From Weeping to Rejoicing: Psalm 150 as the Conclusion to the Book of Psalms

Part 9 of a 19 part series.
Topic: Bible Psalms
Organization: ETS National
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Would you like to experience joy in the midst of suffering?  Then you may need a loud, emotional and theologically-thin song.  In other words, you may need Psalm 150.  Tremper Longmen calls this the purest of psalms, an unalloyed and unexplained expression of adoration towards God.  There are times for weeping, there are times for teaching, but this Psalm teaches us there is always time to praise our Lord. 


This lecture is from the 2011 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on the theme, “No Other Name.” The conference featured plenary speakers: Darrell Bock, Tim Tennant, and Kelly Kapic.

Tremper Longman III Tremper Longman served as a presenter at the Evangelical Theological Society Meeting in Denver, CO (2018), addressing the theme, Psalms and Hebrew Poetry - Invited: Canonical Studies in the Psalms after Thirty Years - and is affiliated with Westmont College.