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David's Sinful Census 10/27/2019
David's Last Words 10/20/2019
David's Grief and Joab's Rebuke; 2 Sam 18,19 10/6/2019
The Gospel According to the Gibeonites 8/18/2019
David's Grief and Joab's Rebuke 8/11/2019
Absalom: A Picture of God's Judgment on His Enemies 8/4/2019
A Tale of Two Counselors and One Sovereign God 6/23/2019
Temptation: The Giant That Wants To Slay You 3/31/2019
God's Gracious Building Plan 3/24/2019
God's Help, Presence, and Strength - Psalm 46 1/27/2019
A Picture of God's Covenant Faithfulness 1/6/2019
Glad Tidings (03): Mary 12/16/2018
Glad Tidings (02): Gabriel (again) 12/9/2018
Christ Our Intercessor 11/25/2018
Follow the Leader 11/18/2018
God's Heart for the lost: Lessons from the Elder Son 8/19/2018
The Prodigal Son 8/12/2018
God's Heart for the Lost: Defined 7/29/2018
The Greatness of Our God 6/17/2018
Pursue Love (14): God's End Times Order 2/18/2018
Ps. 46 1/14/2018
Advent: A Season of Focusing on Christ 12/10/2017
Defending Our Great Hope in God 11/19/2017
Hope Against Sin 10/8/2017
Disgraced Prophet, Converted Pagan 9/10/2017
Dealing with bitterness 8/6/2017
Forgiveness and the Christian, pt 2 7/30/2017
Forgiveness and the Christian, pt 1 7/23/2017
A Wife, Wells, Water, Promise of God 4/23/2017
Biblical Hope and the Christian 3/12/2017
The Blessedness of Trials 1/22/2017
Eccl. 2:1-11 11/27/2016
Five BEs' of Christian Relationships 9/11/2016
God's surprising sources and subjects of Grace 5/29/2016
Jehoshaphat's Battle Preparedness plan 3/20/2016
Zacchaeus: A picture of God's Work in Salvation 1/24/2016
God's Abundant Mercy 9/27/2015
Do Not Think It Strange 7/26/2015
Christians and Persecution; do's and do nots 7/12/2015
The Heart of Worship 6/14/2015
Three Essential Attitudes in Worship 3/22/2015
Don't Envy the wicked 2/1/2015
Great Commission 8/31/2014
Characteristics of Fellowship 7/27/2014
Glimpse of the early Church 6/8/2014
Perserverence of the Saints 2/2/2014
Combatting Current Distresses by Remembering God's Past Acts 7/7/2013
False Teachers: Exposed and Denounced! 6/9/2013