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""Plenary EPS - The Character Gap (OUP, 2019) Christian B Miller $4.00
""Plenary I - The Authority and Function of the Quran in... Ayman Ibrahim $4.00
""Plenary II - Through the Prism - The Trinity and the Islamic... Timothy C. Tennet FREE
""Plenary III - American Christians and Islam - From the... Thomas S. Kidd FREE
""Plenary Presidential - A Mind for the Body Craig Keener $4.00
"Ecclesiam Catholicam:" The Historical—and Biblical?—Origins... Bryan Litfin $4.00
"Egypt my people . . . and Israel my inheritance": Election... Daniel Timmer $4.00
"Every Day a Day of Humility": Examining Humility in Evangelical... Coleman M. Ford $4.00
"Go and do likewise," A Minority-Biblical Interpretation... Mario Melendez $4.00
"John the Baptist": The Denominational Convictions and Evangelical... H. Jared Bumpers $4.00
"Love Is Life": Raymond Lull and the Franciscan Mission... Rex D. Butler $4.00
"Proskuneo?" Embodied Worship in Contemporary Worship, Adventism,... David Williams $4.00
"The Crown Is Fallen from Our Head": The Critical Realism... Paul Kjoss Helseth $4.00
"The most pleasing color:" Jonathan Edwards on the Typology... Michael Haykin $4.00
"The Scope of the Whole Bible is Christ": A Puritan Conceptualization... Andrew Ballitch $4.00
"Who Shall Go Up First?": Inner-Biblical Interpretation... Bryan M Murawski $4.00
"Yeshua" as Kingdom: A Three Fold Literary Pilgrimage to... Jerod A. Gilcher $4.00
"You Incited Me To Destroy Him Without Cause": Is Yahweh... William C Pohl $4.00
'Be quick to hear, slow to speak': Exploring the Act of... Danny McDonald $4.00
‘exercise vniversall loue to euery member of Christ': Lucy... Jenny-Lyn de Klerk $4.00
‘My Wrath Will Burn' (Exodus 22:24): Anger against Oppression... David T. Lamb $4.00
‘Remember That You Were Slaves in Egypt': Slavery and its... Carmen Imes $4.00
‘Testing the Moral Law': A Diplomat's Faith as the Basis... John D. Wilsey $4.00
‘There Was None Left That Breathe!': Genocide or Hyperb... Hélène Dallaire $4.00
1 Corinthians 15:1-34: Towards a Christ Rhetoric M. Alroy Mascrenghe $4.00
1 Corinthians 15:1-34: Towards a Christ Rhetoric, 1 Cor... David Dickenson $4.00
1 John 5:16 and the Sin unto Death: Reclaiming an Exegetical... Bruce Compton $4.00
2 Corinthians & Philippians Aida Besancon Spencer $4.00
A "Perfect" Elder? Blamelessness in the Qualifications for... Mark Baker $4.00
A Biblical Theology of the Beatific Vision Ryan A. Brandt $4.00
A Biblical Theology of the Beatific Vision, Restoration... Gregory J. Liston $4.00
A Blameworthy Burial: A Methodology and Case Study for Inner-Biblical... D. Allen Hutchison $4.00
A Case of the Neglect- The Relational Genitives Role in... Heather Joy Zimmerman $4.00
A Case of the Neglect: The Relational Genitive's Role in... Heather Joy Zimmerman $4.00
A Circle of Moderate Friends: Protestant Ecumenism of Late-17th... Jason Matossian $4.00
A Circle of Moderate Friends: Protestant Ecumenism of Late-17th... Jason Matossian $4.00
A Comparison of Emmanuel in Matthew 1: 23 with Messiah in... Dean Sieberhagen $4.00
A Crisis of Confidence: American Evangelicalism and Foreign... Timothy D. Padgett $4.00
A Critical Examination of Recent Historiographical Advances... Jeremiah Mutie $4.00
A Cross-Centered Response to a New American Islam: A Model... Barbara Pemberton $4.00
A Cultic Fish-Head Bead: Evidence of the Philistines at... Brian Neil Peterson $4.00
A Different Kind of Genre Sequel: Acts as an Extension of... Darrell L Bock $4.00
A Historical Review of the Presentation of Christology and... Petras Bahadur $4.00
A Hole in Systematics: A Key Missing Link in Anthropolo... Darrell L Bock $4.00
A Johannine Theology of Christian Suffering: Insights from... Cory M. Marsh $4.00
A Lawful Use of the Law: The Use of the Law in 1 Timothy... Charlie Ray $4.00
A Lawful Use of the Law: The Use of the Law in 1 Timothy... Zachary K. Dawson $4.00
