Neither Durham nor Minneapolis? An Alternative Option to the Wright-Piper Debate on Justification

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Topic: Justification
Organization: ETS National
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A talk from the 2010 ETS National Meeting on Justification - The theme was Justification and the discussion of the plenary sessions addressed the New Perspective on Paul and specifically some of NT Wright's views. NT Wright does a masterful job of interacting with Evangelical critiques of his view. Other plenary speakers included Frank Thielman, Presbyterian Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, originally John Piper was also to speak, but was unable to attend and Tom Schreiner spoke in his place.

Michael F. Bird Michael Bird (Ph.D University of Queensland) is Lecturer in Theology at Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry. He is the author of several books including Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission (2006), The Saving Righteousness of God (2007), A Bird’s-Eye View of Paul (2008), Colossians and Philemon (2009), Crossing Over Sea and Land: Jewish Missionary Activity in the Second Temple... read more

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