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Over 560 mp3s! Complete recordings from the 2011 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on the theme, “No Other Name.” The conference featured plenary speakers: Darrell Bock, Tim Tennant, and Kelly Kapic.

Darrell L Bock A speaker for the 2022 National meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society
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-PLENARY SESSION 1: The Incarnation and Christi...iliation of the Name Kelly M Kapic
-PLENARY SESSION 2: PostModernity the Paradigm...reEminence of Christ Timothy C. Tennent
-PLENARY SESSION 3: On Entitlement Grace Salvat...ns behind the Gospel Darrell L Bock
-PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Sceva Solomon and Shaman...Problem at Colossae Clinton E. Arnold
A Comparison and Synthesis of 1 Thessalonians 4...ding of the Parousia Michael Peach
A Conceptualist Argument for Substance Dualism J.P. Moreland
A Critical Evaluation of David Brink's Response...eement and Queerness Omar Fakhri
A Critical Evaluation of Moshe Weinfeld's Did He Get Wrong? Gordon Johnston
A Discussion of Kevin Vanhoozer's Remythologizi...d Authorship Part 1 Mark Bowald
A Discussion of Kevin Vanhoozer's Remythologizi...d Authorship Part 3 Kevin J Vanhoozer
A Discussion of Kevin Vanhoozers Remythologizin...d Authorship Part 2 Mark Bowald
A Farewell to Arms: The Rhetoric of Arms and the Death of Goliath Deane Galbraith
A God Who Goes Very Low: A Comparison and the Old Testament Richard Schultz
A Hermeneutical Solution to the Puzzle of Paul and the Law Brian Rosner
A Lexical Study of Spiritual Gifts in the Context of 1 Corinthians 1214 Hughson T. Ong
A Mission of Righteousness Intercession and Inclusion in Amos 9:11-12 Cassia Bennett
A Missional Theology of California Allen Yeh
A Molinist Account of Providence: A Second Look William Lane Craig
A New Metrical Approach on Biblical Hebrew Poet...f Generative Metrics Sung Jin Park
A New Moral Argument R. Douglas Geivett
A New Race in Christ: Paul's Exclusive Soteriol...acial Reconciliation Jarvis Williams
A Panel on Alan G. Padgett's As Christ Submits...l Submission Part 1 Christian Collins Whin
A Panel on Alan G. Padgetts As Christ Submits t...l Submission Part 2 Christian Collins Whin
A Passionate Prophet: Reading Emotions in the Book of Malachi E. Ray Clendenen
A Prophet to the Nations: The Theme of Missio Dei in the Book of Jeremiah Jerry Hwang
A Short and Easy Method with Postmodernists John Warwick Montgomery
A Song Made New: Biblical Norms for Music in Corporate Worship Jonathan Blackmon
A Tale of Two Viziers and Their Connection to the Joseph Story Charles F. Aling
A Theological Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse St...hristian Environment Duncan Rankin
A Theological Case Against the Principle of Alternate Possibilities Dennis W. Jowers
A TheologicallyInformed Approach to Sexual Abuse Counseling Robert Kellemen
A Theology of Formation in Christ: Dietrich Bon...Spiritual Formation Joseph McGarry
A Transformational Wisdom Approach to Christian...versity and Seminary John H. Coe
Abortion and Reflective Equilibrium Jeremy Carey
Active vs. Passive Euthanasia: Does the Distinction Clarify or Confuse? Patrick T Smith
Adoniram Judson and the Edwardsean Heritage Robert Caldwell
Alluding to the End: The Construction bumibm Da...mbiguity Develops It Ron Haydon
Ambrosiater on the Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone Dongsun Cho
American Evangelical Global Social Engagement i...ld Relief Commission Miles S. Mullin
An Analysis and Appraisal of the Exclusivist Cl...ism and Christianity Will Honeycutt
An Analysis of Baptist Arguments for Congregational Autonomy Stanley K. Fowler
An Appraisal of Race: A Theological Account Ernest Gray
An Appraisal of the HCSB Study Bible James A. Borland
An Evangelical Spirituality of Theosis Kyle Strobel
An Exegetical Approach to Textual Variants William Warren
An Identity/Reasons Problem in Christine Korsgaards Moral Philosophy Brad Seeman
An Internalist Disposition-Based Account of the...and Religious Belief T Ryan Byerly
