Dr. Bruce Waltke

Dr. Bruce  Waltke

Dr. Bruce Waltke, one of the preeminent Old Testament scholars, holds a doctorate in Greek and New Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary and a doctorate in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature from Harvard. His teaching career, spanning Dallas Theological Seminary, Regent College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary won him a reputation of being a master teacher with a pastoral heart. Dr. Waltke also pastored several churches, lectured at many Evangelical Seminaries in North America and has spoken at numerous Bible conferences.

He is a member of the Committee of Bible Translation of the New International Version and helped translate the New American Standard Version. He served as editor for the Theological Word Book of the Old Testament, The New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis, The New Geneva Study Bible and Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible.

Dr. Waltke has traveled widely as a Bible expositor, as an Area Supervisor for excavations at Gezer, Israel, and as Director of field study trips to the Middle East and the Classical World. He is married and has three grown children.

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