ETS 2010 National Meeting - Justification by Faith (580 mp3s)

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Over 580 Mp3s! The complete conference recordings! Excellent resources for the contemporary debate. Browse the talks below. Listen to NT Wright's detailed responses to his critics . . . Complete  talks from the 2010 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held in Atlanta. The theme was Justification and the discussion of the plenary sessions addressed the New Perspective on Paul and specifically some of NT Wright's views.  NT Wright interacted with Evangelical critiques of his view. Other plenary speakers included Frank Thielman, Presbyterian Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University. Dr. Thielman presented an amazing first century reconstruction of the concept of justification. Originally John Piper was also to speak, but was unable to attend; Tom Schreiner spoke in his place. Dr. Schreiner also provided a stellar talk, engaging Wright's views.

N. T. Wright N. T. Wright is currently Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary's College, St Andrews in Scotland, and has served as the Bishop of Durham, Church of England. Bishop Wright is one of today's best know and respected New Testament scholars. Born in 1948, he studied for the ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. After his ordination... read more
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-Justification Panel Discussion Part 1 (Wright, Schreiner, Thielman) N. T. Wright
-Justification Panel Discussion Part 2 (Wright, Schreiner, Thielman) N. T. Wright
-PLENARY SESSION 1: Justification: The Saving R...ess of God in Christ Thomas Schreiner
-PLENARY SESSION 2: God's Righteousness as God'...Perspective on Paul Frank Thielman
-PLENARY SESSION 3: Justification - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow N. T. Wright
: A Cipher for Gods Covenant Faithfulness?
1 Peter and Categorical Semiotics: New Directio...ntertextual Research
A Benefit No Mind Can Fully Comprehend: Herman Bavinck on Justification
A Biblical Theology of the Common Good
A Can of Humanity Please. Current Trends in the...Marginalized People Brent R. Kelly
A Canonical Reading of Psalm 94 in the Yahweh Reading Paradigm Alan KamYau Chan
A Certain Kind of Pitcher: On the Approach of...evin Vanhoozer Helps
A Comparative Study of the Westminster Confessi...Confession of Faith
A Contested Conquest: Joshua and the Destruction of Hazor
A Contextual Analysis of Psalms 135137
A Creature Among Creatures or Lords of Creation...n Christian Theology
A Critique of Alister McGrath on Justification by Faith John Warwick Montgomery
A Critique of Rom 1:1617 as IntertextualEchoes Robert L. Thomas
A Critique of the Noahs Ark Ministries Internat...dition to Mt. Ararat
A Cruel and Unusual Paper: Can there be an I without an Eye for an Eye
A Fathers Passion in Hosea 11: The Anatomy of a Conceptual Metaphor T. C. Ham
A Fistful of Freud: Oskar Pfister and C.S. Lewis Harvey Solganick
A Fresh Look at the Aramaic of Daniel Thomas Finley
A Lovely Taste of Heaven: Sanctification throu...Puritan Spirituality Tom Schwanda
A Lutheran Reading of Augustine on Justification by Faith
A New Perspective on Augustine: Justifying iust...e Works of Augustine
A Pauline Chiastic Structure in 3:1931 Rhetoric...stification by Faith
A Prophet Like Moses: The Narrative Shaping of...n the Book of Joshua Gordon Oeste
A Propitiatory in Romans 3:25 : A sine qua n...a Saving Revelation?
