DeKlining from Chalcedon: Exegetical Roots of the R2K ("Two Kingdoms") Project

Part 3 of a 5 part series.
Organization: Davenant
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"DeKlining from Chalcedon: Exegetical Roots of the 'R2K' Project."  In this lecture, Rev. Miller examines the exegetical underpinnings of the "Reformed two-kingdoms" theology generally associated with Westminster Seminary California, and particularly David VanDrunen.  Miller shows that the idiosyncratic Biblical theology of Meredith Kline undergirds many of the problematic conclusions of VanDrunen, and risks compromising orthodox Christology in its construal of the person and work of Christ."

A talk from: The Convivium Calvinisticum is an annual event sponsored by the Davenant Trust. The Convivium brings together a small group of scholars, pastors, and students for fellowship and discussion each June. Our goal is to foster a network of men and women dedicated to historically-informed, irenic engagement with the challenges facing contemporary Protestantism and committed to civic engagement and renewal. The theme of the 2014 Convivium was "Creation, Redemption, and Neo-Calvinism," wrestling with the recurring dualities between Christ and culture, church and state, spiritual and temporal, sacred and secular, that have structured much of Christian and particularly Reformed theology. The full proceedings of the conference (of which only a sampling are made available here) will be published in a forthcoming volume, For the Healing of the Nations: Creation, Redemption, and Neo-Calvinism.

Ben Miller Benjamin W. Miller is an evangelist/church planter for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in north central Long Island, and organizing pastor of the Trinity Church mission work in Huntington, New York. In 1999, he received his juris doctor degree from Oak Brook College of Law, and was subsequently admitted to the California bar. Thereafter, he attended Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, receiving... read more

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