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This mp3 set includes over 500 talks! Understand African Communal Life with African theologian Samuel Kunhiyop, see into John Frame's Systematics (with a 3 part Festschrift for Frame); all from the 2009 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held in New Orleans. Personal and Social Ethics—the theme of this year’s conference addresses a climate of relativism and pluralism that characterizes the present generation. Plenary speakers are: E. DAVID COOK, Wheaton College on “Individual and Community: Lessons from Bioethics,” SAMUEL KUNHIYOP South African Theological Seminary on “Towards Communal Christian Ethics: An African Perspective,” JOHN F. KILNER, Trinity International University on “Biblically-Based Ethics: What’s Missing,” SCOTT B. RAE, Talbot School of Theology on “On the Intersection of Faith, Economics, and Social Ethics.”

Scott B. Rae Dr. Scott B. Rae is currently Professor of Biblical Studies-Christian Ethics at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University in La Mirada, California. He has a Ph.D. in Social Ethics at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. He earned a B.A.S. in Economics from Southern Methodist University and a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary.... read more
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--ETS 2009 Conference Program (PDF) 01
--ETS 2009 Conference Program (PDF) 02
-PLENARY SESSION 1: Individual and Community: Lessons from Bioethics David Cook
-PLENARY SESSION 2: Towards Communal Christian...African Perspective Samuel Kunhiyop
-PLENARY SESSION 3: BiblicallyBased Ethics: Whats Missing John F. Kilner
-PLENARY SESSION 4: On the Intersection of Fait...cs and Social Ethics Scott B. Rae
3 Meter Digital Elevation Models to Interpret:...Search of Noahs Ark Rod Schon
4Q521 Messianic Apocalypse and the Historical Raising the Dead
50 Factors within Nations that Determine Their Wealth or Poverty Wayne Grudem
A 19th Century Evangelical Apology for New Testament Text Criticism
A BiblicalTheological Case for the Divine Persons Comprehensive Equality Dennis W. Jowers
A Christian Definition of Social Justice Van Campbell
A Christian Ethic for Public Discourse Woodrow E. Walton
A Critique of the Historiographical Construal o...s a Christian Nation John D. Wilsey
A Dead Daughter and a Silent God: Facing the Et...hthahs Fulfilled Vow Robert B Chisholm
A Discussion of the Doctrine of Sanctification In the Chongshin Tradition
A Distinction without a Moral Difference? Termi...atters to Christians
A Literary and Hermeneutical Look at the Ending of Acts
A Marriage Made in the Millennium: When Origen Became a Chiliast
A Matter of Feeling: The Ethics of Emotions
A MetaEthical Model for Business Ethics for MetaPlanning
A Method Most Beautiful and Entertaining: An Ap...of Jonathan Edwards
A Newish Argument against Humanism
A Pathetic Description of the Laws Enemies: The Catena of Romans 3:1018
A Pauline Theology of Preaching R. Larry Overstreet
A Peculiar Love: Ecumenical Reflections on John Wesleys Catholic Spirit Joel Scandrett
A Response to Reviews Concerning The Doctrine of the Christian Life John M. Frame
A Review and Critique of John Frame's The Doctr...he Christian Life 01 Douglas Moo
A Review and Critique of John Frame's The Doctr...he Christian Life 02 Russell Moore
A Ruled Reading of Scripture: Learning to Do Th...egory the Theologian
A Search for Historical Evidence of Josephs Impact on Egypt Douglas Petrovich
A Series of Unfortunate Events: How Hezekiahs I...tory Hails the Exile
A Summary and Evaluation of Jeffrey Niehaus Biblical Theology Stephen Dempster
A Theological and Missional Account of Christia...n and Redistribution Paul Louis Metzger
A Theology of God in the Epistle of James Charles Savelle
A VirtueEthical View of Sanctification: Jesus R...r Example and Priest Ronald Rothenberg
A Young Mans Difficulty with His Bible: Abandoning a Fathers Faith
Adoption and the Renewal of Creation: How the C...ogy and Ecclesiology Russell Moore
Adulterers Who Judge Adultery: The Role of Lovers in Ezekiel 16 and 23 Eric J. Tully
Aesthetics versus Ethics: Is There Good and Evil in Music?