A Report on Sensational Discoveries: An Overvi...ational Bible Musuem
A Response to Reviews of The Heresy of Orthodoxy
A Review of the Heresy of Orthodoxy D. Jeffrey Bingham
A Temple Theory of the Atonement: Exploring Chr...Divine Omnipresence Adam J. Johnson
A Theology of Johns Gospels and Letters Part 1
A Theology of Johns Gospels and Letters Part 2
A Working Proposal for the Macrotrajectory of the Psalter Daniel C. Lane
A Zoomable Bible Commentary: Understanding a well as BottomUp
Alalakh Texts 1 and 456 A Summary of Scholarship Tony L. Shetter
Alvin Plantinga and the Free Will Defense Tradition Timothy Yoder
Alvin Plantinga on Religious Pluralism: A Catholic Appraisal
An Account of the Unclean Dennis Plaisted
An Evaluation of N.T. Wrights Justification Thr...Psalm 32 in Romans 4 Michael E. Erickson
Ancient Magical Exorcisms and the Exorcisms of Jesus
And I Saw... A Visionary Literary Device for th...on of the Apocalypse
Aquinas and Plantinga on the Third Way
Are Conciliatory Views of Disagreement SelfDefeating
Are We Governed by Laws Essentially
Are We Saved by Faith if We Are Justified by Works? Michael Wittmer
Assessing Theories of Divine Providence: Allege...inism Over Calvinism Greg Welty
Audiovisual reflections on the BLC Galilee Greek immersion seminar Randall Buth
Audiovisual Report from Hebrew Teachers Immersi...o Pacific University
Augustine and the Trinity Past and Present
Augustines First Christian Understanding of Romans David C. Alexander
Baptist Interpretations of the Qualifications of Pastors in Titus 1 Ray Van Neste
Baptists Open Communion and Progressive Religion Gregory A. Wills
Between Transhumanism and Sociobiology: A Christian View of Human Nature John S. Hammett
Biblical Archaeology: A Topdown Teaching Concept
Biblical Inerrancy and the Charter Members of t...Theological Society James A. Borland
Biblical TheologyTheology of Place in BiblicalT...tive Section Part 1
Biblical TheologyTheology of Place in BiblicalT...tive Section Part 2
Biblical TheologyTheology of Place in BiblicalT...tive Section Part 3
Bioetechnologies and Human Nature: What We Sho...Change in Who We Are Dennis P. Hollinger
Bloodless Atonement in Israelite Religion and i...w Testament Theology Ronn Johnson
Book Discussion: The Next Evangelicalism by So...Study Group Part 1
Book Discussion: The Next Evangelicalism by So...Study Group Part 2
By Faith Abraham Early Christian Interpretations of Genesis 15:6 C. Rebecca Rine
Calling in the Theology of Work
Calvin Bavinckand Justification: The Ethical Im...ine of Justification
Calvins FivePoint Misreading of Romans 9
Can a Christian Sin unto Death? Perseverance and 1 John 5:16
Can a Mortal be Righteous before God?The Rhetor...n in the Book of Job Dennis R. Magary
Carl F. H. Henry Consultation Part 1
Carl F. H. Henry Consultation Part 2
Carl F. H. Henry Consultation Part 3
Causal Principles and Proper Functionalism
Central Paradigms for the Gentile Inclusion: An...kes Ethiopian Eunuch
Chaos and Order: Divine Administrative Missions...ld Testament and ANE Dave Deuel
Chaoskampf in the Bible and the Ancient Near East
Chaoskampf in the Old Testament: A Reappraisal
Chinese Universities Establishing Christian Academic Movement Daryl McCarthy
Christian Ethics and Political Economy Craig V. Mitchell
Christocentric Compatibilism: Recovering the Ch...Nature of Providence Phillip R. Bethancourt
Christology and the Spirit. Jesus Limited Knowl...e Spirit in His Life Mark L. Strauss
Christs Invitation Is a Broad One: A. Z. Conrad...n Gilded Age America
Christus Victor Motifs in the Soteriology of Thomas Aquinas Jonathan Morgan
Circumcision: A Clash of Cultural MoresAn Archa...Christian Practices Ted Carruth
CoCreaturely Associates and Peers: The Nature o...Portrayed in Isaiah A. Rahel Schafer
Compatibilism and the Sinlessness of the Redeemed In Heaven Steve Cowan
Confusing Justification with Salvation: The Ev...uption of the Gospel Harry Lee Poe
Consequences of Acquiescing to Naturalism in Sc...History and Theology
Considering the Theological Corruption of John...its Early Reception
Continuing the Reversal of Expectation: Marks Unexpected Characters
Cosmological Literature History and Theology: C...ntersect Coherently?
Cosmological Literature History and Theology: C...ntersect Coherently? John H. Walton
Crossing Divides: Reading Acts in Light of Contemporary Border Studies
Crucifixion in Antiquity: What Have We Overlooked? David W. Chapman
Cyber Marriage Virtual Adultery Real Consequenc...Techno Sexual Ethic William David Spencer
Davids Darker Side: A Closer Look at 2 Samuel 21:114 Brian Neil Peterson
Dear Charles The Final Entreaties of Augustus...g to His Wayward Son
Defending the Classical Package: A Modest Reply to Plantinga