Debate - Bahnsen vs Feinberg on Theonomy and the Law of God

Type: Lecture
Topic: Debate
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The first public debate between a dispensationalist and a Reconstructionist/Theonomist in Toronto, 1981. Featuring Drs. Greg Bahnsen and Paul Feinberg in an Evangelical Theological Society forum debating - The Place of O.T. Law in the Life of the N.T. Believer. A great presentation on both sides with some comical moments and from early in the siege against Theonomy. Note: the original recording was cut a few minutes short.

Paul D. Feinberg Paul David Feinberg (August 13, 1938 – February 21, 2004) (ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) was an American theologian, author, and professor of systematic theology and philosophy of religion at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School .

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