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The 68th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society with the theme - The Trinity, with keynote addresses: Fred Sanders - Evangelical Trinitarianism and the Unity of the Theological Disciplines; Gerald R. McDermott - How the Trinity Should Govern Our Approach to World Religions; Scott Swain - The Bible and the Trinity in Recent Thought: Review, Analysis, and Constructive Proposal; and EPS address by Alister McGrath - The Rationality of Faith - How Does Christianity Make Sense of Things. This collection includes the 2016 ETS Eastern Region conference: How Would Jesus Vote? with keynote speaker Darrell Bock (31 mp3s). The ETS national conference was held November 15−17, 2016, in San Antonio, TX.

Gerald McDermott Gerald R. McDermott is the Anglican Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School and teaches in the areas of history and doctrine. He is the author, co-author or editor of eighteen books, including A Trinitarian Theology of Religions (with Harold Netland), Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods, The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land, Israel Matters: Why Christians Must... read more
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(Response to) - Why a Denial of the Son's Etern...rinity and the Bible Wayne Grudem
-Evangelical Trinitarianism and the Unity of the Theological Disciplines Fred Sanders
-How the Trinity Should Govern Our Approach to World Religions Gerald McDermott
-Medieval Manuscripts and Modern Evangelicals for the Future Daniel Wallace
-The Bible and the Trinity in Recent Thought -...onstructive Proposal Scott Swain
-The Rationality of Faith - How Does Christianity Make Sense of Things Alister E. McGrath
01 Plenary Exposing Evangelism as an Empty Poli...Do We Go from Here? David Fitch
01 Plenary Respondents and Discussion to an Empty Politic Greg Carey
01 What Paul Shows Us about Cultural Engagement with Responses Darrell L Bock
02 Other Key Texts on Cultural Engagement with Responses Darrell L Bock
02 Plenary Respondents and Discussion to David...ssional Conversation Gregg Strawbridge
02 Plenary The Other Missional Conversation David Fitch
03 How Would Jesus Vote - Do Your Political Pos...Bible with Responses Darrell L Bock
A Biblically Compassionate Response to Transgender Persons Preston Sprinkle
A Biblically Compassionate Response to Transgender Persons Albert Mohler
A. Andrew Das - Jesus as Messiah in Romans A. Andrew Das
A. Chadwick Thornhill - For the Sake of the Cho...Theology of Election A. Chadwick Thornhill
Abidan Paul Shah Bats in the Belfry How the C...T Textual Criticism? Abidan Paul Shah
Abner Chou - Introduction to the Field of Intertextuality Abner Chou
Abraham Kuruvilla - 'Words, Words, Words' - From Text to Sermon Abraham Kuruvilla
Adam Harwood - Did the Incarnation Introduce Ch...rsons of the Trinity Adam Harwood
Adam Omelianchuk - Why Would Anyone Want to Say...Worship the Same God Adam Omelianchuk
Adam W. Greenway - What Billy Graham Owed to R. A. Torrey Adam W Greenway
Adamson Co - Contra Moltmann - The Necessity of...ncept of the Trinity Adamson Co
Adonis Vidu - How Can Only the Son Be Incarnate...g Trinitarian Agency Adonis Vidu
Alan Fuhr Determined Time Appropriate Time or...Time in Ecclesiastes
Alan Myatt - Hearing the Global Church on the for Consideration Alan Myatt
Alan Thompson - Hans Conzelmann Alan Thompson
Alister E. McGrath - JI Packer's Significance for Theology Alister E. McGrath
Amy Black - Christian Traditions and Political...mporary Applications Amy Black
Andreas Kostenberger - An Investigation of the...r Pauline Authorship Andreas J. Köstenberger
Andrew Abernethy - God of Israel and the Nation...e Book of the Twelve Andrew T. Abernethy
Andrew Ballitch - God the Son in the Theology of William Perkins Andrew Ballitch
Andrew Ballitch - John Cotton's Place in Puritanism Andrew Ballitch
Andrew Garland - Can Conscience Provide Basic Moral Knowledge Andrew Garland
Andrew Hollingsworth - Ecos of Meaning - Umbert...logical Hermeneutics Andrew Hollingsworth
Andrew M. King - A Dying and (Quickly) Rising G...yrian Royal Ideology Andrew M. King
Andrew Spurgeon - Setting Matthew 5.31–32 withi...22.13–30 and 24.1–4 Andrew Spurgeon
Andy Naselli - Was It Inherently Sinful to Eat...Temple (1 Cor 8–10) Andy Naselli
Angus Menuge - Christian Physicalism and the Knowledge of God Angus Menuge
Anneke Stasson - Virgin Mothers - An Evangelical Theology of Womanhood Anneke Stasson
Anthony L. Chute - Pastoral Advice from the Pas...ntury Church Manuals Anthony L. Chute
