Hebrews in the Church Fathers: The Implications for Christology

Part 113 of a 172 part series.
Topic: Ethics
Organization: ETS National
Price: $4.00
A talk from ETS 2009 National Meeting - Understand African Communal Life with African theologian Samuel Kunhiyop, see into John Frame's Systematics (with a 2 part Festschrift for Frame); all from the 2009 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held in New Orleans. Personal and Social Ethics—the theme of this year’s conference addresses a climate of relativism and pluralism that characterizes the present generation. Plenary speakers are: E. DAVID COOK, Wheaton College on “Individual and Community: Lessons from Bioethics,” SAMUEL KUNHIYOP South African Theological Seminary on “Towards Communal Christian Ethics: An African Perspective,” JOHN F. KILNER, Trinity International University on “Biblically-Based Ethics: What’s Missing,” SCOTT B. RAE, Talbot School of Theology on “On the Intersection of Faith, Economics, and Social Ethics.”

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