (2004-2020) (8920 mp3s)

Complete Digital Library of ETS presentations (2004-2020) (8920 mp3s)
Organization: ETS National
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ETS COMPLETE DIGITAL LIBRARY Updated witht the 2020 national virtual conference recordings; Updated with the 2021 ETS Eastern Region conference, Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes (23 talks) Brandon J. O'Brien . The Complete Library contains current collections (and will contain future conferences). The set contains each year's conference program, plenary sessions noted, and sessions named as the file name, with searchable tags with speakers, years, locations, and titles! This product includes all previous conferences available via digital recordings (since 2004), as well as a few selected sessions prior to 2004. See more here - ETS Collection.

This collection includes over 75.5 GB with over 8900 files. Rather than download all of them, we recommend using the search engine on the website and downloading each one/streaming as you desire to listen. They will always be available to download/stream  as often as you need. Or, if you use the zip file option, you will see that each file is collected within a specific directory of each year.

On request, the programs and a complete list is available as a zip file which includes each year's program (PDF), as well as spreadsheet (Excel) naming each file and providing speaker, as well as conference information.

Each year, the purchaser of the Library Subscription of the Complete ETS Recordings (USB) will receive the opportunity to purchase a new drive (which includes the latest recordings at a discount).

The owner of the Library Subscription may make this available in their library for students to copy the audio files or listen to them without restriction. However, users may not post the material elsewhere or seek to sell it without written permission. They may make copies for their personal use only.

This complete recordings of the latest conference will ship no later than two weeks after the conference (12/6/2019).