An Unfolding Drama: The Rhetorical Function of Audience in Joel 4:917 Joel Barker
Analyzing Professions of Faith in the Fourth Go...Who Believes Saved? David A. Croteau
Andrew Fuller's Christological Particularism as...idler's Universalism Chris Chun
Another Look at the Fourth Petition of the Lord...Contextual Approach Cheol-Hun Ahn
Are Unbelievers Welcome at The Lord's Supper? Eric W. Moore
Asherah Ashert and Asherm: The Cultic Identity...ah in Ancient Israel Sung Jin Park
Assisting Grace or Transforming Grace? An Inves...xposition of Hebrews Ashish J. Naidu
Athletic Imagery in John?: Just Do It with Nike and Stephanos Steven Hallam
Augustines Rhetoric Concerning the Jews in Enar...ological AntiJudaism Jason Rosenberg
Augustines Sapiential Theology: The Role of Wisdom in Augustine Benjamin Quinn
Authorial Commentary Overviews Herbert W. Bateman
Baptist Universalism in the Early Republic: The Philadelphia Controversy Nathan A. Finn
Bearing the Name of YHWH in a Polytheistic Worl...Spiritual Integrity Daniel I. Block
Begotten Not Made: Should Auld Confessions be Forgot? Josh Malone
Behind the CD The Apprentice's Sorcerer: A Comb...sign and Stage Magic Doug Powell
Belief Behavior and the Necessary Conditions for Salvation James S. Spiegel
Beyond Status and Role A. Sue Russell
Biblical and Pastoral Perspectives on How Chris...n: If it be Thy will Bing Hunter
Biblical Economics Panel Discussion: Craig L. B...m (Phoenix Seminary) Wayne Grudem
Biblical Marriage in a Broken World: A Theology...edeemed Relationship Daniel L. Akin
Biblical Theology at Moore: Origins and Guiding Principles Constantine R. Campbell
Biblical Theology at Moore: Reflections on One Scholars Research Brian Rosner
Biblical Theology at Moore: Teaching Biblical Theology Richard Gibson
Bioethics and Multidisciplinary Engagement John F. Kilner
Bioethics Substance Dualism and the Argument from Self-Awareness J.P. Moreland
Bioethics Substance Dualism and the Argument from Self-Awareness J.P. Moreland
Bioethics: Wisdom from the Old Testament John F. Kilner
Book Level Discourse Analysis/Text Linguistic E...of the Book of Kings Shawn C Madden
Book Symposium: Theistic Foundations for Morali...Jerry Walls Part 1 Mark W. Foreman
Book Symposium: Theistic Foundations for Morali...Jerry Walls Part 2 Mark W. Foreman
Book Symposium: Theistic Foundations for Morali...Jerry Walls Part 3 Mark W. Foreman
Branding Islam for the 21st Century: Global Isl...a Western Audience? Barbara Pemberton
Bread or Bibles: A Revaluation of the Social Work of Dwight Moody Gregg Quiggle
But admonish him as a brother...' (2 Thess 3:15...line or Restoration? Michael M Canham
California Localized Theology and Theological Localism Fred Sanders
Calling the Evangelical Church to Truth: Domestic Violence and the Gospel Steve Tracy
Calvin and Deification Again Carl Mosser
Calvins Final Verdict on the Augsburg Confession Peter A Lillback
Calvins Theology of the Body in his AntiNicodemite Writings Bonnie Pattison
Can Traditional Theism Provide an Adequate Foun...f William Lane Craig Matthew Flannagan
Candid Questions on Early Christian Pseudepigra...n in Recent Research Armin D. Baum
Catastrophe in the Kikkar: Jericho City IV and...uthern Jordan Valley Terry Hofecker
Celestial Liturgy in Ancient Israel Stephen Huebscher
Changing Models of Conversion and Their Implications for Evangelicalism Mark B. Chapman
Changing Ones Heart: Forgiveness Resentment and Empathy Cristian Mihut
Christ and the New Creation: The Shape of the F...spel Corpus and Acts Matthew Y. Emerson
Christ and the Sacraments: Evangelicals and the Embrace of Participation Charles Raith
Christ the Warrior King and the Conquest: Under...Theology of Warfare Phillip R. Bethancourt
Christs Universal Atonement and Gods Sovereign...ian Role Distinction Michael E. Erickson
Chrysostom Epiphanius: Long Hair the in 1 Cor. 11:4 7 Phillip Brown
Church History as a Pastoral Discipline Sean Michael Lucas
Closing the Christological Chasm with Islam Mark Harlan
Coda: Psalms 146-150 as the Conclusion of the Psalter Michael Snearly