Ardel Caneday - Save Yourself and the People Wh...Pauline Exhortation Ardel B. Caneday
Austin M. Freeman - The Purpose of Paradox Austin M. Freeman
Barry J. Beitzel - The 'Red Sea' in Biblical, C...y-Related Traditions Barry A Beitzel
Barry Joslin - Monotheism, Tri-Theism, or Tri-U...istle to the Hebrews Barry C. Joslin
Bates, Stovel, Gignilliat, Boda Panel Discussio...ness and the Trinity Mark J. Boda
Ben Rhodes - What is the Distinct Work of the H...itarian Pneumatology Ben Rhodes
Benjamin Charles Shaw Historiography and the Historical Jesus Benjamin Shaw
Benjamin I. Simpson - The Lord's Supper as Commemoration Benjamin I. Simpson
Benjamin J. Burkholder - Bonhoeffer's Account o...ation Needs it Today Benjamin J. Burkholder
Benjamin K. Forrest - Paul, Timothy, and Techno...arental Discipleship Benjamin K. Forrest
Benjamin L. Merkle - Verbal Aspect and Imperati...sians as a Test Case Benjamin L. Merkle
Bernie A. Cueto - The Use of PISTIS in the Grec...d Its Impact on Paul Bernie A. Cueto
Bill Kynes - Sharing Jesus' Sonship - The Disti...Miracles in Matthew Bill Kynes
Bill Loader - Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church Bill Loader
Bill Watson - The Greek of the Gospel of Mark and the Synoptic Problem Bill Watson
Billy Puckett - The Ethical Trinity - Aseity as Moral Activity Billy Puckett
Black Lives Matter Black America and the Evangelical Church Kelvin Washington
Boyd Seevers - A Headless Judean Pillar Figurine from Gibeah of Saul Boyd Seevers
Brad F. Mellon - Singularity or Trinity - A Tr...technological Future Brad F Mellon
Bradley N. Seeman - What Problem of Evil Does God Face Bradley N. Seeman
Bradley Nassif - Baptism, Eucharist and the Chu...n Orthodox Synthesis Bradley Nassif
Brandon L. Rickabaugh - Naturalism and the Ment...Argument from Reason Brandon L. Rickabaugh
Branson Woodard A Rhetoric of Paradoxes in Rom...nd Spiritual Harmony
Brent A. Belford - Exploring Paul's Literary St...1.26–27 & CD 5.12–17 Brent A. Belford
Brent Sandy - Synoptic Problem Four Views Book Brent Sandy
Brent Waters - Being and Doing Church in Public Brent Waters
Brian Arnold - 'The Holy Spirit is She who milk...the Odes of Solomon Brian J. Arnold
Brian Arnold - The Canonicity and Christological Appropriation of Baruch Brian J. Arnold
Brian D. Renshaw - The Kingdom of God After Lad...ngelical Way Forward Brian D. Renshaw
Brian Huffling - Aquinas' View of the Trinity and the Charge of Modalism Brian Huffling
Brian J. Wright - Communal Reading in the Reading Practices Brian J. Wright
Brian Larsen - 'Birds, Wind, and Fire' - Biblic...s of the Holy Spirit Brian Larsen
Brian Larsen - Trinitarian Analogies Brian Larsen
Brian P. Gault - Avenging Husband and Alluring...aits of God in Hosea Brian P. Gault
Brian Rosner - Conformed to the image of God's...of Christ in Romans Brian Rosner
Brian Schultz - Orality and Reading Comprehension Brian Schultz
Brittany Melton - Conspicuous Females and an In...among the Megilloth Brittany Melton
Bruce Hindmarsh - JI Packer's Significance for Evangelicalism Bruce Hindmarsh
Bruce W. Fong - Derek Tidball a Contemporary Pastoral Theologian Bruce W. Fong
Bruno Soltic - Revisiting Biblical Bamah-Bamot...Biblical Archaeology Bruno Soltic
Bryant G. Wood - Locating Bethel Bryant G. Wood
Byron G. Curtis - Theodicy on Steroids - Zechar...s of Basil the Great Byron G. Curtis
C. Gordon Olson How Mistranslation has Undermi...ns and Church Polity
C. Hassell Bullock - Double-tracking in the Ps...Interpretive Method C. Hassell Bullock
C. John Collins - Genesis 1–11, Poetry, - Progress Report C. John Collins
C. P. Davis - Nuancing MONOGENES - From Father...Son, and Holy Spirit C. P. Davis
C. Randall Breland - The Year of the Lord's Fav...ology of the Jubilee C. Randall Breland
Caleb T. Friedeman - Born a Child and Yet a Kin...g Empire in Luke 1–2 Caleb T. Friedeman
Caleb T. Friedeman - The Place of Eradication L...ntire Sanctification Caleb T. Friedeman
Candi Finch - Reimagining God as Sophia - What...Feminist Theologians Candi Finch
Carl B. Smith II - Pre-Christian Gnosticism - The State of the Question Candi Finch
Carl Sanders - Biblical Language Instruction by...e Status Quaestionis Carl Sanders
Carsten Vang - Intertextuality in Old Testament...gical Considerations Carsten Vang
Chad Meister - Christ and the Cosmos - An Analy...Trinitarian Doctrine Chad Meister
Chad Meister - Integrative Theism and the Argum...the Problem of Evil Chad Meister
Charles Edward White - God is not like Stalin -...on the Glory of God Charles White
Charlie Trimm - Christ in Judges and Ruth A the Old Testament Charlie Trimm
Ched Spellman - Nehemiah's New Shadow - The Can...h Among the Writings Ched Spellman