ETS 2012 Caring for Creation 03 (Environmental View)

Type: Lecture
Organization: ETS National
Price: $3.00

Dr. Richard Bauckham addresses matters related to Caring for Creation, the over consumerism of the West, Global Climate Change, etc. urging strongly for Christians to act, fearing catastrophic climate shift. This talk was a Plenary Session from the 64th annual Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) meeting (November 14th-16, 2012 in Milwaukee, WI). The plenary sessions  produced a lively debate in the panel discussion on the theme of Caring for Creation and the more popular idea of Global Warming.

Richard Bauckham Richard Bauckham (b. September 22, 1946) is a New Testament scholar and professor of New Testament studies at St. Mary's College, University of St. Andrews, Scotland. "Bauckham is perhaps best known for his studies of the book of Revelation and for his commentaries on Jude and 2 Peter. He is also a thoughtful theologian who has written an introduction... read more

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