A Memorial in the House of God: The Ethiopian Eunuch of... Ben Hutchison $4.00
A Pentecostal Perspective on the Filioque Controversy Andrew K. Gabriel $4.00
A Question of First Importance: EN PROTOIS in 1 Corinthians... Daniel C. Fredericks $4.00
A Renewed Defense of Swinburne's Divided Mind Model of the... W. A. Smith $4.00
A Response to Houck Deborah Haarsma $4.00
A Restorationist Perspective on the Filioque Controvers... Luke Ben Tallon $4.00
A Second Chance for Hermas: Eschatological Opportunities... Michael J. Svigel $4.00
A Square Peg in a Round Hole? Is There Room for Ecclesiastes... Lindsay Wilson $4.00
A Study of Johannine SEMIA in Light of the Tabernacle S?µe?a... Tat Yu Lam $4.00
A Tense and Tangled Relationship: The Nation of Islam and... Eric W. Moore $4.00
A Theology of Human Flourishing in an Age of Tribalism and... Anthony B. Bradley $4.00
A Thucydidean View of the Speeches in Acts? The Role of... Nathaniel J. Erickson $4.00
A Two-Dimensional Taxonomy of Forms for the NT Use of the... Douglas S. Huffman $4.00
A Village from the Israelite Settlement: The Iron Age I... Boyd Seevers $4.00
Able to Admonish? Preconditions for One-Another Edifying... Champ Thornton $4.00
Abortion, Hard Cases, and Self-defense Matthew Flannagan $4.00
Abraham to Conquest Archaeology Boyd Seevers $4.00
According to John 8, Did Abraham in His Lifetime See Je... Kirk R. MacGregor $4.00
Acts 15:21: For Moses Is Preached in the Synagogues Charles Savelle $4.00
Acts 15:21: For Moses Is Preached in the Synagogues, Elijah's... Charles Savelle $4.00
AI, Agency, and Personhood Daniel Fleming $4.00
Alexandrian and Antiochene Perspectives on the Inspiration... Timothy G. Harmon $4.00
Always Known But Rarely Loved: A Christian Ethical Assessment... Jason Thacker $4.00
Am I First or Last? Self-Perception and Reward In the Parable... Andrés D. Vera $4.00
Am I First or Last?: Self-Perception and Reward In the Parable... Andres Vera $4.00
An Abductive Argument for God From Math Gavin Ortlund $4.00
An Analysis of the Limitations of Preaching: A Corrective... David A. Robarts $4.00
An Evangelical Understanding of the Political Concept of... C. Donald Smedley $4.00
An Overview of New Testament Teachings that Affirm Christian... Aida Besancon Spencer $4.00
Ancient & Modern Exegesis: Do the Masoretic Accents Aid... Marcus Leman $4.00
Another Look at Whether Islam and Christianity Speak of... Imad Shehadeh $4.00
Archibald Alexander and the Nature of the Will Michael J. Plato $4.00
Ardent Support of Missions: Samuel Pearce's Impact on the... Jason Edwin Dees $4.00
Are Reduplicative Qua-Operators Superfluous? Eric Yang $4.00
Are Yahweh and El/Allah the Same God? The Old Testament's... Jerry Hwang $4.00
Arguments For and Against Pauline Authorship of the Pastoral... Stanley E. Porter $4.00
Asian Culture & Theology Grace Sangalang Ng $4.00
Atonement Impasse: The Perennial Problem of Communicating... Matthew Bennett $4.00
Atonement in Global Theology Jeremy R. Treat $4.00
Atonement in Global Theology, Prevenient Grace: A Reformed... Jeremy R. Treat $4.00
Austin M. Freeman Austin M. Freeman $4.00
Baptists Against Slavery – The American Story Jeff Straub $4.00
Bartolomé de las Casas' A Brief History of the Destruction... Robert Romero $4.00
Basics of Hebrew Accents Mark Futato $4.00
Battlefield Rape in the Ancient Near East and the Old Testament:... Charlie Trimm $4.00
Ben Hutchison Ben Hutchison $4.00
Berkeley on Divine and Human Agency: A Teleological Re... James Spiegel $4.00
Beyond the Paragraph: Using Cohesive Harmony for Grouping... Ji Hoe Kim $4.00
Biblical Theology Andreas J. Köstenberger $4.00
Biblical Theology (Open) Colin Smothers $4.00
Biblical Theology- Wisdom and Biblical Theology Daniel Estes $4.00
Biblical Worship (Open) Christine E. Thornton $4.00
Biblical, Theological, and Historical Perspectives Ligon Duncan $4.00