The Chronicler: What Kind of Historian Was He Anyway?

Part 12 of a 14 part series.
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A talk from the 2007 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, the 59th Annual Meeting, held in San Diego. The theme was “Teaching Them to Obey,” which focuses on one of the many dimensions of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus. Plenary speakers: Douglas J. Moo (Wheaton College), Christopher J.H. Wright (Langham Partnership International), Philip Jenkins (Penn State University), and David Wells (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary).

Eugene Merrill Dr. Merrill is the Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, B.A., Bob Jones University, 1957; M.A., 1960; Ph.D., 1963; M.A., New York University, 1970; M.Phil., Columbia University, 1976; Ph.D., 1985. Dr. Merrill has been heavily involved in international Christian ministry in Europe, Asia, and the Near East. As a scholar Dr. Merrill regularly contributes to leading journals, periodicals,... read more

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