Trinity Church, Coeur d'Alene

Trinity Church is a congregation in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, one of the most beautiful cities in America. Trinity Church is committed to the historic Christian faith, believing that this has been most faithfully expressed in the Reformed tradition.


Current Broadcast: Love; 1 Corinthians 13

Speaker: Jacob Rush
Date: 7/14/2024
Type: Sunday Sermon

Recent Broadcasts

Love; 1 Corinthians 13 Jacob Rush Sermon7/14/2024
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Fellowship with Christ vs. Expressive Individualism; 1 John 1:1-4 Zach Wilke  5/12/2024
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Abraham, Man of Faith Part X - The Promise in Jeopardy; Gen 20:1-18 Chase Fluhart Sermon4/21/2024
Abraham, Man of Faith Part IX - Who Will Stand in the Breach; Gen 18:20-33 Chase Fluhart Sermon4/14/2024
Abraham, Man of Faith Part VIII - The Centrality of Faithful Parenting; 18:16-19 Chase Fluhart Sermon4/7/2024
Jude Part VII - Overcoming Antinomianism Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/31/2024
Jude Part VI - Responding to Antinomianism; 20-23 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/24/2024
Jude Part V - The Predictability of Antinomianism; 17-19 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/17/2024
Jude Part IV - The Curse of Antinomianism; 11-16 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/10/2024
Jude Part III - The Folly of Antinomianism; 5-10 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/3/2024
Jude Part II - Contend Earnestly for the Faith; Jude 3-4 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon2/25/2024
Jude Part I - The Epistle of Jude; Jude 1-2 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon2/18/2024
Cultivating Contentment Part III - Contentment Between Worlds; Phil. 1:19-26 Chase Fluhart Sermon2/11/2024
Cultivating Contentment Part II - Productive Contentment; Gen. 1:26-28, Eph. 2:1-10 Chase Fluhart Sermon2/4/2024
Cultivating Contentment Part I - Diagnosing Discontentment; Jeremiah 2:1-13 Chase Fluhart Sermon1/28/2024
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXVIII - Man of Sorrows; Psalm 88 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon1/21/2024
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXVII - Zion, the Mother of Us All; Psalm 87 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon1/14/2024
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXVI - The Poor and Needy Man; Psalm 86 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon1/7/2024
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXV - He Will Speak Peace; Psalm 85 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/31/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXIV - The Thrice-Blessed Man; Psalm 84 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/24/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXIII - Gods Sheltered Ones; Psalm 83 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/17/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXII - The Judge of Judges; Psalm 82 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/10/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXXI - The Prophetic Man; Psalm 81 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/3/2023
Abraham, Man of Faith Part VII - The Lord Incognito; Gen 18:1 - 15, 19:1 - 11 Chase Fluhart Sermon11/26/2023
Jonah Part VII - A Gracious and Merciful God; 4:1-11 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon11/19/2023
Jonah Part VI - The God Who Relents from Doing Harm; 3:10-4:2 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon11/12/2023
Jonah Part V - Models of Repentance; 3:1-10 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon11/5/2023
Jonah Part IV - The Sign of the Prophet Jonah; Jonah 2:17 with Matthew 12:22-45 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon10/29/2023
Jonah Part III - Salvation is of the Lord; 2:1-3:3a Stuart W. Bryan Sermon10/22/2023
The Church As Gospel Community; Hebrews 10:19-25 Chase Fluhart Sermon10/15/2023
Jonah Part II - The Relentless God; 1:4-17 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon10/8/2023
Psalm 33 - Storm-Tossed Singers  10/1/2023
Jonah Part I - The Disobedient Prophet; 1:1-3 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon9/24/2023
Up Israel To The Temple Haste; Psalm 122 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon9/17/2023
Abraham, Man of Faith Part VI - The Nature of the Abrahamic Covenant; Gen 17 Chase Fluhart Sermon9/10/2023
2023 The Image of God and Christian Education; Genesis 2:4-25 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon9/3/2023
Abraham, Man of Faith Part V - Sarah and Hagar; Gen. 16 Chase Fluhart Sermon8/20/2023
2023 Bible Part II - Why do Christian Bibles include the NT Stuart W. Bryan  8/13/2023
2023 Bible Part I - Why do Christian Bibles include the OT Stuart W. Bryan Sermon8/6/2023
The Good Samaritan; Luke 10:25-37 Zach Wilke Sermon7/23/2023
You Probably Should Not Quit Your Job; Ephesians 1:15-23 Joost Nixon Sermon7/16/2023
The Heart of the City of Man in the City of God; 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 Ryan Handermann Sermon7/9/2023
Abraham, Man of Faith Part IV - Abraham's Problem and Our Problem; Gen 15:1-7 Chase Fluhart Sermon7/2/2023
Man as Imago Dei Part IV - Man as Male and Female; Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18-25 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon6/25/2023