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""01 Plenary - Finding Christ in the Old Testament Gregory K. Beale
""01 PLENARY Scriptural Inerrancy: The Witness of Andrew Fuller Michael Haykin
""02 Plenary - Mark Bailey - Dallas Theological Seminary Breakfast Mark Bailey
""02 PLENARY The Spirit and Mission Craig Keener
""03 Plenary - Jesus Messiah as Isaiah's Servan...stament Explorations Jeannine K. Brown
""03 Plenary In Defense of Penal Substitution William Lane Craig
""04 Plenary - How Christian Philosophers can S...nd Biblical Scholars J. P. Moreland
""04 PLENARY Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and...atology in Dogmatics Michael S. Horton
""05 Plenary Presidential - 2 Peter 3:2, the Ap...Bi-Covenantal Canon Michael J. Kruger
""06 Plenary - From Alpha to Omega: A Biblical-...od the Son Incarnate Stephen J. Wellum
""Plenary EPS - The Character Gap (OUP, 2019) Christian B Miller
""Plenary I - The Authority and Function of the Quran in Islam Ayman Ibrahim
""Plenary II - Through the Prism - The Trinity...slamic Metanarrative Timothy C. Tennet
""Plenary III - American Christians and Islam -...the Post-911 World. Thomas S. Kidd
""Plenary Presidential - A Mind for the Body Craig Keener
"-Plenary 1" Shock and Awe: The Reformers and Joy of Romans 1-8 Gwenfair Walters Adams
"-Plenary 2" - Timothy George - Where Are the N...Devil and Dr. Luther Timothy George
"-Plenary 3" John Calvin's Doctrine of the Christian Life Scott Manetsch
"-Plenary 4" C. Stephen Evans - Why Reformation...ristian Philosophers Stephen Evans
"-Plenary 5" Revelatory Gifts of the Spirit and...matics Evangelicals? Sam Storms
"‘In Ordinary Speech': Gregory of Elvira's Christological Preaching" Richard A. Brumback-III
"A Husband of One Wife" (1 Tim 3:2, 12; Titus 1:6): What Does It Mean? David H. Warren
"A Mixed Multitude": Gentiles in the Messianic Movement Hélène Dallaire
"Abraham Rejoiced to See My Day and Saw It": Jesus' Take on Theophanies Randy Rheaume
"All whom the Father gives me" (John 6:37): Ele...n the Gospel of John Murray Smith
"Ayer" The Past State of Hispanic Theological E...US and Latin America M. Daniel Carroll R.
"Burn it to Ashes!" Gospel Justice for the Poor in Luther's 95 Theses Greg Forster
"Can We Believe in Creation and Evolution?" – Research Project James K. Hoffmeier
"Christ Voluntarily Subjected Himself to the Cr...dwards on John 10:18 Glenn R. Kreider
"Cognitive Coupling:" A Hermeneutic for Interpr...enomenon (hendiadys) Kyle D. Rapinchuk
"Draw Near": Worship in Hebrews David Allen
"Ecclesiam Catholicam:" The Historical—and Bibl...the Apostles' Creed Bryan Litfin
"Egypt my people . . . and Israel my inheritanc...of Isaiah and Beyond Daniel Timmer
"Every Day a Day of Humility": Examining Humili...Spiritual Formation Coleman M. Ford
"For You Are Our Father": Abraham Traditions in the Book of Isaiah Benjamin M. Smith
"Formally, it is noe worship:" Marriage, Nature...-Reformation England Andrew J. Martin
"Giving Sustenance to the Sons of God": Martin...for Economic Justice Bradford Littlejohn
"Go and do likewise," A Minority-Biblical Interpretation of Luke 10:25–37 Mario Melendez
"Happy in His Doing": The Macarisms and Message of James 1 Kenneth Trax
"He Did What Was Right in the Sight of Yahweh":...praisals of Hezekiah Paul S. Evans
"He labors because he believes": Faith and Rede...Cyprian of Carthage Brian J. Arnold
"Hoy" The Present State of Hispanic Theological...US and Latin America Juan Martinez
"I Will Write It on Their Hearts:" The Decalogue in Jeremiah E. Coye Still IV
"In Christ" in Paul - Exploring the Land Promised Richard Shenk
"In You Our Ancestors Put Their Trust": Psalm 2...hrist" in Romans 1–4 Matthew Monkemeier
"Jesus Was Found Alone": Luke's Remnant Christo...arrative (Luke 9:28) Jeremy D. Otten
"John the Baptist": The Denominational Convicti...John Albert Broadus H. Jared Bumpers
"Just as He Wills": The Volitional Activity in I Cor. 12:7-11 Eric Oldenburg
"Lent It Go": The Liturgical Calendar and Low-Church Tradition Matthew Westerholm
"Love Is Life": Raymond Lull and the Franciscan Mission to Muslims Rex D. Butler
"Mañana" The Future of Hispanic Theological Edu...US and Latin America Octavio Esqueda
"Messenger of the covenant" in Malachi 3:1: John or Jesus? E. Ray Clendenen
"Migration" and its Effect on Hispanic Theological Education Miguel Echevarria
"Mother Knows Best:" The Maternal Turn in Ameri...t Nurture, 1820-1860 David Setran
"No Other Name": A Biblical Theology of Preaching in Acts Jared Bumpers
"Nobles and Barons of the Court of Heaven": The...of Jonathan Edwards Dustin W. Benge
"Noli Me Tangere" - Why John Meier Won't Touch the Risen Lord William Lane Craig
"Not the same God": Alexander Carson (1776-1844...nitarian Controversy Ian Hugh Clary
"Now, sir, who is ‘ignorant?'" Epistolary Frays...r and William Vidler Chris Chun
"Offspring like the Sands": Abraham's Offspring in the Book of Isaiah Benjamin M. Smith
"Persons" Divine and Human: The Concept of Pers...ond Nicaea for Today J. Scott Horrell
"Proskuneo?" Embodied Worship in Contemporary W...Adventism, and Islam David Williams
"Punish them, Lord"/"Father, forgive them": Chr...ulation of the Canon Stephen Dempster
"Punish them, Lord"/"Father, forgive them": Chr...ulation of the Canon Eric Johnson
"Read This Law" (Deut 31:11): Early Torah Spirituality Dave Deuel
"Remedies for Afflicted Saints": Puritan Pastor...Biblical Counseling" Greg Salazar
"Savior of All People": Distinguishing Universa...he Pastoral Epistles Brian H. Tung
"Sharing Christ's Zeal for His House": John Jew...tation of Psalm 69:9 Andre A. Gazal
"Sharing in the Sufferings of Christ": A Plenar...ive in 1 Peter 4:13? Markus Klausli
"Signs and Wonders": Echoes of Deuteronomy in t...peeches of Acts 1-15 Donny R. Mathis-II
"That You May Do Them": Legal Motive Clauses an...on in Ancient Israel James M. Todd III
"The Boundaries of Our Habitation": Why We Need Nations Richard J Mouw
"The Crown Is Fallen from Our Head": The Critic...ism of Samuel Miller Paul Kjoss Helseth
"The Elegancy of the Holy Ghost": The Holy Spir...Puritan Plain Style Nathan Tarr
"The Heresie of This Evil Person and Grand Here...-century Christology Jonathan W. Arnold
"The most pleasing color:" Jonathan Edwards on the Typology of Green Michael Haykin
"The Scope of the Whole Bible is Christ": A Pur...Christian Intuition Andrew Ballitch
"The Son of God Appeared to Prophets and Patria...ew of Christophanies Rex D. Butler
"The Spirit that Loveth Unanimity": Lancelot An...e of the Holy Spirit Andre A. Gazal
"To Toke or Not to Toke? Pot is the Question":...ational Cannabis Use Guenther Gene Haas
"To which of the angels did God ever say?": Fil...c Polemic in Heb 1–2 Shawn J. Wilhite
"Visibly Wicked Persons Ought Not to Be Tolerat...and Excommunication Glenn R. Kreider
"We" Language and Pauline Authorship Kevin L. Moore
"When they know only or chiefly its language, n...horn and Socinianism Baiyu Andrew Song
"Who Shall Go Up First?": Inner-Biblical Interp...e Prologue of Judges Bryan M Murawski
"Yeshua" as Kingdom: A Three Fold Literary Pilg...ok II of the Psalter Jerod A. Gilcher
"You Incited Me To Destroy Him Without Cause" to Being Unjust? William C Pohl
"You shall surely die." Reading Genesis 2:17 as...nd Blessing Formula. Pierre Gilbert
#Metoo and Evangelicalism: Shattering Myths about Sexual Abuse and Power Steven R. Tracy
'Be quick to hear, slow to speak': Exploring th...Philosophical Virtue Danny McDonald
'Jesus and Paul' according to Luke Steve Walton
'The Lord and Giver of Life': The Holy Spirit's Presence in Creation Daniel L. Hill
(Hyper)Enduring to the End: A Block Universe Ar...a Hypertime Solution Patrick Brown
(Mis)Naming God in Second-Century Christian Polemics Christopher A. Graham
(Panel Discussion 1) - Pauline Studies (invited): Paul and the Law Thomas Schreiner
(Response to) - Why a Denial of the Son's Etern...rinity and the Bible Wayne Grudem
- PLENARY - Becoming a Refuge - Sex Trafficking and the People of God Myrto Theocharous
--ETS 2009 Conference Program (PDF) 01
--ETS 2009 Conference Program (PDF) 02
-Evangelical Trinitarianism and the Unity of the Theological Disciplines Fred Sanders