Agent Causation and Moral Accountability
Agents of Change: The Role of Women in Ethics of America
Akhenaten Moses and Monotheism Edwin M. Yamauchi
Albert Barnes and the Edwardsean AntiSlavery Tradition Mark Draper
All Are Elect Few Are Elect: Understanding New...nt Election Language Glen Shellrude
All that Jazz: The Culture and Theology Underpi...Music (Part 1 of 3) William Edgar
All that Jazz: The Culture and Theology Underpinning Jazz Music Part 2 William Edgar
All that Jazz: The Culture and Theology Underpinning Jazz Music Part 3 William Edgar
Am I Latino or Just Liminal and Does It Matter?...and Social Identity
American Evangelicals in Germany: Their Contrib...heological Education
American Holiness Denominations and the Inerrancy of Scripture Daryl McCarthy
An AntiNaturalist Argument from Beauty
An Appraisal of the ESV Study Bible James A. Borland
An Evaluation of the New Works by Oswalt and Niehaus Daniel I. Block
An Evangelical Premise for Separatism? The Colonial America Bruce Snavely
An Exegetical and Theological Study of Daniel 1...eutical Implications Thomas Finley
An Exercise in Theology and Ethics: Preaching the Story of Jephthahs Vow Steve Mathewson
An Exploration into NT Scholars Use of OT Lamen...logical Implications
An Old Testament Model of Social Justice Michael A. Harbin
An Understanding of the Nature of Hypocrisy Is...ial Ethics or Is It?
Ancient Artistic Representations of Head kephal...e of Life and Growth
Ancient Egyptian Dos and Donts: Right Living in the Land of the Pharaohs
Ancient Exorcists Demons and the Name of Jesus
Antinomianism and Seventeenth Century Baptists
AntiSyrian Bias in LXXAmos
Apostolic Hermeneutics Revisited: An Examination of Enns Examples David B. Sloan
Are there Hidden Labels Attached to and Racial Lines?
Ascetic and Apopathic Restraint: Intellectual H...of Gregory of Nyssa
Aslan Tamed: C. S. Lewis Social Vision and the Spirit of the Age Steven D. Boyer
Augustine of Hippo: The Use of Force as a Way toward Conversion
Augustines Conception of Martydom: Testimony or Sacrifice?
Authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews: A Pauline/Lukan Perspective
Balancing Theology and Ethics in Pelagius Asceticism
Becoming Gods?: 2 Cor3:18 and Theosis
Being MoneyWise according to the Book of Proverbs Bruce Waltke
Ben Witherington IIIs Commentary on Matthew
Between Scylla and Charybdis: Presuppositionali...he Charge of Fideism
Beyond Bioethics 101: Where Theology Gets Personal and Practical Stephen P. Greggo
Beyond Good and Evil: Nietzche Bonhoeffer and Evangelical Ethic
Beyond the New Perspective on Paul and the Evan...ew Testament Scholar J. Brian Tucker
Biblical Imagery and Ethical Persuasion
Birth Control and the Christian: Recent Discussion and Basic Suggestions Michael A. Grisanti
Blessedness in the Piety of William Perkins: Ob...bjective Experience? Stephen Yuille
Blood Crying Out from the Ground Genesis 4:10:...ter of the Righteous
BothAnd Gospel: Introducing the Whole Gospel th...m and Social Justice
Bringing Sons to Glory: Hebrews 2 Psalm 8 and Christian Deification Carl Mosser
Bruce Ware - A Defense of the Ontological Equal...Trinitarian Persons Bruce A. Ware
Butchered Brothers and Betrayed Families: Degen...n the Book of Judges Gordon Oeste
Can the ESV and TNIV Coexist in the Same Universe?
Cappadocian Influences on Karl Rahners Theology of the Trinity Dennis W. Jowers
CARL F. H. HENRY: Panel/Floor Discussion
Carl F.H. Henry White Racism and Evangelicalism...enrys Moral Theology Peter Heltzel
Caster Semyana and the Intersex Debate: Biblica...ermaphroditism Today
Certain Future? The Significance of hina Follow...cusing on Revelation Ron C. Fay
Changes in Just War Theory since World War II Robert Klause
Charles Hodge the Doctrine of Accommodation and German Rationalism Mark Rogers
Charles Wesley on the Bible
Choosing the Right Hebrew Grammar Part 1
Choosing the Right Hebrew Grammar Part 2
Choosing the Right Hebrew Grammar Part 3