Evangelical Philosophers and Apologists Collection (over 140 mp3s)

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The most important Evangelical philosphers of our time in digital audio. An amazing collection covering a wide range of philosophical and apologetical topics.

J.P. Moreland J.P. Moreland is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University in La Mirada, California. He holds the following degrees: a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Missouri, a Th.M. in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, an M. A. in philosophy from the University of California-Riverside, and a Ph.D. in philosophy... read more
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""03 Plenary In Defense of Penal Substitution William Lane Craig
"Noli Me Tangere" - Why John Meier Won't Touch the Risen Lord William Lane Craig
-PLENARY 3 Truth and Contemporary Philosophy J.P. Moreland
01 Aquinas First Principles Norman Geisler
01 Case for a Theistic Universe Norman Geisler
01 Plenary Protestant or Papist: The Necessity...Self-Authentication K. Scott Oliphint
02 Aquinas First Principles Norman Geisler
02 Case for a Theistic Universe Norman Geisler
02a Plenary - The Anatomy of Unbelief (Rom. 1:18-32) K. Scott Oliphint
02b Plenary Making Sense of the Different Apologetic Maps Josh Chatraw
03a Plenary Apologetics in Action Paul at the Areopagus K. Scott Oliphint
03b Plenary Apologetics at the Cross Josh Chatraw
16 Van Til's Critics GB1827 Greg L. Bahnsen
A Conceptualist Argument for Substance Dualism J.P. Moreland
A Critique of Tim Bayne's Account of the Unity of Consciousness J.P. Moreland
A Last-Resort Argument for God from Evil Paul Copan
A Molinist Account of Providence: A Second Look William Lane Craig
A New Argument Against Materialism Alvin Plantinga
Alvin Plantinga and the Free Will Defense Tradition Timothy Yoder
An Epistemology of Faith: The Role of Belief in Knowing Tim Yoder
Angus Menuge - Christian Physicalism and the Knowledge of God Angus Menuge
Angus Menuge - Creativity and the Information Problem Angus Menuge
Angus Menuge Information and the Mind Body Problem Angus Menuge
Apologetics and the Areopagus: Stoic and Epicur...'s Speech in Acts 17 Timothy Yoder
Belief Behavior and the Necessary Conditions for Salvation James S. Spiegel
Bioethics Substance Dualism and the Argument from Self-Awareness J.P. Moreland
Bioethics Substance Dualism and the Argument from Self-Awareness J.P. Moreland
Bock, Breshears, Wilcox, Menuge, Shah, Forster...of Religious Liberty Angus Menuge
Cognitive Therapy and Personal Suffering: Treating Our Worst Pain Gary Habermas
Compatibilism and the Sinlessness of the Redeemed In Heaven Steve Cowan
Contemporary Muslim Apologetics and the Resurrection of Christ Gary Habermas
Copernican Revolution Van Til Greg L. Bahnsen
Craig Biehl - The Myth of Neutral Science: Why...Unscientific Things Craig Biehl
Creation Out of Nothing A Philosophical and Scientific Exploration William Lane Craig
Creation Out of Nothing: A Biblical and Extrabiblical Exploration Paul Copan
Creation Out of Nothing: A Philosophical and Scientific Exploration William Lane Craig
Cruelty or Authority: The Moral Status of Jesus...he Gadarene Demoniac Paul Copan
David Hume and a Cumulative Case Argument Doug Geivett
David Huttar Justin Apologists Reading He Reigned From the Tree David Huttar
Debate - Bahnsen vs Feinberg on Theonomy and the Law of God Paul D. Feinberg
Deconversion: Why People Leave the Christian Faith--and (Re)turn to It Paul Copan
Does True Beauty Suffer? Implications for Theodicy Timothy Yoder
Eleonore Stump's Critique of Reformation Penal...n Atonement Theories William Lane Craig
Evangelical Philosophical Society Plenary Session Paul Copan
Every Believer Confident: Apologetics for (1 Peter 3:15-16) Mark Farnham
Evidenced Near-Death Experiences Revisited: The...hallenges Naturalism Gary Habermas
Gary Habermas - Building on the Foundations of...nor of John Feinberg Gary Habermas
