Dr. Angus Menuge

Dr. Angus  Menuge Angus J.L. Menuge served as a presenter at the Evangelical Theological Society Meeting in Denver, CO (2018), addressing the theme, Evangelical Philosophical Society A1 - and is affiliated with Concordia University Wisconsin.

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The Illusions of Techno–Anthropology  
Evangelical Philosophical Society A2  
Is Thinking Matter Conceivable?  
Vindicating the Dilemma for Evolutionary Ethics: A Response to Erik Wielenberg  
Socrates in Service to Christ: The Formation of an Apologist  
Releasing Captive Teachers: How to Refute the Case for Methodological Materialis...  
The Failure of Darwinian Psychology  
The Instability of Mere Property Dualism  
Angus Menuge - Christian Physicalism and the Knowledge of God  
Human Flourishing and the Myth of Religious Neutrality  
Bock, Breshears, Wilcox, Menuge, Shah, Forster - Sexuality and the Crisis of Religious...  
Libertarian Free Will and the Argument from Reason  
Angus Menuge - Creativity and the Information Problem  
Angus Menuge Information and the Mind Body Problem