03 Justification and the Rich Young Ruler

Speaker: Rev. Rich Lusk
Part 3 of a 9 part series.
Organization: Canon Press
Price: $3.00

About this conference: This downloadable set includes of the audio of the (2005) Great Deliverance: Justification. Annual Ministerial Conference (2005). The following topics are included in this set:
1. Old Paths and Ancient Landmarks - Douglas Wilson 2. The Justification of God: Justification in Recent Theology - Peter Leithart 3. The Rich Young Rebel: An Alternative Account of Matthew 19:16-30 - Rich Lusk 4. Regeneration and Justification - Douglas Wilson 5. And Abraham Believed God: Justification and Righteousness in Genesis - Peter Leithart 6. Did Jesus Earn Our Salvation? Merit, Imputation, and the Resurrection of Christ - Rich Lusk 7. No Condemnation: Justification and Deliverance in Romans 8 - Peter Leithart 8. Feeling God’s Pleasure: Living in a State of Justification - Rich Lusk 9. Justification and Culture Wars - Douglas Wilson.

Rich Lusk Rev. Lusk is the Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL (since 2004) and has written numerous articles, chapters, and books including: Paedofaith: A Primer on the Mystery of Infant Salvation and a Handbook for Covenant Parents, Foreword to reprint of M. F. Sadler's The Second Adam and the New Birth, Contributor to The Federal Vision, Contributor to The Auburn Avenue Theology: Pros... read more

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