Gary R. Habermas - Agnostic Historical Jesus Sc...he Jesus' Mythicists Gary Habermas
Gary R. Habermas - Nineteenth Century German Li...Resurrection Theory Gary Habermas
Gary R. Habermas - The Empty Tomb of Jesus Revi...ents for Historicity Gary Habermas
Geisler on Plantinga Transcendental Arguments and Charles Hodge Norman Geisler
God as the Best Explanation of the Evidence (an...Help Support Theism) Paul Copan
Good Knowers Why Personal Virtue Is a and Understanding James S. Spiegel
Graham Oppy on Infinity in the Kalam Cosmological Argument William Lane Craig
Graham Oppy on the Argument from Consciousness J.P. Moreland
Has the Tide Turned? Mapping the Recent Trends...t Critical Positions Gary Habermas
How Evangelical Became Overcomitted to the Bible J.P. Moreland
How Far Will We Go to Save Lives? The Medical E...rgan Transplantation Mark Farnham
Human Flourishing and the Myth of Religious Neutrality Angus Menuge
In Defense of Old Testament Warfare: An Assessm...n of the Warrior God Paul Copan
Is It Plausible to Argue for Supernatural Causa...e Synoptic Miracles? Gary Habermas
Is Thinking Matter Conceivable? Angus Menuge
Is Uncertainty a Sound Foundation for Religious Tolerance William Lane Craig
Is Uncertainty a Sound Foundation for Religious Tolerance? William Lane Craig
Is Yahweh a Moral Monster? Paul Copan
IView - Apologetics - Gary Habermas, Steve Cowan, Douglas Geivett Gary Habermas
IView - Interview with Sye Ten Bruggencate (Presuppositional Apologetics) Sye Ten Bruggencate
James S. Spiegel - Immaterialism as Handmaid: H...s Christian Theology James S. Spiegel
James S. Spiegel - It's the Wrath of God - Ref...Divine Chastisement James S. Spiegel
James S. Spiegel Personal Open-mindedness as a Christian Virtue James S. Spiegel
Jasmine of Damascus - Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Jasmine of Damascus
John Johnson Do Extraordinary Claims Require E...ristianity and Islam John E. Johnson
Libertarian Free Will and the Argument from Reason Angus Menuge
Logic and Apologetics (a presuppositional view) Jon Kaus
Mapping the Recent Trends toward the Bodily Res...t Critical Positions Gary Habermas
Mapping the Recent Trends toward the Bodily Res...t Critical Positions Gary Habermas
Mark Farnham How Far Will We Go to Save Lives?...rgan Transplantation Mark Farnham
Matthew Joss Relation and Trinity: The Apologe...elical Gender Debate
Michael Erickson The Apologetic Triple Constra...unded by Gods Wisdom Michael E. Erickson
Might Fratricide Have Been Right? The Contingen...Evolutionary Ethics Angus Menuge
Modern Theology 1 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 2 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 3 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 4 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 5 Cornelius VanTil
Molinism, Christian Belief, Luck … Steve Cowan
NearDeath Experiences Revisited: Recent Empiric...ralistic Assumptions Gary Habermas
Nietzsche, Postmodernism and Evangelical Christ...capably Nietzschean? Timothy Yoder
Norman Geisler Critiques Van Til Norman Geisler
Of Mice and Men: Animal Rights the Image of God and Human Responsibility Paul Copan
Old Testament Slavery: Observations Challenging...stament Perspectives Paul Copan
Oppy on the Argument from Consciousness: A Rejoinder J.P. Moreland
Panel Discussion on A Biblical Solution to ISIS...mas, Daniel Janosik) Gary Habermas
Panel Discussion on Theistic Evolution 03 William Lane Craig William Lane Craig
Pantheists in Spite of Themselves: The GodWorld...g Clayton and Shults William Lane Craig
Paul Copan - Partakers of the Divine Nature -...rthodox Evangelicals Paul Copan
Paul Copan - Reinforcing the Moral Argument: Ap...the Christian Faith Paul Copan
Paul Copan - Why J.P. Moreland, Alvin Are Not Modalists Paul Copan
Paul Copan What are the differences between the pre- and post-Fall worlds Paul Copan
Philosophical Problems with Evolution J.P. Moreland