Man as Imago Dei Part III - Man as Judge; 1 Corinthians 11:27-34; 5:1-13 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon6/18/2023
Man as Imago Dei Part II - Man in Covenant; Genesis 2:7-9 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon6/11/2023
Man as Imago Dei Part I - The Image of God; Genesis 1 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon6/4/2023
Romans Part LXX - Soli Deo Gloria; 16:21-27 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon5/28/2023
Abraham, Man of Faith Part III - The Noble Warrior; Gen. 14:1-24 Chase Fluhart Sermon5/21/2023
Romans Part LXIX - Dealing with Deceivers; Romans 16:17-20 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon5/14/2023
Romans Part LXVIII - Paul's Vision of the Church Stuart W. Bryan Sermon5/7/2023
Romans Part LXVII - Reflections on Duty and Desire; 15:22-33 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon4/30/2023
Romans Part LXVI - A Philosophy of Ministry; 15:14-21 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon4/23/2023
Romans Part LXV - A Philosophy of Preaching; 15:4 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon4/16/2023
Romans Part LXIV - Abounding in Hope; 15:4-13 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon4/9/2023
To Follow Christ; Luke 9:51... Timothy Edwards Sermon4/2/2023
Romans part LXIII - How to Sin with Your Food; 14:13-15:6 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/26/2023
Romans Part LXII - God Alone is Lord of the Conscience; 14:1-12 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/19/2023
Abraham, Man of Faith Part II - The Parable of Lot & Abram; Gen 13:1-18 Chase Fluhart Sermon3/12/2023
Romans Part LXI - The Fulfillment of the Law is Love; 13:8-14 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon3/5/2023
Abraham, Man of Faith Part I - The Call of Abraham; Gen. 12:1-10 Chase Fluhart Sermon2/26/2023
Romans Part LX - Resisting Unjust Authorities; 13:1-5 & Rev. 13:1-18 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon2/19/2023
Romans Part LIX - Give Place to Wrath Relating to Authorities; 12:17-13:7 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon2/12/2023
Romans Part LVIII - Do Not Be Overcome By Evil; 12:14-21 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon2/5/2023
Romans Part LVII - Love Without Hypocrisy; 12:9-13 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon1/29/2023
1 Peter 5:5b-14; God Resists the Proud but Give Grace to the Humble Chase Fluhart Sermon1/22/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXX - Restore us, oh God; Psalm 80 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon1/15/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXIX - Brought Very Low; Psalm 79 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon1/8/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXVIII - The Faithful God; Psalm 78 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon1/1/2023
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXVII - The Majestic God; Psalm 76 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/25/2022
Jesus in the Psalm Part LXXVI - The Anguished Man; Psalm 77 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/18/2022
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXV - God is the Judge; Psalm 75 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/11/2022
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXIV - The Defiled Sanctuary; Psalm 74 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon12/4/2022
Jesus in the Psalms Part LXXIII - The Doubting Man; Psalm 73 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon11/27/2022
1 Peter 4:12-19; A Theology of Trials Chase Fluhart Sermon11/20/2022
Romans Part LVI - He Who Gives, With Liberality; 12:8, Isaiah 60 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon11/13/2022
Romans Part XLV - Gifts Differing According to God’s Grace; 12:3-8 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon11/6/2022
Romans Part XLIV - A Living Sacrifice; 12:1-2 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon10/30/2022
God Likes Us Mike Lawyer Sermon10/23/2022
Romans Part LIII - The Riches, Wisdom and Knowledge of God; 11:33-36 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon10/16/2022
Duties of the Officers and the Congregation Stuart W. Bryan Sermon10/9/2022
Romans Part LII - The Church as an Olive Tree; 11:16-24 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon10/2/2022
Romans Part LI - Is there a Future Hope for Israel; 11:11-32 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon9/25/2022
Romans Part L - Has God Cast Away Ethnic Israel; 11:1-10 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon9/18/2022
2022 Servant Songs Part V - The Song of the Joyful Servant; 61:1-11 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon9/11/2022
2022 Servant Songs Part IV - The Song of the Suffering Servant; 52:13-53:12 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon9/4/2022
2022 Servant Songs Part III - The Song of the Learned Servant; 50:4-11 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon8/21/2022
2022 Servant Songs Part II - The Faithful Servant; 49:1-13 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon8/14/2022
2022 Servant Songs Part I - The Song of the Elect Servant; 42:1-20 Stuart W. Bryan Sermon8/7/2022
1 Peter 4:7-11; Living in Light of the End Chase Fluhart Sermon7/31/2022